Community Support

Mailing Lists

The best way to get quality support from the Agavi community.

  • announce for important news,
  • users for questions and discussions,
  • tickets for issue tracker updates,
  • commits for SVN commit notifications,
  • dev for development discussions.

Follow the links above to subscribe to the respective list. You will also find a link to the list archives (hosted on Google Groups) on each page.

IRC Channel

Chat directly to Agavi developers and other users in #agavi on

You can either use an IRC client application, or join the channel via freenode's web gateway, a browser interface to the IRC server.

Channel logs are available here.

Also, be sure to check out the IRC page on the wiki with more information.

Issue Tracker

Found a bug? Let us know on our Trac! The issue tracker is the best choice for giving us information about problems.

You may of course also file enhancement requests, although it's probably better to discuss these on the developers mailing list first.

Or just browse around the source code, dig through the timeline, read the wiki and follow the progress of releases.

Commercial Support A wide range of commercial services are available through Bitextender GmbH


Choose from a variety of commercial support plans with guaranteed response times, and get the good feeling of having the framework vendors themselves within reach should any of your projects ever go sour.


Whether you just started out with Agavi, or need a custom workshop to fine-tune your application, training services directly from the framework authors are the perfect way to get your team up to speed, or to keep the momentum high.

Our Brochure (German, 1.8MB PDF) contains all the necessary information.


Bitextender offers professional advice, custom development, code review and much more to get the most out of your project, tailored exactly to suit your needs.

Interested? Download our Service Offering document (English, 500kB PDF) to find out more, or get in touch.