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00:02 _cheerios better_name_, i'd suggest composing, like I mentioned earlier
00:02 bobbytek2 better_name_: you really do need a better name :)
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00:02 bobbytek2 bobbytek5 is available if you act fast ;)
00:03 better_name_ bobbytek2: sorry if it's not clear enough... my english is not very good... but what i'm trying to achieve is separate parts of my layout but not like is done with slots, becouse i already have the data... and i dont want to execute another action
00:03 bobbytek2 so basically, you just want to execute mulitple views and compose them?
00:04 better_name_ yes
00:04 bobbytek2 Well, I would say you should create a simple reusable action that can do this task
00:04 bobbytek2 I kinda did this for my email Model
00:04 bobbytek2 I wanted to be able to create an email from a template from within an action
00:05 bobbytek2 which is actually pretty easy to achieve
00:05 better_name_ but i'm afraid it would be slow.. no?
00:05 bobbytek2 Why wouldn't you think that?
00:06 better_name_ because it has to execute all filters and validations again
00:06 bobbytek2 Have you benchmarked it?
00:06 bobbytek2 Sounds premature if you haven't
00:07 better_name_ not actualy... i thougth in creating a action from an action... but sounds the wrong way to go... that's way i'm here asking another opinions
00:08 better_name_ do you have this code to share?
00:08 bobbytek2 yeah, if you want it
00:09 bobbytek2 http://pastie.org/305232
00:09 bobbytek2 The meat of the code is in send()
00:09 bobbytek2 the basic idea is to buffer the output and capture it with $container->getResponse()->getContent();
00:10 better_name_ i'll try something like that then
00:10 better_name_ thanks bobbytek2
00:10 bobbytek2 np
00:12 bobbytek2 keep in mind that I am very new to agavi
00:12 bobbytek2 :)
00:12 bobbytek2 But this approach was recommended by Wombert
00:13 better_name_ that's the right way then :)
00:13 bobbytek2 Style wise, Wobert says that setting the attributes like I did was a bad idea
00:13 bobbytek2 However, I don't know why you don't just use slots
00:13 bobbytek2 Just have an action that just has a default view name
00:15 better_name_ what you did is exactly what setting a slot would do, but you have more control over the content and how to use it
00:15 better_name_ that is what i want
00:16 bobbytek2 right, I basically reimplemented a slot like mechanism
00:17 Strzalek Please don't kill be. But looking at symfony and admin gen is quite powerfull and speed up development a lot. I'm thinking of try sf in near future
00:17 bobbytek2 kills Strzalek
00:18 Strzalek Yeah. But this is true ;)
00:19 Strzalek A lot of things there are lame but admin gen is cool. You type sth on console and you have it. Maybe sth add and forget about it. Foward to next
00:19 bobbytek2 Well, why not RoR, that will speed up dev even further!
00:20 Strzalek I'm also looking at RoR, Django
00:20 Strzalek bobbytek2: I'm big Agavi fan, but I would like to speed up dev
00:21 Strzalek In Agavi I don't have possibility to do this now. Maybe in the far future will be some scaffold
00:22 bobbytek2 For some dumb reason, agavi isn't passing my params to the validator (min/max)
00:23 bobbytek2 Anyone have a working min/max example for number validator in 1.0 beta5 ?
00:23 bobbytek2 :/
00:24 bobbytek2 wait, I figured it out
00:24 bobbytek2 they added new elements to the validation files
00:24 bobbytek2 grr
00:26 bobbytek2 and holy shit balls, is debug slow
00:27 bobbytek2 too bad there is a bug in 1.00beta5 that prevents me from disabling it
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01:43 Wombert ohai
01:53 bobbytek2 Oh, hi.
01:54 bobbytek2 Wombert, I found the source of my validation woes
01:54 bobbytek2 apparently min max are attributes now :/
01:54 Wombert ?
01:54 Wombert eh?
01:54 Wombert wat?
01:54 bobbytek2 and don't work with <parameter> element
01:55 Wombert huh?
01:55 bobbytek2 one sec
01:55 bobbytek2 http://pastie.org/305337
01:55 bobbytek2 that works
01:56 Wombert uh!?
01:56 Wombert nah
01:59 Wombert <validator class="number" required="false" min="1" max="400">
01:59 Wombert that will give you a config validation exception if you had validation on
02:05 Wombert bobbytek2: that is a 1.0 config file, right?
02:05 Wombert <ae:parameter name="min">1</ae:parameter>
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03:34 bobbytek2 Wombert: that's the only way I could get it to work
03:34 bobbytek2 I stepped through the code
03:34 bobbytek2 I tried <parameter name="min">1</parameter>, etc.
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04:57 better_name_ bobbytek2
04:57 better_name_ Access to request data is locked during Action and View execution and while
04:57 better_name_ templates are rendered. Please use the local request data holder passed to your
04:57 better_name_ Action's or View's execute*() method to access request data.
04:58 better_name_ some idea? i'm creating a new AgaviRequestDataHolder to pass to createExecutionContainer method
05:00 impl Those don't conflict
05:00 impl You can create as many new RDHs as you want
05:00 impl you just can't edit the global one
05:03 better_name_ but i'm changing nothing in the global one
05:03 impl So... what's the problem then?
05:06 better_name_ dont know... http://pastie.org/305374
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05:41 better_name_ ok... i've found the problem
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08:19 MikeSeth huomenta
08:20 MikeSeth how are we all doing?
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09:04 v-dogg huomenta
09:13 Wombert yawns
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09:47 Wombert bobbytek2:
09:47 Wombert ...
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13:28 bobbytek2 Wombert: Well, I think I see what happened
13:29 bobbytek2 I upgraded, turned on transformations, tested and didn't remove caching
13:29 Wombert ...
13:29 Wombert bobbytek2:
13:29 Wombert [02:59] Wombert: <validator class="number" required="false" min="1" max="400">
13:29 Wombert [02:59] Wombert: that will give you a config validation exception if you had validation on
13:29 Wombert [03:05] Wombert: bobbytek2: that is a 1.0 config file, right?
13:29 Wombert [03:05] Wombert: <ae:parameter name="min">1</ae:parameter>
13:29 Wombert not sure why you have transformations _on_ and validation _off_
13:29 Wombert <validator ... min="..:"> is invalid
13:29 Wombert use parameters
13:29 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/browser/tags/1.0.0beta5/UPGRADING#L13
13:30 bobbytek2 I'm going to retry now :)
13:33 bobbytek2 http://pastie.org/305453
13:34 bobbytek2 http://pastie.org/305454
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13:34 Wombert dude
13:34 Wombert read what I wrote
13:34 Wombert ...
13:34 Wombert [14:29] Wombert: [03:05] Wombert: <ae:parameter name="min">1</ae:parameter>
13:34 Wombert UPGRADING also shows it
13:34 bobbytek2 dude, read what I post
13:34 Wombert bobbytek2: ...
13:35 Wombert <ae:parameter>
13:35 Wombert not <parameter
13:35 Wombert what's so difficult about that
13:35 bobbytek2 oh!
13:35 Wombert ...
13:35 bobbytek2 I didn't realize it was part of the ae namespace
13:35 bobbytek2 I thought it was from the default one
13:35 bobbytek2 I'm a retard
13:36 bobbytek2 Sorry, cause the use of ae seems to be inconsistent
13:36 Wombert no
13:36 bobbytek2 Some files work
13:36 bobbytek2 some not
13:36 Wombert it's for <configurations>, <configuration> and <parameter> elements
13:36 bobbytek2 I thought parameter was part of the validation schema
13:36 Wombert yes, not all config handlers have been ported to the new config infrastructure yet
13:36 bobbytek2 my bad
13:36 Wombert (that's one of the reasons why 1.0 is still in beta)
13:37 bobbytek2 Hey, MikeSeth said I should use it :)
13:37 bobbytek2 But I understand
13:37 bobbytek2 I'm not complaining :)
13:37 Wombert <:
13:38 bobbytek2 okay, everything is cool
13:38 bobbytek2 btw, the ae isn't in the sample app
13:43 bobbytek2 Wombert: How is everything Agavi?
13:44 Wombert it is, actually
13:44 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/samples/app/modules/Default/validate/​SearchEngineSpam.xml
13:45 bobbytek2 oh, I'm taking about stage3
13:45 bobbytek2 that's what mike was telling me to reference
13:45 bobbytek2 http://trac.agavi.org/browser/documentation/trunk/stages/stage3/app/modules/Publ​ic/validate/PostComments.xml
13:46 MikeSeth oh hai
13:46 MikeSeth did I break somnething?
13:46 bobbytek2 Or is that the wrong branch?
13:47 Wombert no MikeSeth :p
13:47 Wombert that is the docs
13:47 Wombert and that file _does_ work
13:47 Wombert if you have transformations on
13:47 Wombert and <configurations xmlns="http://agavi.org/agavi/1.0/config">; as in that example
13:48 bobbytek2 I have to understand what special xslt magic is happening
13:48 bobbytek2 is transformations purely for backwards compat?
13:48 bobbytek2 or forwards compat?
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13:52 bobbytek2 Okay, I didn't have transformations on :)
13:52 bobbytek2 And really, why would I?
13:53 bobbytek2 (want to)
13:55 MikeSeth Wombert: do I have like 45 mind?
13:55 MikeSeth min*
13:57 bobbytek2 MikeSeth: I would help you, but I have to run
13:57 bobbytek2 ;)
13:58 MikeSeth bobbytek2: david is about to pick me up
13:58 MikeSeth thats what i meant
13:58 bobbytek2 j/k!
13:58 bobbytek2 As if *i* could help *you*!
13:59 bobbytek2 are the parameters and errors container elements optional?
13:59 MikeSeth please, my skillz aren't that m4d. I just like consistency :>
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13:59 MikeSeth for validation?
13:59 bobbytek2 And how can I link to the schema for in editor validation
13:59 bobbytek2 yes
13:59 bobbytek2 I like a man who likes consistency :)
13:59 bobbytek2 A man after me own heart :)
14:00 Wombert MikeSeth: yea go ahead
14:00 MikeSeth well you need to specify arguments at the very least
14:00 MikeSeth but e.g. you dont have to supply parameters or errors
14:00 bobbytek2 I mean, I see 2 ways of using errors in parameters
14:00 Wombert parameters
14:00 Wombert ?
14:00 bobbytek2 within <errors> and <parameters> and without them
14:01 bobbytek2 http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/samples/app/modules/Default/validate/​Login.xml
14:01 bobbytek2 check out the first example
14:02 bobbytek2 since no schema was linked to in the instance doc, I really have no clue if it is valid or not
14:04 bobbytek2 but then in other examples, <error> and <ae:parameter> are without their parent container elements <errors> and <ae:parameters> resp.
14:04 bobbytek2 eg. http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/samples/app/modules/Default/validate/​SearchEngineSpam.xml
14:05 bobbytek2 for n00bs, that's confusing :/
14:06 bobbytek2 can't we use xsi:schemaLocation for this purpose in the examples?
14:06 bobbytek2 That way it will always be clear
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14:07 MikeSeth oooh look who woke up :
14:07 MikeSeth :D
14:07 bobbytek2 hey kaos|work_ :)
14:07 kaos|work_ hello :>
14:08 bobbytek2 MikeSeth: Does what I wrote make sense?
14:10 bobbytek2 bbiab
14:10 MikeSeth kaos|work_: I figured out the coffee machine :D
14:10 kaos|work_ heh
14:10 MikeSeth bobbytek2: hmmm
14:10 bobbytek2 But before I go, are the schemas hosted online?
14:10 kaos|work_ was like ultra complicated, eh ? :P
14:10 MikeSeth bobbytek2: we should really fix all the example code to use the new schema
14:11 MikeSeth especially my tutorial
14:11 MikeSeth ill do it soon
14:11 Wombert yes MikeSeth true
14:11 MikeSeth sooner if someone opens a tickets and assigns it to me :D
14:11 Wombert bobbytek2: we use RNG over XSD, at least at the moment, which has no formal mechanism to associate a schema to an instance document
14:12 bobbytek2 Wombert: Why are there so many schema types?
14:12 bobbytek2 Why not just use xsd?
14:12 Wombert because xsd sucks
14:12 bobbytek2 I see xsd there though
14:12 bobbytek2 is that out dated?
14:13 Wombert we're moving to RNG
14:13 Wombert xsd is for the old formats
14:13 bobbytek2 ah
14:13 Wombert we'll have to see how it goes. maybe we use a combination of the two
14:13 Wombert xsd is definitely not enough
14:14 Wombert agavi will always only ever support the latest config format and only ship with schemas for those latest formats
14:14 bobbytek2 What feature is it missing?
14:14 Wombert BC is maintained through XSL
14:14 Wombert well
14:14 Wombert you can't declare the root element of a file
14:14 Wombert which alone makes it pretty useless
14:14 Wombert also, it has no proper concept for interleaved element sequences
14:14 Wombert it's been a pain so far
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14:15 Wombert but RNG, on the other hand, does not give _any_ meaningful error messages
14:15 Wombert we need to see if we can do something about that
14:15 bobbytek2 <Wombert> agavi will always only ever support the latest config format and only ship with schemas for those latest formats
14:15 bobbytek2 So why are there old schemas then?
14:16 Wombert because it's beta
14:16 bobbytek2 In the latest code, there are xsds
14:16 bobbytek2 oh
14:16 bobbytek2 okay, "ship
14:16 Wombert and because not all handlers have been ported yet, as I said
14:16 MikeSeth Wombert: we should get freenode host cloaking with agavi in the name
14:17 bobbytek2 Wombert: but for validators, those are currently being validated with rng, correct?
14:17 bobbytek2 basically anything that has a .rng file is using that?
14:18 Wombert MikeSeth: I applied over a year ago
14:20 bobbytek2 Having never used RNG before, there schema format does seem a lot easier to read
14:21 bobbytek2 *their
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14:27 MikeSeth Wombert: bug the staffers
14:31 Wombert MikeSeth: did
14:31 Wombert MikeSeth: go?
14:32 MikeSeth what?
14:32 Wombert lets go?
14:32 Wombert :>
14:32 Wombert omw
14:32 Wombert &
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14:32 MikeSeth 16:03 <MikeSeth> if you arent here in 45 mins then I can watch an episode of heroes or dexter
14:32 MikeSeth heh
14:33 MikeSeth ok 1 moar coffee & cig
14:33 MikeSeth <3 all
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14:52 _cheerios frackin' ubuntu. can't they get their stuff working again - latest kernel still freezees both my office + home box.
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15:37 bobbytek2 MikeSeth: Are you and Wombert next door neighbors?
15:37 _cheerios practically twins *g*
15:43 bobbytek2 Is there a technique for populating disabled fields after an invalid form submission with FPF?
15:43 bobbytek2 Since they are not part of the request, they will not be availble to the FPF
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16:03 bobbytek2 MikeSeth: you around dude?
16:03 bobbytek2 I think I found a solution, but want to bounce it off someone
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16:35 MikeSeth i am now
16:35 bobbytek2 niceness
16:36 bobbytek2 http://pastie.org/305232
16:36 MikeSeth ummmm
16:36 MikeSeth I dont think you have to do that
16:36 MikeSeth I mean
16:37 MikeSeth FPF knows how to repopulate forms
16:37 MikeSeth in case of validation errors
16:37 bobbytek2 did you read my context though?
16:37 bobbytek2 disabled form fields aren't submitted
16:37 bobbytek2 so how would FPF know where to get the value from?
16:37 MikeSeth not sure how that works exactly tho.. gonna write a manual on that soon
16:38 bobbytek2 well, a user agent will not transmit a disabled form field
16:38 bobbytek2 So it won't ever be in $rd
16:39 MikeSeth hmpf
16:39 bobbytek2 Some other mechanism must be used to notify FPF
16:39 MikeSeth so does this work?
16:39 bobbytek2 yes
16:39 bobbytek2 it does
16:39 MikeSeth nice
16:39 bobbytek2 otherwise that particular field is empty
16:40 bobbytek2 it might be nice if FPF added a hidden field for disabled fields or something
16:40 bobbytek2 with a naming convention that could be used to rebind it on error
16:41 bobbytek2 Who maintains FPF?
16:41 MikeSeth i dont think anyone specifically does
16:41 MikeSeth but you should open a ticket or something
16:41 bobbytek2 I mean, how familiar are you with it's code?
16:42 MikeSeth not at all
16:43 MikeSeth FPF is one of those voodoo places where you only go when you have to :>
16:43 MikeSeth kaos|work_: you awake yet?
16:43 bobbytek2 hehe
16:43 impl voodoo like
16:43 impl 1000 lines of code nobody understands
16:43 impl not even Wombert
16:43 bobbytek2 code comments can help :)
16:43 impl nevarrrrr
16:43 MikeSeth we'll refactor all of this eventually
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16:53 bobbytek2 Wombert: I had to do the following to get disabled field forms repopulated after an invalid submit: http://pastie.org/305232
16:53 bobbytek2 Does that seem right to you?
16:53 Wombert !?
16:54 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
16:54 Wombert disabled form fields do not submit in the browser
16:54 Wombert how can the framework repopulate them
16:54 bobbytek2 with hidden fields
16:54 bobbytek2 anyways
16:54 bobbytek2 does this look like a reasonable solution?
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17:27 bobbytek2 if a post parameter doesn't pass validation, it isn't available in $rd?
17:31 bobbytek2 http://www.palinaspresident.us/
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18:32 v-dogg bobbytek2: by default, yes that's the way it goes
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18:35 Wombert http://mootools.lighthouseapp.com/projects/2706/tickets/98-hash-implementation-b​roken-by-design#ticket-98-8
18:35 Wombert fail
18:37 Sasan_Rose is now known as SasanRose
18:37 MikeSeth Wombert: FACEPALM
18:38 Wombert so lame, srsly
18:38 MikeSeth its not a hash table
18:39 MikeSeth why did they call it hash
18:39 MikeSeth i mean if its just a frigging wrapper about js object..
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18:47 Strzalek huomenta
18:47 nfq MikeSeth: yeah, you're right.. I've told Jan to fix it
18:48 nfq but apparently it's going to break and bla bla
18:49 Strzalek Are there some agavi devs ;) ?
18:50 MikeSeth Strzalek: no we're all hiding from you :D
18:50 Strzalek Yeah MikeSeth, I know :]
18:50 Strzalek MikeSeth: I have topic to disscuss
18:50 Strzalek Admin Generator
18:51 MikeSeth oh that's gonna be a flamewar straight up
18:51 Strzalek Yes I know :]
18:51 MikeSeth got any specific idea that solves all the obvious problems for such an endeavour?
18:52 Strzalek I tryied to make schema of it on the paper on the morning, and I was thinking all day about it
18:52 v-dogg CRUD scaffolding last night, admin generator tonight...
18:52 Strzalek and I thing it isn't hard to write
18:52 v-dogg should we reserve tomorrow night for form helpers and the next night for ajax actions :)
18:53 Strzalek No, no no, helpers sux
18:53 MikeSeth Strzalek: no, the question is only how to make this universally applicable for all cases and configurations
18:53 karmacoder [n=karmacod@dslb-088-065-087-098.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
18:54 Strzalek Ok, so what are the cases? It never will be universal. And I don't want that. I just want to create administration in my project in 50-70% from console.
18:54 karmacoder [n=karmacod@dslb-088-065-118-001.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #agavi
18:54 Strzalek v-dogg: why you don't like the idea of admin generator or scaffolding?
18:54 MikeSeth Strzalek: well, you may or may not have a database, and you may or may not have an orm
18:55 MikeSeth Strzalek: oh we do. But we dont think this kind of thing may be universal enough to be bundled with the framework
18:55 Seldaek can anyone tell me how should the url be rewritten to index.php exactly (aka how does it read the "source url" and how should it look) ?
18:55 Seldaek i.e. I have /foo/bar
18:56 Strzalek MikeSeth: so dou you have some tools for private use?
18:56 Seldaek right now it is rewritten to /index.php?/foo/bar&
18:56 v-dogg Seldaek: you were using lighttpd, right?
18:56 Seldaek which doesn't work except when viewing /
18:56 MikeSeth Seldaek: enable .htaccess and it'll go away
18:57 Seldaek MikeSeth: lighttpd.
18:57 MikeSeth Strzalek: I have a pseudo-crud generator filter which consumes Doctrine ORM objects an knows how to create forms/save/validate them
18:57 MikeSeth Strzalek: but that's really not the kind of thing that you can share across projects unless theyre very similar
18:57 Strzalek Can you share?
18:57 benschi [n=benjamin@g228064115.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
18:57 MikeSeth Strzalek: not really, it's company's property
18:57 Strzalek Ahh right
18:57 Strzalek Sure.
18:58 Strzalek Ok, maybe you're right. I'm planning write sth for my use
18:58 MikeSeth Strzalek: there is really no generic solution to CRUD unless you commit to a single ORM or so. Otherwise you have to make it so generic that you have to bind it to your project and such configuration is as much effort as writing crud from scratch
18:59 Strzalek Yes, you're right. Leave that.
18:59 MikeSeth this isnt problem with rails/cake etc because they force to use you their own activerecord
18:59 MikeSeth which is fail
18:59 MikeSeth heh
18:59 Strzalek Second topic - build system. Phing really sux. Why Agavi uses it?
18:59 Strzalek What are the arguments?
19:00 v-dogg history
19:00 MikeSeth it's written in PHP and nothing else is
19:00 MikeSeth that's pretty much the argument
19:00 Seldaek v-dogg: yes lighty, in case you missed it:)
19:00 Strzalek OK, but why not to write some CLI interperter in php, and normal php classess representing a task?
19:01 benschi [n=benjamin@g228064115.adsl.alicedsl.de] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:01 benschi [n=benjamin@e179086232.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
19:01 v-dogg Strzalek: you are more than welcome to do that ;)
19:02 Strzalek Yes ;) ? Wombert have the same opinnion? I thought that he is phing fan
19:02 v-dogg phing has it's issues and we all are aware of those
19:02 v-dogg its*
19:03 Strzalek Hmm?
19:03 v-dogg but replacing it would be a huge effort
19:04 Strzalek Ok, phing is cool but for simple things. When you have to reallize some advenced problem you have to write tons of xml when you can simply write 50 lines of php
19:06 v-dogg you can also just embed php code if you want
19:07 MikeSeth Strzalek: just look in our build.xml, it has comments there saying exactly how we feel about phing
19:07 MikeSeth using words like "fuck" and "shit"
19:07 v-dogg courtesy of impl :)
19:08 MikeSeth well my name doesnt appear in the comments explicitly, but impl has my full support on this :>
19:08 Strzalek MikeSeth: so the question is why Agavi still use it. And even improving it (0.11 -> 1.0)
19:08 MikeSeth Strzalek: because we need a working build system and because no one has the time to work a new one from scratch
19:09 MikeSeth and frankly because PHP is shit and isnt designed for this kind of thing
19:09 MikeSeth but we cant expect anyone to have anything other than PHP ready (eg java for ant etc)
19:09 Strzalek Ahhhh okay :]
19:10 v-dogg 21:03 < v-dogg> but replacing it would be a huge effort
19:10 Strzalek Yes, yes
19:10 Strzalek mayby I could help
19:10 MikeSeth we'll be glad if you did
19:10 MikeSeth but I suspect it aint worth the effort
19:10 v-dogg 21:01 < v-dogg> Strzalek: you are more than welcome to do that
19:10 v-dogg :)
19:11 MikeSeth there's only so much that a PHP build system can do without having to mingle with the language itself, simply because PHP wont allow it
19:11 MikeSeth I'd *love* to see build system refactor e.g. action names
19:11 MikeSeth but the raw truth is that it can't be done
19:13 Strzalek I was looking at symfony build system and I is written in 3 or 4 files witch handles CLI operations
19:14 MikeSeth Strzalek: we could rewrite it in plain php but it'd still be limited to the same problems
19:14 Strzalek About what problems you are talking?
19:14 MikeSeth and we'd have to implement all those things that phing already does
19:15 MikeSeth Strzalek: it would be fundamentally constrained to only most basic operations (e.g. cloning templates, adjusting XML config, etc)
19:15 Strzalek Whay advanced functionality you expect?
19:15 MikeSeth if you wanted to do things like getting a list of views for an action you still wouldnt be able to do it correctly
19:16 MikeSeth the only real way around this is to keep metadata
19:16 MikeSeth but then if that goes out of sync you have even more nightmare
19:17 Strzalek Nahh
19:18 Strzalek problems, problems, problems ;/
19:18 MikeSeth Strzalek: the build system does what it does nicely
19:18 Wombert I wouldn't call it "nicely", but, yeah
19:18 MikeSeth realistically for anything above what it already does, you need an IDE, a stateful refactoring machine, static code analysis etc
19:19 Strzalek Ok, but for me problems i lack of deployment. So I think, ok, lets extend build system by my task and ... yyy eee wtf!?
19:19 Strzalek ;)
19:19 Strzalek You know what I mean ;)
19:20 MikeSeth you should be able to extend it
19:20 Seldaek Wombert: HALP?
19:20 Wombert wat?
19:21 Seldaek => can anyone tell me how should the url be rewritten to index.php exactly (aka how does it read the "source url" and how should it look) ?
19:21 Seldaek can't get my site running on the prod server with lighttpd
19:21 MikeSeth Seldaek: index.php/<url>;
19:21 MikeSeth we
19:21 Seldaek tried that..
19:21 MikeSeth well, not url, just the query part of it
19:21 Wombert oh bollocks
19:21 Wombert that was in the old docs
19:21 Wombert :D
19:21 MikeSeth ah lighty
19:21 MikeSeth DURRRRR
19:22 MikeSeth smoketiem
19:22 Wombert wait MikeSeth
19:22 MikeSeth wat
19:22 Wombert shall we go or something
19:22 MikeSeth if theres a place that open and has food, why not
19:22 Seldaek that's in the htaccess RewriteRule (.*) index.php?/$1
19:23 v-dogg the Jew is still in Germyland?
19:23 Seldaek and right now I'm rewriting /foo to /index.php?/foo
19:23 MikeSeth v-dogg: ya flying out tomorrow
19:23 v-dogg k
19:23 v-dogg how much sausages can you take with you?
19:24 Wombert url.rewrite-once = (
19:24 Wombert "^/~cbrown/projects/win-a-baseball-match/pub/(modpub|img|css|files).*" => "$0",
19:24 Wombert "^/~cbrown/projects/win-a-baseball-match/pub/([^?]*)(?:\?(.*))?$" => "/~cbrown/projects/win-a-baseball-match/pub/index.php?/$1&$2"
19:24 Wombert )
19:24 MikeSeth Wombert: check your iphone or smth :>
19:24 Seldaek Wombert: yeah but no
19:25 Seldaek that's exactly what I'm using
19:25 Seldaek and it fAILS
19:25 Seldaek only works for /
19:25 Wombert fix your lighty install? :p
19:25 Seldaek but /foo redirects me to /
19:25 Seldaek while it shouldn't
19:26 Wombert MikeSeth: wat is on ze phone
19:26 Seldaek bah
19:26 Seldaek AGAVI FAILS
19:26 v-dogg smacks Seldaek
19:27 v-dogg nevah!
19:27 Wombert if it redirects you to /
19:27 Wombert then how can that be agavi :p
19:27 Wombert stabs
19:27 Seldaek well I don't know
19:27 Strzalek Ok, so I go to write my admin generator
19:27 Strzalek ;]
19:27 Seldaek but it hits index.php alright
19:28 Seldaek hmm maaaybe if the url generation fails
19:29 Seldaek it COULD be my (if $url != $this->gen(Url("For", this, yay())) { redir() }
19:29 v-dogg mm... what is that?
19:29 v-dogg where? why?
19:29 Seldaek well it's for uber SEO skills
19:30 Seldaek basically it enforces /3-foo if you go to /3-foobar and 3 has a title of "foo"
19:30 _cheerios heh
19:30 Seldaek so I mean.. if the url gen fails, it could redirect me to the "correct" (but failed) url, which would end up being a redirect to /
19:30 Seldaek I'll have a look..
19:32 Seldaek DAMMIT
19:32 MikeSeth Wombert: i are confus
19:32 Seldaek it doesn't even reach the action code it seems
19:48 Seldaek DAMMIT
19:48 Seldaek seriously
19:48 Seldaek this is fucked up
19:49 v-dogg can you explain and perhaps paste some code that explains what all this "if $url != $this->gen(Url("For", this, yay())) { redir()" stuff is about?
19:50 Seldaek well sure
19:50 v-dogg because, if you are getting some weird redirects, I would put my money on the problem being some hack you have made, not Agavi nor Lighttpd :)
19:50 Seldaek but I don't think this is it after all
19:50 Seldaek and I don't know why, when I put var_dump('MOO');die; in my action (at thevery top), I don't even see it in the browser
19:51 Seldaek just blank fucking page
19:51 bobbytek2 because your if is not correct syntax
19:51 bobbytek2 where is the ()?
19:51 bobbytek2 that won't even load
19:51 Seldaek man this was pseudo code
19:52 Seldaek and a joke about the selenium talk
19:52 Wombert nobody got it
19:52 Wombert :>
19:53 Wombert Seldaek: I'm sure it's your Dwoo thing
19:53 Seldaek that doesn't matter
19:53 Wombert runs
19:53 Seldaek I'd be happy if it was
19:53 Seldaek it would probably be fixed by now:p
19:55 Seldaek so should I start crying or what?
19:56 everplays [n=prince@] has joined #agavi
19:58 v-dogg mmm.. WTF...
19:59 Wombert laetrs
19:59 Wombert 6
19:59 Seldaek yeah right
19:59 Wombert umm
19:59 Seldaek flee
19:59 Wombert &
19:59 v-dogg beta5 and the build script throws ANSI colors on me
19:59 better_name_ [n=fdsfds@] has joined #agavi
19:59 v-dogg wasn't that fixed before beta5?
19:59 Wombert v-dogg: it was fixed after that I think
19:59 Wombert nah
19:59 v-dogg ok then
19:59 Wombert &, srsly
20:00 everplays [n=prince@] has left #agavi []
20:00 v-dogg go go already! :)
20:01 Seldaek v-dogg: :(
20:02 Seldaek is there anything preventing me from doing a die('moo'); in some arbitrary place ?
20:02 Seldaek like.. why does it ends up being a blank page
20:03 Seldaek works locally
20:03 Seldaek so I don't know
20:03 everplays [n=prince@] has joined #agavi
20:03 _cheerios when a template exists, and you're not doing something silly like die;, then a segfault is very likely
20:04 everplays MikeSeth: hi there
20:04 everplays i'm looking @ new design
20:04 everplays it's really perfect
20:04 v-dogg agavi.org?
20:04 everplays yep
20:05 v-dogg nice to hear you like it
20:05 MikeSeth everplays: thanks, and welcome to the conspiracy
20:05 v-dogg nfq did it
20:06 Wombert just for the record, it still needs a lot of work
20:06 Wombert (the website)
20:06 nfq yeah!!
20:06 Wombert so expect a lot more content, finer design etc soon
20:07 Seldaek _cheerios: I'm doing the die in the action class, and I did the exact same locally where it works, so i don't think it's segfault-worth
20:07 nfq but glad the general concensus is positive
20:07 Wombert yeah
20:07 Wombert but then,why wouldn't it be
20:07 Wombert hugs nfq
20:07 Wombert but now
20:07 v-dogg Wombert: what are you still doing here?!
20:07 Wombert really
20:07 Wombert I need to go
20:07 nfq hugs wombert back
20:07 Wombert laters
20:07 _cheerios Seldaek, just giving you some food for thought, the problem is something you've caused, so it's for you to fix.
20:07 MikeSeth YES YOU DO
20:07 Wombert yeah mm
20:07 MikeSeth IM HUNGRY
20:07 Seldaek ah so you're one of those guys in basel nfq?
20:07 Wombert lolo MikeSeth
20:07 Wombert baii
20:07 nfq laters Wombert mike enjoy dinner
20:07 MikeSeth dont lol all I had today was cake
20:08 MikeSeth :<
20:08 MikeSeth MEAT WANT
20:08 nfq Seldaek: haha yeah.. how did you know?
20:08 Seldaek _cheerios: yeah.. well maybe it is.
20:08 Seldaek nfq: ah just looked at your site seeing the agavi.org footer
20:08 nfq aha
20:08 v-dogg MikeSeth: cake.. :p
20:08 nfq coolio
20:08 Seldaek nfq: I could use your help but I guess it's too expensive for me atm:P
20:09 nfq Seldaek: well, good work is not always about the money
20:09 nfq my main problem right now is mainly time
20:09 MikeSeth but its nice to get paid isn't it :D
20:09 nfq MikeSeth: defo!!
20:09 Seldaek heh
20:10 Seldaek yeah well I don't have time but I don't have any design skill either so.. :p
20:10 krycek_ [n=fdsfds@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:16 Seldaek okay
20:16 Seldaek finally got something
20:16 MikeSeth im outta here
20:16 MikeSeth bbl
20:16 MikeSeth &
20:20 Seldaek okay I found what caused it..
20:24 bobbytek2 What was it?
20:25 Seldaek AgaviValidationManager was in strict mode
20:25 Seldaek and in conditional mode in development
20:25 Seldaek so in production it broke everything because I code sloppily apparently
20:38 _cheerios youtube is starting to suck too much "this video not available in your country"
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21:28 v-dogg Seldaek: if you intend to use strict in production you should use it in development too
21:28 v-dogg we actually discussed this with Felix last week
21:29 v-dogg he said different defaults like we have now, is bad
21:30 v-dogg and you just proved him right
21:40 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dlv99.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
21:50 bobbytek2 v-dogg: Do your models accept and return classes or simple arrays?
21:51 v-dogg arrays mostly
21:55 bobbytek2 is there a reason for that?
22:00 bobbytek2 Is it out of convenience, or is it to be more loosely coupled?
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Day changed Sun Nov 02 2008
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02:24 Seldaek v-dogg: yeah, I don't know if this was default or not (the strict thingy), but it sucks indeed especially since I'm not too sure how to "fix" the non-strict mistakes (I guess I need a validator for each action or something even on read but not too sure)
02:24 Seldaek anyway I'll fix that someday maybe, but for now I just want the damn thing to run
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08:05 Wombert_ wat happen
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08:34 v-dogg huomenta
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09:15 _cheerios huomenta
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09:40 alenoosh hi all , I'm trying to install the latest agavi via pear , I get the "install ok" message at the end but agavi is not installed and the agavi command does not work , what is the problem ?
09:42 v-dogg incorrect PATH?
09:42 v-dogg when you say "agavi is not installed" have you actually checked that the files aren't there?
09:43 alenoosh v-dogg, I type "pear install agavi/agavi-0.11.5" , yes agavi files don't exist
09:44 v-dogg where do you have pear installed?
09:45 alenoosh v-dogg, /usr/share/php
09:46 Arme[N] [n=Arme[N]@unaffiliated/armen/x-394205] has joined #agavi
09:48 v-dogg alenoosh: this has something to do with your pear but I have no idea what that might be
09:48 v-dogg so I suggest you use SVN or tar balls
09:49 v-dogg I never have agavi installed globally because different project use different agavi versions
09:49 alenoosh v-dogg, ok
09:50 v-dogg are you familiar with SVN?
09:50 alenoosh v-dogg, yes I am
09:50 alenoosh v-dogg, thanks
09:51 v-dogg checkout/export (or use svn:external) http://svn.agavi.org/tags/1.0.0beta5/src/ to myproject/libs/agavi
09:52 v-dogg and copy http://svn.agavi.org/tags/1.0.0beta5/bin/agavi-dist to myproject/dev/agavi.sh
09:53 v-dogg and adjust AGAVI_SOURCE_DIRECTORY to "../libs/agavi"
09:53 v-dogg and run "dev/agavi help" in the project directory
09:56 alenoosh v-dogg, Is it possible to use a newer version of agavi for a project that previously used an older version of agavi or it may cause conflicts
09:58 Seldaek depends on how old it is I guess
09:59 Seldaek you might have some adjustments to do but it shouldn't be too much work unless it's really old
10:01 alenoosh v-dogg, ok , by the way , what do you mean by "libs" and "dev" directories ?/
10:03 alenoosh Seldaek, thanks
10:08 v-dogg alenoosh: just a de facto standard for a project's directory layout (see http://phpseriously.com/archives/8-Getting-Started-with-Agavi-and-Propel-Part-1)
10:09 v-dogg alenoosh: 0.11 is compatible with 1.0, not sure about .10
10:09 alenoosh v-dogg, ok thanks alot
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11:50 _cheerios is fedora worth using?
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14:57 rawb my local apache/php setup runs other frameworks fine, but when trying to access a default agavi install (bloggie tutorial), my apache process crashes: http://pastie.org/305874 - there's nothing in agavi logs and nothing is printed on the screen/php log.
15:05 timtomson did you check your apache logs?
15:06 timtomson is now known as bobbytek2
15:09 bobbytek2 Hello all in agavi land :)
15:14 rawb bobbytek2: appears to be related to http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/898
15:15 bobbytek2 yeah, I had that issue too
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16:22 _cheerios libxml issues before, libxslt now *g*
16:24 bobbytek2 hi _cheerios :)
16:37 _cheerios hello
16:51 bobbytek2 any agavi tips for me?
16:51 bobbytek2 :)
16:56 _cheerios use it
16:56 bobbytek2 good call ;)
16:58 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
17:11 bobbytek2 Does php support static typing?
17:12 bobbytek2 Or is it only for classes, and not things like primitives or arrays?
17:14 v-dogg you can use "function foo(MyClass $foo)" and "function foo(array $foo)"
17:14 v-dogg but that's it
17:15 v-dogg php can do nothing else to ensure variable types
17:16 bobbytek2 so no int or string?
17:16 v-dogg no
17:16 bobbytek2 that's a sadness
17:16 bobbytek2 Are they going to fix that in php6?
17:17 v-dogg no
17:17 v-dogg or not that I have heard of
17:19 bobbytek2 cool, thanks for explaining :)
17:19 Macen [n=leopard@host86-144-112-117.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has quit ["http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/"]
17:51 v-dogg mm... wtf
17:51 v-dogg any gurus around?
17:52 v-dogg haha, nevermind :D
17:53 v-dogg too many Index actions
17:53 v-dogg I added my validators to a wrong Index.xml :)
17:54 v-dogg Wombert_: feels redundant I have to add an integer validator for a parameter already validated by a routing regexp
17:58 bobbytek2 why are you doing validation in your route?
17:58 bobbytek2 or is it just by it's very construction that it prohibits invalid values for that parameter?
18:05 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
18:15 v-dogg bobbytek2: the route pattern is (id:\d+) so I know already it is an integer
18:16 v-dogg but when using strict validation mode, I have to validate the parameter again
18:17 Seldaek you never know v-dogg, in php6 \d might include chinese numbers :p
18:20 v-dogg this time it made sense to add "DoWeReallyHaveSomethingWithThatIdValidator" but sometimes I just need another integer validator for a parameter already "validated" by the route pattern
18:20 Seldaek [n=seld@crom.seld.ch] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
18:20 Seldaek [n=seld@crom.seld.ch] has joined #agavi
18:25 _cheerios really? i won't be turning on strict for a while then.
18:45 Wombert_ GO VETTEL GO VETTEL
18:45 Wombert_ WOOOOOHOOOOOO
18:48 _cheerios what what what?
18:49 Wombert_ zomg
18:49 Wombert_ :<
18:49 v-dogg F1?
18:50 _cheerios im reading forums that glock gave way for hamiltons championship. before that some shouting about vettel.
18:51 Wombert_ nah bull. he was just slow or something
18:51 Wombert_ on slicks
18:51 Wombert_ don't think he did that on purpose
19:03 nfq Wombert_: well, I am so glad lewis has it
19:04 nfq he deserves it
19:04 nfq btu big kudos to massa alonso
19:04 Wombert_ you know
19:04 Wombert_ I think it doesn't make much of a differenc either way
19:04 Wombert_ to me
19:05 Wombert_ I'm not a hamilton fan, but don't care much more for massa either
19:05 Wombert_ I'm mostly glad vettel had the balls to take on hamilton
19:05 _cheerios good comeback from mclaren considering last years fiasco. not sure what happened with ferrari, as räikkönen was disapointtingly out of the game too soon
19:06 _cheerios (maybe it was just räikkönen partying too much, shrug :))
19:06 nfq yeah
19:06 nfq kimi should have been better
19:06 nfq but
19:06 nfq alonso has been impressive end of season
19:06 nfq I don't like him or massa but they've both been great
19:07 nfq and the future looks like vettel, hamilton, kubica
19:07 _cheerios kimi will reign next year
19:08 v-dogg Wombert_: noted my bitching earlier?
19:11 Wombert_ rawb: can you throw on gdb and send a backtrace?
19:11 Wombert_ v-dogg: yeah but not much we can do I reckon
19:11 v-dogg yup
19:14 _cheerios fsck. hate missing receipts or forgetting to ask for 'em, heathrow express train cost 20 pounds :|
19:14 Wombert_ do you still have the ticket?
19:15 _cheerios yep
19:15 Wombert_ that says the price I think
19:15 Wombert_ the "receipt" is quite useless
19:15 Wombert_ and why don't you take the heathrow connect, it's cheaper and only 5mins or so slower
19:15 Wombert_ 10 maybe
19:15 Wombert_ not that much of a rip-off anyway
19:15 _cheerios *shrug* that's what we used when we came, i wasn't aware of all the possibilities.
19:16 nfq or just the tube
19:16 nfq it's longer but much cheaper
19:16 _cheerios that extra 30 stops didn't look tempting, impl :)
19:16 nfq where you going in london?
19:17 _cheerios just came back. we stayed at a hotel near Prince Regent's
19:19 nfq _cheerios: nice
19:28 Wombert_ _cheerios: the DLR station?
19:29 _cheerios it's part of DLR, ye
19:29 _cheerios i took DLR, to jubilee to bakerloo and then the train
19:30 nfq in the docklands
19:30 nfq ?
19:30 _cheerios (though DLR->jubilee was out of order for the weekend, and I had to stress myself to find the connecting bus to jubilee)
19:33 _cheerios hmm, yes, i think it's part of the docklands
19:33 _cheerios quite crude area
19:42 bobbytek2 I'm kinda confused about validation in agavi. My understanding about MVC validation from other frameworks is that it's main purpose is to scrub user input, to protect the application against deliberiate or unintential errors. From what I've seen people writing on here, it sounds as though business logic is being placed in custom validators. That goes against what I've been taught
19:42 bobbytek2 IMO, a validator should never use a Model
19:47 bobbytek2 er, in general I mean
19:49 EGreg_ [n=Greg@ool-18b9b367.dyn.optonline.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:50 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has quit ["leaving"]
20:02 bobbytek2 Anyone care to comment?
20:05 saracen When does it use the Model?
20:06 saracen Agavis validation does "scrub" the user input. Theres various built-in classes which do the
20:06 saracen opps
20:06 saracen which handle a lot of common things, such as validation input
20:07 saracen Making sure the input is a string, an integer etc.
20:07 bobbytek2 right, well someone recommended performing authentication credential validation in a validator
20:07 ttj Wombert_: TOP GEAR!!!
20:07 bobbytek2 That seems wrong to me
20:09 saracen bobbytek2: Who did?
20:09 bobbytek2 I can't recall now :/
20:10 bobbytek2 It seems weird that a validator would be enforcing business rules though, in general
20:10 bobbytek2 Would you agree?
20:12 saracen What is it you're trying to do? getCredentials() and isSecure() should be enoigh for authentication checking. Which is outside of the validation rules
20:12 saracen enough*
20:12 bobbytek2 that's authorization
20:12 bobbytek2 no authentication
20:13 bobbytek2 I'm talking about looking up a user in the db and verifying the password
20:13 bobbytek2 that doesn't seem like it belongs in a validator
20:13 bobbytek2 Would you agree?
20:14 bobbytek2 Or any other business rule that isn't related to data sanitation
20:14 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:14 saracen Where did they suggest you put that, in validateRead/validateWrite?
20:15 bobbytek2 in a custom validator
20:15 saracen No, that doesn't seem right. The sample application has login handling
20:16 bobbytek2 yeah, I noticed that
20:16 bobbytek2 That was just an example really of what I was talking about
20:16 bobbytek2 Something like comparing a submitted date to some date in the db would be another example
20:18 bobbytek2 what is the proper way to reference a module in autoload.xml?
20:19 bobbytek2 oh, nvm
20:19 bobbytek2 :)
20:19 saracen ;p
20:21 bobbytek2 saracen: do you have an example of how to do a password confirmation validation in agavi?
20:22 bobbytek2 Would that require a custom validator, or would one of the standard valdators work for that?
20:22 bobbytek2 Maybe the AgaviEqualsValidator?
20:24 bobbytek2 That looks about right, judging by the code
20:25 saracen How are you going to get the password to compare it to?
20:25 bobbytek2 the asparam parameter
20:26 saracen How are you going to get the password to compare it to?
20:26 bobbytek2 the asparam parameter
20:27 saracen Why not just make a login function for AgaviUser? Have it setup everything upon login, on failure it could throw an error
20:27 bobbytek2 http://www.pastie.org/305999
20:28 bobbytek2 saracen: I have yet to see an example of extending AgaviUser, do you have one?
20:28 Wombert_ impl: poke
20:28 saracen Oh, is this a hard-coded password?
20:28 Wombert_ ttj: oh yes baby
20:29 saracen bobbytek2: Use factories.xml to specify your own class. Place your class in app/lib/user/ProjectUser.php
20:29 bobbytek2 saracen: no
20:29 bobbytek2 oh, nice thanks :)
20:29 saracen bobbytek2: http://trac.agavi.org/browser/tags/1.0.0beta5/samples/app/lib/user/AgaviSampleAp​pUser.class.php
20:29 saracen Example
20:29 bobbytek2 So what type of logic is intended to go in that class?
20:30 bobbytek2 saracen: that password validation example works :) yay!
20:30 bobbytek2 basically those 2 params tell the validator to use the value of the password field submitted as the reference
20:31 bobbytek2 Thanks for the link :)
20:32 saracen bobbytek2: You could use it for loading your role definitions. Assigning the roles to the current session user upon login. For logging out the current user. For storing a user model as an attribute, related to the current session user.
20:33 bobbytek2 okay, that sounds good. Should it be using the help of a Model for this?
20:34 bobbytek2 I mean, should it be doing direct db access, or delagating?
20:34 bobbytek2 That example just uses an array
20:34 bobbytek2 I'm assuming a Model would be more appropriate for a real app?
20:35 saracen When using an ORM, I generally use the orms helper functions to find the user for me, and return the User model. Then, i store it as a AgaviUser variable, $this->setAttribute('dbuser', $user); or something.
20:36 saracen Well, for propel I did that anyway. For doctrine, I think I had to fetch the user each time I wanted it, because with agavi context included it would act weird
20:36 impl Wombert_: poke poke
20:37 Wombert_ ohai impl
20:37 Wombert_ is now known as Wombert
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20:42 saracen Wait. I;m confused. $request->getRequestData()->setParameter('lawl', 'lol') is not the same as $request->setParameter('lawl', 'lol');
20:42 saracen is it?
20:44 Wombert rawb: poke
20:44 Wombert nope saracen
20:44 _cheerios rent rose 20e starting next january. what about ya chaps, living getting more expensive over there?
20:44 saracen Confusion ends! Should be able to make this work now :)
20:57 bobbytek2 What's the diff saracen?
21:02 saracen One sets parameters on the request class, the other on the request data that goes to an action
21:02 saracen Yet I still can't figure out why my action isn't being called. Hmm
21:06 bobbytek2 oh, so request's parameters are totally unrelated then?
21:11 bobbytek2 Is there a way to short-circuit validators?
21:19 Wombert bobbytek2: ?
21:30 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-139-214.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
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21:40 bobbytek2 Wombert: I mean, if one validator fails, not to perform any other validations on that field
21:41 Wombert <validator ... severity="fatal">
21:41 bobbytek2 is that for just that field though, or ALL validations not yet performed?
21:42 bobbytek2 As an example, password shouldn't be empty should cause the password doesn't match confirmation password validator not to run
21:42 Wombert oh
21:42 Wombert <validator ... provides="password_given">
21:42 Wombert <validator ... depends="password_given">
21:43 Wombert :)
21:43 bobbytek2 which one?
21:43 bobbytek2 or both?
21:43 bobbytek2 anyways, thanks :)
21:43 bobbytek2 I knew the name had to come in handy at some point :)
21:44 Wombert name=
21:44 Wombert ?
21:44 Wombert of a validator?
21:44 Wombert that's unrelated
21:44 bobbytek2 provides="password_given"
21:44 Wombert names of validators are mainly for grabbing its result easily
21:44 bobbytek2 is that not a name reference?
21:44 Wombert no
21:44 Wombert it's something random
21:45 Wombert and depends references that
21:45 Wombert the second validator runs if "depends" is fullfilled
21:45 Wombert which is the case if the first validator succeeded
21:45 Wombert note that both can be a space-separated list of identifiers
21:45 Wombert in case you need that
21:46 bobbytek2 oh, i see
21:46 Zeelot3k [n=zeelot@c-71-196-55-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #agavi
21:46 bobbytek2 That's handy, thanks :)
21:48 bobbytek2 http://www.pastie.org/305999
21:48 bobbytek2 Something like that then?
21:48 Wombert yes
21:49 bobbytek2 sweetness, thanks again
21:49 Wombert I'd call them "password_given" etc though
21:49 bobbytek2 yeah, makes more sense
21:49 bobbytek2 good call
21:49 bobbytek2 ;)
21:50 saracen pumpkin pie is so awesome
21:50 bobbytek2 well, that doesn't seem to validate for some reason
21:54 alenoosh [n=alenoosh@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:55 bobbytek2 ya, it doesn't like depends="password_given confirm_given"
21:55 bobbytek2 But it will accept depends="password_given"
21:57 bobbytek2 I wonder why, since the rng file specifies list of string :/
21:59 bobbytek2 unless there is some xslt magic that is going on under the covers
21:59 impl ummhmhmhmhm
21:59 impl let me peer at this
22:00 bobbytek2 http://www.pastie.org/305999
22:00 bobbytek2 basically
22:00 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dlr197.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
22:00 bobbytek2 notice the equals validator
22:00 bobbytek2 it depends on the 2 prior validators
22:01 bobbytek2 http://www.pastie.org/306040
22:02 impl the xsd version just specifies xsd:string as the datatype
22:02 impl not a list
22:02 impl are you sure it's using the RNG?
22:02 bobbytek2 that's xsd
22:03 bobbytek2 yeah, I'll shoot you the stack
22:03 bobbytek2 http://www.pastie.org/306040
22:04 impl weird :S
22:04 bobbytek2 note that I'm using 1.0.0dev
22:04 impl from SVN?
22:04 bobbytek2 yes
22:04 impl have you up'ed recently?
22:05 bobbytek2 yes
22:07 icyt is now known as IcyT
22:09 IcyT is now known as icyt
22:09 impl okay
22:09 impl impl knows what is wrong :>
22:09 impl problem is that Wombert doesn't know how to write XSDs
22:09 impl :D
22:09 impl er
22:09 impl RNGs
22:12 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-139-214.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has quit []
22:15 CIA-6 impl * r3261 /branches/1.0/src/config/rng/validators.rng: Update validators.rng to actually support attribute lists
22:15 impl bobbytek2: try now :D
22:15 Wombert wat
22:15 Wombert :<
22:15 impl YA
22:16 Wombert kekeke
22:16 Wombert stabs
22:16 Wombert stabs rng
22:17 bobbytek2 k, will try
22:17 saracen impregnates impl
22:17 Wombert stabs the piano
22:18 impl Wombert: you're way too stabby lately
22:18 impl Wombert: too bad you don't live in the US, you could get a gun instead
22:19 bobbytek2 k, that worked like a charm
22:19 bobbytek2 thanks impl :)
22:19 impl yup
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Day changed Mon Nov 03 2008
00:29 bobbytek2 Is it possible to access a model from within a AgaviRbacSecurityUser derived class?
00:31 bobbytek2 nvm :)
00:35 bobbytek2 wha??
01:07 bobbytek2 how can I add an error to a validation manager that isn't associated with a field?
01:24 karmacoder [n=karmacod@dslb-084-057-064-254.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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01:38 bobbytek2 saracen: I always pay attention to you :)
01:41 bobbytek2 Anyone alive in here?
01:41 bobbytek2 :(
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04:23 bobbytek2 Is it considered bad form to use $ro to generate links in templates? Or would it be better to perform that in the view?
04:55 impl I don't have a problem using it in templates
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07:06 v-dogg huomenta
07:06 IcyT is now known as icyt
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08:06 _cheerios huomenta
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08:48 MikeSeth huomenta
08:50 MikeSeth hugs all
08:51 karmacoder your all so crazy :D
08:51 MikeSeth srs?
08:52 karmacoder huomenta to you too
08:52 karmacoder MikeSeth: don't akt surprised ;)
08:52 MikeSeth do I really look surprised? :D
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08:54 karmacoder MikeSeth: well in my head you do, in irc it's hard to say
08:54 MikeSeth heh heh heh
08:55 MikeSeth bobbytek2: to answer your previous question you absolutely should use $ro in templates
08:59 v-dogg I don't see any problems with that either
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09:20 _cheerios meh. those flash scripts that generate nice fonts are such fail, as atleast on the site I used, they overlapped css-menus (linux). result: unusable site.
09:21 _cheerios are there slides from IPC sessions somewhere?
09:28 Seldaek should be
09:29 Seldaek not yet though it seems
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09:46 horros Huomenta.
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09:51 Xylakant huomenta
09:51 v-dogg huomenta
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10:34 MikeSeth Xylakant: where's David
10:35 Xylakant MikeSeth: Well, I don't know. Asleep? On the way to the office?
10:38 MikeSeth heh
10:38 MikeSeth just wanted to tell y'all I landed okay
10:38 MikeSeth turns out our flight company has arrangement with munich airport
10:39 MikeSeth cops block driveways on both sides with their cars so that no one could drive a car bomb into the F terminal
10:39 MikeSeth I loled
10:39 horros :O
10:39 horros MikeSeth: Do you live in Islamabad?
10:41 Macen they do that here now too
10:41 Macen we had someone do it in Glasgow
10:42 Macen the driver ran out of his car in flames and some dirty scott floored him while he was on fire heh
10:42 Macen win
10:42 MikeSeth horros: no, that's in Pakistan :|
10:42 Macen you live in Isreal don't you MikeSeth?
10:42 MikeSeth yeah
10:43 horros Ah, I see.
10:44 Macen we hear a lot about your troubles in the UK
10:44 PyroBilly Your flight company is El Al?
10:44 Macen something to do with Palestine
10:44 MikeSeth PyroBilly: yea
10:45 PyroBilly Those people know how to keep their planes in the air
10:45 MikeSeth too well I'd say
10:46 PyroBilly I went to Israel once and got a 45 minute interview from the stoniest woman I'd ever met, and all because my suitcase had some stickers from two Muslim countries
10:47 MikeSeth yeah, we call it "reasonable" security :>
10:47 MikeSeth some of you new guys, write ohloh reviews for Agavi plzkthx
10:48 Macen my ohloh rating makes me look like a noob
10:48 Macen stupid thing tells me i am 0 something
10:48 Macen and comes up if you search my name in Google
10:48 Macen cheecky sods
10:48 MikeSeth dunno i'm #1350 or something out of 130000 :D
10:49 Arme[N] is now known as Arme[0]
10:49 Macen nods
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11:59 icyt is now known as IcyT
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12:41 krycek_ can a model be used to perform calculations and tasks that has nothing to do with DB?
12:43 PyroBilly krycek_: a model has nothing necessarily to do with any data store - so yes
12:44 v-dogg PyroBilly: tell that to RoR and Symfony people :)
12:44 krycek_ ok... thanks
12:45 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
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12:52 bobbytek2 Hey all :)
12:53 MikeSeth ohai
12:53 MikeSeth krycek_: absolutely
12:53 bobbytek2 I think agavi should change it's name to payoti
12:53 MikeSeth krycek_: that's the idea of MVC models. Some people think that models only means database, which is wrong.
12:53 bobbytek2 much more trippy
12:53 MikeSeth bobbytek2: you can fork :>
12:53 horros What on earth is Phing doing?!
12:54 bobbytek2 Ain't nothing but a chicken phing on a string
12:54 horros If I have a target with a phpdoc -task, I can't seem to run my test-target which calls phpunit
12:54 bobbytek2 Any suggestions on how can I add an error to a validation manager that isn't associated with a field?
12:54 horros because PHPUnit yells it can't find the class "ErrorTracker", which is a part of PhpDocumentor
12:54 horros :|
12:55 bobbytek2 Or should I use some other channel for that?
12:55 MikeSeth impl: poke me when you're back plz
12:55 bobbytek2 just wants FPF to display invalid user name or password to the user... but since it isn't really associated with a field, he cries
12:55 MikeSeth bobbytek2: an error is associated with a validator, not with a error manager
12:56 MikeSeth s/error manager/validation manager/
12:56 Wombert [n=Wombert@munich.bitxtender.net] has joined #agavi
12:56 MikeSeth WOMBART!
12:56 bobbytek2 setError($name, $message)
12:56 saracen Who do I sleep with to get an agavi t-shirt then? :)
12:57 MikeSeth sorry I'm all out of these
12:57 MikeSeth Yossi and marklar|omni were real happy to get some, that I tell ya :D
12:57 Wombert ohai
12:57 Wombert shoan sent me an elephant from india :>
12:57 Wombert carved from wood
12:57 Wombert and inside the elephant
12:57 Wombert there is a small elephant
12:57 Wombert and its all made of one piece
12:58 saracen MikeSeth: Shame. My body was on offer =(
12:58 Wombert it's sitting here in our office nao with the blue elePHPants
12:58 Wombert :>
12:58 Fastly [n=alex@host217-41-57-178.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #agavi []
12:58 horros Grumble.
12:59 MikeSeth next time come to the convention and youll get tshirts :D
13:01 saracen Can't I be anti-social and just pay a little money? :P
13:05 horros Damn PHP losing the stack :|
13:05 horros %&=()/=)%(&/
13:05 horros This is getting fairly annoying again.
13:05 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
13:07 bobbytek2 Should the view or action be mainly in charge of talking to the validation manager?
13:07 bobbytek2 I would think that this would be an action responsibility
13:08 krycek_ i think it's the action, because you can have a validate() method there
13:09 MikeSeth bobbytek2: how do you define 'talk to' validation?
13:09 MikeSeth actions set up validation and tell Agavi which views to use in case of validation error
13:09 bobbytek2 interacting
13:09 bobbytek2 http://trac.agavi.org/browser/tags/1.0.0beta5/samples/app/modules/Default/views/​LoginErrorView.class.php
13:09 MikeSeth views on the other hand can question the validation for error messages etc
13:09 bobbytek2 That seems to be doing something that should be in the action, no?
13:10 v-dogg bobbytek2: "for all field error messages. errors that yield no match and those that have no corresponding field are inserted using rules defined in "error_messages"." (http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/samples/app/config/global_filters.xm​l)
13:10 MikeSeth no, not at all
13:10 bobbytek2 oh, thanks v-dogg
13:11 v-dogg bobbytek2: $this->container->getValidationManager()->setError('bogus_field', $error);
13:12 bobbytek2 could I use null their?
13:12 v-dogg as a field name? I doubt it
13:12 bobbytek2 So views have a finger in the "add validation error" pie?
13:12 bobbytek2 v-dogg: ya
13:13 krycek_ should i be worried about migrating my app to 1.0? i'm using 0.11.2
13:13 v-dogg bobbytek2: you can do that in the view or in the action. I'd say action is the correct place
13:14 bobbytek2 v-dogg: I would have to concur, that's why I even asked cause it felt kinda wrong to me
13:14 bobbytek2 Well, that example anyways
13:19 v-dogg krycek_: "worried" as in "is it easy to do when I want to do it" or "is 0.11 going to work in the future or should I migrate soon" ?
13:19 MikeSeth krycek_: you will have to update some config files
13:20 MikeSeth krycek_: other than this no worries as far as I know
13:21 v-dogg but you can go on using 0.11 too and migrate when you want to. unless something really critical comes up 1.0 will stay backwards compatible
13:21 Wombert krycek_: 1.0 is mainly refactorings, some cleanup, stuff like that
13:22 Wombert main things are... we threw out legacy namings for actions, models etc (they now need "full names"), and your config files now MUST have namespaces
13:22 Wombert krycek_: http://trac.agavi.org/browser/tags/1.0.0beta5/UPGRADING
13:22 krycek_ i need something that is only avaiable in 1.0, but i'm in the middle of the development... i was hopping don't loose too much time with it
13:23 Wombert what is it you need?
13:23 v-dogg Wombert: can has beta6 soon?-)
13:23 Wombert v-dogg: aye
13:23 horros grr
13:23 horros RuntimeException:
13:23 horros Fatal error: Class 'ErrorTracker' not found in C:\Projects\nappula-2.1-agavi-1.0\- on line 394
13:23 horros :x
13:23 horros Stupid Phing and/or PHPUnit :(
13:26 PyroBilly [n=pyrobill@] has quit ["Leaving."]
13:26 MikeSeth Wombert: could I return e.g. false from view's execute() which'd mean send null response and quit?
13:27 Wombert MikeSeth: just don't return anything and don't setupHtml() or whatever
13:27 MikeSeth Wombert: rgr
13:27 Wombert hugs MikeSeth
13:28 krycek_ Wombert: what exactly "full name" means for actions and models?
13:28 Wombert Module_Sub_MarineAction
13:28 Wombert should always be that way if you used the build system, so no problem there
13:29 krycek_ i'm not using the build system :x
13:29 MikeSeth krycek_: O_O
13:29 MikeSeth you should
13:29 MikeSeth it saves so much time
13:30 krycek_ maybe with 1.0 then
13:31 krycek_ but i thought Module_Sub_MarineAction was already mandatory
13:31 krycek_ what is the alternative way?
13:31 Wombert MarineAction
13:31 Wombert or Module_MarineAction
13:31 Wombert etc
13:31 Wombert that was kind of lame, so we threw it out
13:32 krycek_ oh, right... no problem then
13:32 horros heh
13:32 horros I needed to unset phpDocumentor_errors from the global scope in order to use PHPUnit
13:32 MikeSeth krycek_: you can still refer to subactions as Foo.Bar everywhere
13:33 horros It doesn't seem to want to be serialized.
13:33 krycek_ good
13:37 v-dogg need kaffe....
13:37 v-dogg lots and lots of it
13:37 MikeSeth YES WANT
13:39 v-dogg MikeSeth: did you smuggle a suitcase full of bratwurst to jewland?
13:39 MikeSeth wat
13:40 v-dogg and tons of cheese burgers?-)
13:41 MikeSeth bratwurst == ?
13:43 Wombert sausage
13:43 Wombert the one you had for breakfast
13:43 Wombert along with egg and bacon
13:43 Wombert <:
13:44 v-dogg smacks MikeSeth
13:44 v-dogg you don't know what you eat!? :)
13:44 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dlr197.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
13:45 MikeSeth well how hard is it to use a fully qualified name then
13:45 MikeSeth "bavarian white sausage"
13:45 horros cd BuddhaOhneHals
13:45 horros :O
13:45 horros Oops.
13:45 horros :D
13:45 v-dogg haha
13:46 horros I was supposed to do cd build in that other window over there
13:46 horros points
13:46 horros :)
13:46 kaos|work_ MikeSeth: white sausage != bratwurst ;)
13:47 MikeSeth ah
13:47 MikeSeth see
13:47 MikeSeth FQSN
13:47 MikeSeth Fully Qualified Sausage Name
13:48 horros Damnit.
13:48 horros Now I'm hungry :(
13:48 horros OH yay! Payday today!
13:48 v-dogg bratwurst.... mmm....
13:49 horros I want chips and falafel
13:49 horros With a truckload of garlic sauce
13:49 horros <3
13:49 MikeSeth i bet they cant do falafel properly in (whereever you live) :D
13:50 horros MikeSeth: I buy falafel ingredients in an eco shop. Said ingredients are from Lebanon. :P
13:51 MikeSeth own mixes are always better
13:51 MikeSeth what kinda oil do you use?
13:51 horros Depends on what I have in my cupboard :)
13:52 horros And yeah, own mixes are of course better, but I can't be bothered :|
13:52 horros I haven't got all day!
13:52 horros :)
13:52 MikeSeth haha
13:53 PyroBilly [n=pyrobill@] has joined #agavi
13:53 horros Hmm, I should try making my own mix some day.
13:53 horros when I don't have anything else to do.
13:53 horros Which would be, say, tomorrow.
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14:06 MikeSeth im full of good ideas :D
14:12 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has joined #agavi
14:13 saracen can't wait for l4d
14:13 CIA-6 felix * r3262 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/ (5 files in 3 dirs):
14:13 CIA-6 add tests for #695, #698
14:13 CIA-6 refs #695, #698, #308
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14:53 _cheerios w/Zend optimizer, does it move your php installation someplace?
14:53 _cheerios (strange case of php binaries going missing :))
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14:59 MrJeep morning
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15:23 MikeSeth oo durr
15:26 saracen Hmm, php templates become annoying when whitespace matters ;x
15:26 v-dogg MikeSeth: any change you could write a brief tutorial on how to set up an environment to build agavi's docs?
15:27 MikeSeth v-dogg: there's README in the root
15:27 MikeSeth v-dogg: though I have to commit the script that corrects & flattens the rendered deliverable for agavi.org publishing
15:27 v-dogg oh, brilliant :)
15:28 saracen It's possible for me to make a filter specific to a certain output type isnt it?
15:28 saracen wait. Must be, otherwise we'd all be in trouble
15:28 _cheerios [n=Jack@] has quit ["bbl"]
15:29 v-dogg saracen: you can use executiontimefilter as an example
15:29 MikeSeth saracen: sure, just ask the container what type is requested
15:29 saracen Thanks guys :)
15:30 MikeSeth also
15:30 MikeSeth kthx
15:33 MikeSeth v-dogg: ah one small thing
15:33 MikeSeth v-dogg: the XSL file mentioned in readme is for the old blue template
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15:34 MikeSeth v-dogg: if you render for agavi.org you need the other xsl, s/custom/agavi/
15:39 Netsplit over, joins: @ChanServ, krycek_, MrJeep, Macen, opengeek, PyroBilly, Strzalek, Wombert, kaos|work_, Xylakant (+25 more)
15:41 Wombert v-dogg: it worked fine!?
15:41 Wombert http://www.ohloh.net/projects/agavi/contributors
15:42 Wombert you already have an account in case you don't know :p
15:42 Wombert "v-dogg"
15:42 saracen Well. I think I rated it.
15:42 krycek_ me too
15:42 Wombert we have four people that stacked, but didn't rate <:
15:42 v-dogg Wombert: yes, I have an account but the "Veikko Mäkinen" listed as a contributor is not linked to that account (I think)
15:42 saracen Target 'filter-create' does not exist in this project. =(
15:42 Wombert v-dogg: quite sure it is
15:43 Wombert https://www.ohloh.net/projects/agavi/contributors/25370371822386 that links to you
15:43 Wombert v-dogg: you logged in and stuff?
15:43 v-dogg hmm... now it looks ok... was I drunk last week I checked this? or did you put something to my breakfast bratwurst? :D
15:44 MikeSeth HOORAY
15:44 MikeSeth http://www.suspekt.org/2008/11/03/php-usb-device-to-solve-namespace-problems/
15:44 MikeSeth WE HAVE A WINNER
15:44 Wombert <:
15:45 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has quit [Connection timed out]
15:45 v-dogg hahaha
15:47 MikeSeth changed the topic of #agavi to: Welcome to Agavi :: new: www.agavi.org :: bleeding: 1.0.0beta5 :: stable: 0.11.5 :: have a question? Just ask, and wait patiently, as patience is the key to happiness :: got no reply? use the mailing lists! :: svn: http://svn.agavi.org/; use branches/0.11 (or branches/1.0 for HEAD, trunk is in hibernation now) :: http://ohloh.net/projects/5907 :: logs at http://agavi.org/irclogs/ :: http://trac.agavi.org/wiki/Huomenta || WRITE OHLOH REVIEWS
15:48 MrJeep what's happening with the namespace problem ?
15:48 MikeSeth MrJeep: well, namespaces are now a problem in PHP
15:48 MikeSeth heh
15:48 MrJeep well afaik it's supposed to be in 5.3
15:48 MikeSeth and that's why it's a problem
15:48 Macen what do you want us to say?
15:48 MikeSeth because it\is\going\to\look\like\this
15:49 MrJeep but the last time i've checked they were not sure on the syntax
15:49 MikeSeth Macen: say whatever you feel
15:49 MikeSeth IMO explain how you use Agavi
15:49 MikeSeth that's the best kind of review agavi needs
15:49 MrJeep I was just wondering where they were at
15:49 Macen hmk
15:49 Macen fair enoug@
15:50 Macen it won't be very long then :p
15:50 Macen as it would otherwise likely be wrong
15:50 Macen heh
15:51 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has joined #agavi
16:01 MrJeep well it's going to be ugly I agree
16:01 MrJeep question.. why?
16:01 MrJeep be different ?
16:03 Macen http://www.ohloh.net/session/new is down for me
16:03 Macen i'll do it later
16:03 Macen http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.ohloh.net/session/new
16:04 Macen http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.ohloh.net
16:04 Macen not just me then
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16:21 MikeSeth ><
16:21 Wombert :<
16:22 aka CANT HAZ!?
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16:27 saracen Sorry =(
16:37 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dmg229.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
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16:51 impl MikeSeth: sup jew
16:52 Mo [n=mo@] has quit [Client Quit]
16:52 Wombert Schematron validation of configuration file "/harddisk/hd~2/data/opt/share/www/aga/1.0.0beta5/samples/app/config/config_hand​lers.xml" failed: Could not transform schema file "/harddisk/hd~2/data/opt/share/www/aga/1.0.0beta5/src/config/sch/config_handlers​.sch": Error occured while transforming the document using an XSL stylesheet:
16:52 Wombert Warning: unrecognized element schema
16:53 Wombert guys, impl: http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/909
16:53 Wombert a) should this be done in 0.11, or in 1.0 only?
16:54 Wombert b) impl: should I do this in loadConfigHandlers(), where you do a similar check for ext/xsl (you do it there so you can do the include() of our sublcasses xsltproc, but it would be more consistent to have them both there IMO)
16:54 impl Wombert: Let's make it throw the exception period
16:54 Wombert impl: well okay but _where_
16:54 MikeSeth impl: oh lawd
16:55 MikeSeth impl: turns out using -D to pass parameters to tasks dont work
16:55 MikeSeth -D does setUserParameter() which doesn't override setParameter() arguments
16:55 impl MikeSeth: ughhhh
16:55 impl I'll look into that
16:55 impl Wombert: bootstrap() is fine
16:55 Wombert "fuck this, man, fuck this"
16:56 Wombert impl: I had it there first but then we have this check there, the other check in loadConfigHandlers
16:56 Wombert kinda zomg-y, doncha think
16:56 Wombert also. 0.11 or 1.0?
16:56 impl both
16:56 Wombert k
16:57 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/910 more ideas? MikeSeth? v-dogg? MrJeep? _cheerios? bobbytek2? fnordfish?
16:59 horros Huomenta.
16:59 MikeSeth Wombert: add !masspoke to chuckwalla
16:59 MikeSeth heh
17:00 Wombert MikeSeth: :D
17:00 saracen impl: action-create - This doesn't accept a list of space(/comma) seperated actions? I can only make one at a time?
17:00 Wombert !masspoek you mean :>
17:00 Wombert man impl is here for just two minutes and bombarded with questions already <:
17:00 MikeSeth Wombert: i agree to 1 and 2, but 3 i only think it should be the same in dev and production, whether its strict or not dont matter
17:00 v-dogg Wombert: standard layout and slot layout: YES, check against is_slot in setupHtml(): YES (like showed in the WTF page), strict validation mode even in dev envs: YES
17:01 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit []
17:01 MrJeep I'm for the idea of adding more best practice
17:01 MrJeep and I wish it could be for the whole framework
17:01 Wombert MikeSeth: yeah that's the point. it was here on IRC last week (twice even I think) that people didn't have validation, and stuff was then broken in production
17:01 Wombert MrJeep: yes but we need _more_ ideas if there is anything else to be done
17:01 Wombert v-dogg: anything else we should do?
17:02 MrJeep dinner time brb
17:02 MikeSeth Wombert: well I vouch for getModel() in views, models and actions with $moduleName defaulting to current module
17:03 Wombert mmmm but that's just convenience, MikeSeth
17:03 MikeSeth yes, but a damn good one
17:03 fnordfish Wombert: will add a note to the ticket :)
17:03 Wombert hugs fnordfish
17:06 saracen .g btw <
17:06 Sandvich 124,000,000 What do BTW, FAQ, FYI, IMHO, RTFM, and other acronyms mean ... @ http://kb.iu.edu/data/adkc.html | What does BTW stand for? @ http://www.abbreviations.com/BTW | Urban Dictionary: btw @ http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=btw | BTW - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTW
17:06 horros :x
17:06 MikeSeth .g tubgirl
17:07 Sandvich 316,000 Shock site - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shock_site | YouTube - Tub Girl Video Reaction @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxl0dE77CxA | YouTube - the tubgirl song @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8wDP-vz7pw | YTMND - Tubgirl + YTMND @ http://tubgirlonytmnd.ytmnd.com/
17:07 saracen <route pattern="^g(type:\w+)?(\s+{query:[^\s]+})" action="Commands.Google" />
17:07 v-dogg wtf`?
17:07 saracen =)
17:07 horros Ick, I hate public triggers.
17:07 MikeSeth v-dogg: it begged
17:07 v-dogg smacks Sandvich
17:08 v-dogg be quiet!
17:15 krycek_ getModel() in views? isn't that already possible?
17:15 MikeSeth krycek_: no, you only have getModel() in the context object
17:16 krycek_ oh, right
17:20 v-dogg that would be just a shortcut
17:21 Wombert anything else?
17:21 Wombert think of things that you do _every time_
17:21 Wombert and that would lower the barrier of entry for beginners
17:23 v-dogg well, I'd like to have lib/user/MyProjectUser (extends AgaviSecurityUser) automatically created with login/logout method stubs but I realise not everyone does login/logout this way
17:23 saracen I was just typing that, so, I second it.
17:24 impl saracen: no, just call it multiple times
17:24 impl is that really that difficult
17:24 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
17:25 saracen impl: Yes, because then I have to put in the module name each time.
17:25 impl saracen: cd to the module directory and try it
17:26 saracen really? Ugh. The amount of weight I've lost doing this.
17:26 Wombert impl: ah btw I noticed that
17:26 Wombert the old build system gave a list of module names when asking for a module name
17:27 Wombert impl: I'm putting it into loadCOnfigHandlers() now
17:28 impl Wombert: k
17:28 impl Wombert: if you can't keep track of your project's modules you have problems
17:29 saracen Anyway. For the project user class. It would be nice if when making a new project, the build system asked you if you wanted one. Also, questions for setting up a default database. (all optional)
17:30 v-dogg database? what would it set up?
17:30 saracen It would add the entry to database.xml, and also enable the database enabled setting
17:31 Macen command line scripts ftw
17:31 Macen byee
17:31 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has quit []
17:32 v-dogg saracen: the problem would be our several database implementations. each use different parameters
17:33 aka hey congrats on the new website guys... looks good
17:33 v-dogg databases.xml already has a few examples for you (propel and mysql I think) so all you really have to do is set use_database=true in settings.xml
17:33 saracen Hmm, true. Sounds like too much effort to hard code questions for params for each class. Bad idea =)
17:34 v-dogg maybe we should support only AgaviActiveRecord database, would be a lot easier :)
17:38 krycek_ can i set an exception template per output type?
17:38 Wombert sure krycek_
17:38 Wombert <output_type ... exception_template="...">
17:39 krycek_ hmmm
17:39 krycek_ 1.0?
17:39 Wombert 0.11
17:39 krycek_ \o/
17:39 Wombert <:
17:39 krycek_ and a default view for errors?
17:39 Wombert well you _could_ do that
17:39 Wombert but it's usually not what you want
17:39 Wombert public function handleError() {
17:39 Wombert return array('ModuleName', 'ViewName');
17:40 Wombert but in many cases, your error view is empty, and then sets the template to "Input" (for forms)
17:40 Wombert it might seem like annoying overkill at the moment to have 3+ views per action, but keep in mind the build system can generate them for you, and it will pay off the moment you need to add an API, or an RSS output type, or whatever
17:41 Wombert another thing you could do is automatically setting "Input" as the template in setupHtml() when the view name is "Error"
17:41 Wombert that might be a tad better; you get convenience, but also forward compabibility
17:41 v-dogg mm.. me lieks that idea
17:42 krycek_ yeap... i guess i'm too lazy because i'm not using the build system... but i'll... soon
17:42 v-dogg if you are lazy you really really should use it :)
17:43 v-dogg and use our own code templates for actions/views/templates to make it even nicer
17:43 krycek_ let me see if the exception_template thing works here... :)
17:45 v-dogg I have actually always done this in settings.xml... didn't even know you could do it output_types.xml
17:45 v-dogg slaps Wombert
17:45 v-dogg you gotta tell me these things :)
17:46 krycek_ Line 5: Element '{http://agavi.org/agavi/1.0/config}output_types', attribute
17:46 krycek_ 'exception_template': The attribute 'exception_template' is not allowed.
17:46 v-dogg slaps Wombert
17:46 krycek_ don't know with that "}" there
17:46 krycek_ ops
17:46 krycek_ *why
17:47 v-dogg Wombert: you gotta stop giving false tips :p
17:48 krycek_ how do you do that in settings.xml, v-dogg
17:49 v-dogg umm... actually.. I don't know :D
17:49 v-dogg the parameter I was thinking was context="" not output_type
17:51 krycek_ maybe exception_template in <output_type /> was added after 0.11.2
17:52 v-dogg don't think so
17:53 Wombert lies
17:53 Wombert ...
17:53 Wombert [18:38] Wombert: <output_type ... exception_template="...">
17:54 Wombert [18:46] krycek_: Line 5: Element '{http://agavi.org/agavi/1.0/config}output_types', attribute
17:54 Wombert spot the difference
17:54 v-dogg aaaa :D
17:54 krycek_ ops
17:54 krycek_ :T
17:56 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@munich.bitxtender.net] has quit []
17:58 krycek_ \o/
17:58 krycek_ worked
18:04 Xylakant [n=Xylakant@munich.bitxtender.net] has quit []
18:13 CIA-6 david * r3263 /branches/1.0/src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php: a bit more info for the exception thrown in case ext/xsl is not available, refs #519
18:15 luke` [n=luke`@] has joined #agavi
18:19 Zeelot3k [n=zeelot@c-71-196-55-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #agavi
18:38 CIA-6 david * r3264 /branches/0.11/src/version.php: 0.11.6-dev version info
18:41 CIA-6 david * r3265 /branches/0.11/ (CHANGELOG src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php): Added standard warning about broken libxml versions, closes #909
18:41 _cheerios MikeSeth, are you using a monotype font for the tutorial or why does it feel so hard on the eyes?
18:42 Wombert it's the line height, _cheerios
18:42 Wombert will be fixed soon
18:42 _cheerios k, seems to be use in whole agavi.org
18:43 MrJeep it's the letter-spacing
18:44 MikeSeth there is line-height in documentation.css, it does not belong to original design
18:45 MikeSeth feel free to fix it i cant atm
18:49 Wombert errrrr
18:49 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:50 _cheerios MrJeep, yer, s e e m s the t e x t indeed is m a d e that way :)
18:50 _cheerios oh man, almost 9pm
18:51 _cheerios still dinner to be made before can get some work done
18:51 MrJeep hehe :P
18:52 Wombert fixd
18:52 eremit [n=Miranda@p5B23466D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #agavi
18:52 Wombert (line-height)
18:52 MrJeep where ?
18:53 MrJeep docs ?
18:55 _cheerios the e x t r a wide letter-spacing is still there, but i won't press on this further. just noted, if others felt the same, as reading the text felt odder than on other sites. could be font-size differences too, it's not that bad if the font is quite tiny.
18:56 Wombert yeah its odd, _cheerios
18:56 Wombert I removed the letter spacing, and it was very narrow text
18:56 Wombert need some time to look into this
18:56 Wombert will start working on the site again wed/thu/fri
18:56 MrJeep maybe you have a different Arial on your comp
18:56 Wombert (well prolly not thu, but anyway)
18:56 MrJeep happened to me once with helvetica
19:04 Wombert stabs impl
19:04 Wombert !!!
19:05 MrJeep remove renderers ?
19:06 Strzalek_ is now known as Strzalek
19:20 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@f053079090.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
19:21 Wombert pokes fnordfish
19:22 fnordfish i know - I#M at home, talking to Jana and hanking in the trac form
19:23 Sandvich [n=OmNomNom@goto.fiveturns.org] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:23 Sandvich [n=OmNomNom@goto.fiveturns.org] has joined #agavi
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19:26 fnordfish Wombert: pased the mayor three, more to come (likely)
19:26 fnordfish having some dinner now :)
19:27 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has quit ["jonwage@gmail.com"]
19:31 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has joined #agavi
19:32 Wombert impl: HALP
19:39 Sasan_Rose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
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20:04 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dki220.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
20:09 saracen Wombert: Say I have a date picker form and I want the date to appear in my route, is there a better way to go about doing this, other than redirecting on executeWrite() and inserting the dates in to my url?
20:09 saracen Hope that made sense ;x
20:09 Wombert prolly not
20:09 Wombert you need that anyway as a fallback for people who do not have javascript on
20:09 Wombert right?
20:10 saracen The date selecter is just drop down boxes: day, month, year
20:10 Sasan_Rose [n=SasanRos@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:10 erisco [n=erisco@brisco.kent.net] has joined #agavi
20:10 saracen It seems to bug me, because I get conflicts if I obviously call the input elements: day, month, year, and then my route parameters the same name
20:10 erisco huomenta
20:11 erisco congratulations on the new web site! I loaded it up today and thought I clicked on the wrong bookmark
20:11 saracen I just wanted to know if there was a way you could tell agavi to use the parameters automatically, and redirect using magic
20:11 erisco it renders like crap in internet explorer 6 but who cares ^.^
20:12 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dmg229.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:14 Wombert erisco: hehe
20:14 Wombert yeah that's on purpose
20:14 Wombert I couldn't care less about ie6
20:14 Wombert there are some things to fix in ie7 though
20:15 Wombert saracen: mmmh well
20:15 Wombert you could make those three optional
20:15 Wombert then it works with them in the url, or in the query string
20:16 erisco so I spent the entire weekend trying to get ubuntu 8.10 installed without a cd rom... I am lacking a sata power cable that I need to power both my hard drive and cdrom drive at the same time
20:16 Wombert impl: wat about http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/899 ?
20:16 erisco thus could not burn a cd. shopping around for a molex to sata power converter wasn't really in my interest but would have likely been faster... the end solution, after trying at least two dozen things, was quite extravagant
20:17 erisco using the non-free virtual box I booted the live cd so that I could use the "create bootable usb" utility now included in 8.10
20:18 erisco well, of course, wasn't that easy because virtual box needed a bit of work before it would pick up the usb devices. nonetheless, I finally got a bootable usb that did actually work... and now I am happily running 8.10
20:18 erisco which I am liking quite a bit, despite my curiosity in trying a different distro this time
20:19 erisco that was my weekend mostly :)
20:19 saracen Ha, Ubuntu owned my weekend too. Was getting it running on my girlfriends eee pc, with the netbook remix addon. Looks sweet now though
20:19 Wombert shakes head
20:19 Wombert PCs...
20:20 saracen http://goto.fiveturns.org/freenode/agavi/logs Slow progress!
20:23 Wombert mmm
20:24 Wombert eww, tables :>
20:24 saracen Ha, if you want me to do that without tables I will shoot you. I've tried before. It wasn't nice =(
20:26 _cheerios the Bond trailer is pretty bad ass. long wait till Friday!
20:26 _cheerios re: http://www.007.com/
20:27 impl Wombert: wat.
20:28 saracen Watched it at the weekend. Not Casino Royal awesome
20:28 impl Wombert: I said to 'please try using the latest version from SVN' and there is no response after that
20:28 erisco this time 'round (on my freshly formatted hard drive) I am going to be using lighttpd and sqlite for development
20:28 erisco I am quite proud
20:29 horros I dislike sqlite.
20:29 Wombert impl: didn't you ask him on IRC or so?
20:29 impl Wombert: you do realize that I go to class during weekdays right?
20:29 Wombert impl: eh?
20:29 erisco horros, its not as powerful, yes, but its nice and clean and isolated
20:29 Wombert impl: yeah sure, why? :p
20:29 Wombert impl: I thought I remembered some discussion between you and Macen about it
20:29 horros erisco: I dislike it for its complete lack of any form of datatypes :P
20:30 horros (and referential integrity)
20:30 erisco I don't know of any other well-known flat-file-like databases though
20:31 horros I don't like flat-file-like databases.
20:31 horros But that's just me (it seems).
20:31 impl I don't either
20:31 horros HA!
20:31 impl Maybe it's the Enterprise in me talking
20:31 erisco I just liked the idea for development
20:31 Wombert impl: wat are you talking about
20:31 horros I knew there HAD to be at least one other sane person in the world!
20:31 saracen impl: Star Trek?
20:31 impl No, fuck off
20:32 saracen lawl
20:32 Wombert oh wait. sqlite
20:32 Wombert stabs everyone
20:32 erisco it seems easier to work with multiple projects if each database is nicely separated and tied into its directories
20:32 horros OI!
20:32 horros No stabbing :(
20:32 horros It's already half past ten.
20:32 erisco so if I deleted the project files I don't have to forget to delete the database... and then have it sit around for a year and finally realize what it wasn't for anymore
20:33 horros erisco: So what if you leave a DB laying around?
20:33 erisco with Agavi using different database setups in development and production should be a breeze anyways right? :)
20:33 erisco horros, I try to be neat, is all
20:33 horros I think I have abouy 25 databases on my development box at work
20:33 horros 20 of which I've no idea what they're for :)
20:34 horros hrrmh.
20:34 impl erisco: of course the problem being that SQLite-SQL isn't compatible with MySQL-SQL or pgsql-SQL or Transact SQL or whatever else
20:34 erisco you could look at the access logs and see what's querying on them perhaps
20:34 horros erisco: Umm, "nothing". I know what I'm running, it's just databases I've created throughout the year for some reason or the other
20:35 erisco impl, yes, quite so. setting up a minimal abstraction layer for that isn't too difficult for that though, without resorting to an orm
20:35 horros years*
20:35 horros Hmmh, out with ze dog. bbl.
20:36 erisco impl, depending on the situation of course. I haven't found myself in the need of terribly rdbms-specific features
20:36 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@e178153219.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
20:36 impl like 'stored procedures'?
20:36 erisco nope. I'm still starting out, haven't needed anything like that
20:37 erisco I still have mysql, sheesh, I just want to give sqlite a try and see if I find it more manageable
20:37 impl .gv gay porn
20:37 Sandvich FND Films - Gay Zombie @ http://www.youtube.com/v/1ZuK_wYrqp8&fs=1 | Hot ! Eating Out 2004 (gay only) @ http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-7266380596966336799&hl=en&fs=tru​e | BANNED Adam and Eve, the gay version @ http://www.youtube.com/v/zKAW96N-Vms&fs=1 | Ellen Degeneres Vs. John McCain: Gay Marriage @ http://www.youtube.com/v/A7addd1-SY8&fs=1
20:37 impl loool
20:37 Wombert ZE FUCK
20:37 impl 15:36:24 < saracen> noob, it's in agavi though. But, I don't think I'll make many friends if you trigger it =(
20:38 saracen I only wish you shared the same fear, bitch
20:38 Wombert .g fail
20:38 Sandvich 163,000,000 FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments @ http://failblog.org/ | Shipment of Fail @ http://www.shipmentoffail.com/ | Failure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Failure | YouTube - YoU FaiL , FaiLuRe ,EpiC FaiL!! @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1xqm7gmBjs
20:38 saracen MY BOAT WOULD
20:39 Wombert if the grand impl ain't frightened by nothing, would he then tell me what
20:39 Wombert [21:29] impl: Wombert: you do realize that I go to class during weekdays right?
20:39 Wombert was about
20:39 Wombert also, impl, I want to add a Master.php to ze build templates and shit
20:39 Wombert how
20:39 Wombert :<
20:39 impl Wombert: all these HALPs when I'm not around and stuff
20:40 Wombert impl: oh I'm just saying HALP so you'll read it later and then reply or so
20:40 impl ANGRILY
20:40 Wombert you?
20:40 Wombert yes
20:40 impl Led Zeppelin - Tangerine
20:40 Wombert wat happened to you
20:40 impl I'm just fucking with you
20:40 impl :D
20:41 Wombert :<
20:41 saracen I'd all so like to know what happened to you
20:41 saracen You used to be such a nice boy.
20:41 Wombert stabs computer
20:41 Wombert COMPILE FASTER
20:41 saracen Ever since you went and hung out with a load of germans
20:41 saracen You've changed
20:42 impl .kick saracen lol dongs!
20:42 um impl: Error: You don't have the #agavi,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
20:42 impl oh gay
20:42 impl Freenode must have disabled the in-channel commands
20:42 impl or smth
20:43 impl well, lol dongs! to you anyway
20:43 saracen I got that, thanks
20:44 fnordfish_ [n=fnordfis@e178168216.adsl.alicedsl.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:46 Wombert AHA
20:46 Wombert mooh
20:46 Wombert it's really hoem tiem nao
20:46 Wombert bai
20:46 Wombert [n=Wombert@munich.bitxtender.net] has quit ["bai"]
21:06 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has joined #agavi
21:09 Netsplit brown.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: CIA-6
21:10 Netsplit over, joins: CIA-6
21:15 erisco was that praising gentoo or taking a shot at it?
21:24 Wombert [n=Wombert@dslb-088-066-180-104.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #agavi
21:25 impl Wombert: Finally fixed btw: "Opening php:// wrapper in append mode results in a warning"
21:28 Wombert impl: heh
21:28 Wombert in php?
21:28 Wombert oh wait I had a bug report about that or so
21:29 Wombert ah no that was another
21:29 Wombert http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=43510
21:29 Wombert you wouldn't happen to be compiling PHP right now right? :D
21:30 impl No
21:31 impl nfq: poke
21:32 nfq impl: 10 mins?
21:32 impl nfq: sure
21:34 erisco is unit testing ready to be used or is it still under development?
21:35 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@e178153219.adsl.alicedsl.de] has left #agavi []
21:35 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:37 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has joined #agavi
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22:02 nfq ok, impl wassup?
22:06 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-122-91.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
22:07 Whisller [n=Whisller@chello089078126051.chello.pl] has joined #agavi
22:07 Whisller hi
22:23 impl nfq: oh, hi
22:23 nfq hey impl
22:23 impl nfq: When you send business cards to be printed, do you do crop marks or bleed marks?
22:23 nfq crop marks
22:23 impl okay, good, thanks :D
22:23 nfq I usually include the slug and bleed area
22:23 nfq with 2mm
22:23 nfq I guess that's something in Imperial system
22:23 nfq I should know being English
22:24 nfq but i am so used to Metric by now
22:24 impl I think the standard here is 1/8in
22:24 impl it's not that big of a deal anyway, since my cards are just white
22:40 impl Wombert: 17:35:56 <qubot> #php fov 02 Nov
22:40 impl er
22:40 impl Wombert: http://www.suspekt.org/2008/11/03/php-usb-device-to-solve-namespace-problems/
22:40 impl ^_^
22:40 Wombert ya
22:40 saracen That was pasted in here a few hours ago
22:40 Wombert impl: good you didn't have that porn site in the clipboard still :>
22:40 impl oh
22:40 impl what porn site
22:40 Macen 5mm here
22:40 Wombert Macen!
22:40 saracen thinks Josh moment
22:40 Wombert impl and Macen
22:40 Wombert is that problem fixed
22:41 Wombert when creating actions
22:41 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/899
22:41 Macen not that i'm aware
22:41 Wombert did you try?
22:41 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/899#comment:3
22:41 Macen i had no way of getting notification of this
22:42 Macen this is a simple read function
22:42 Wombert well okay
22:42 Wombert can you try right now please?
22:43 Macen i mean, it was the default read option that was wrong
22:43 Whisller [n=Whisller@chello089078126051.chello.pl] has quit []
22:43 nfq MikeSeth: you there?
22:43 Wombert 14:18 < Macen> Agavi > module-locate:
22:43 Wombert 14:18 < Macen> [property] Loading /Users/craigfairhurst/Sites/gosnews/app/modules/Users/build.properties
22:43 Wombert 14:18 < Macen> [property] Unable to find property file: /Users/craigfairhurst/Sites/gosnews/app/modules/Users/build.properties... skipped
22:43 Wombert 14:18 < Macen> Action for default system action [Index]:
22:43 Wombert 14:18 < Macen> its done it again
22:43 Macen Index never existed, that was it
22:43 Macen um
22:44 Wombert yeah but did you try again?
22:44 Macen yeah and that time i used "Public", which is what i specified previously
22:44 Macen i never specified "Index"
22:45 Macen where does the build system run from again?
22:45 Wombert impl: it didn't look like you did any change regarding this
22:45 Macen i can take a look
22:45 Wombert -didn't +doesn't
22:45 impl I didn't
22:45 impl I can't replicate it though, which is why I said to try the newest from SVN
22:46 Macen i;ve updated from .03 to .05 since
22:46 Macen i see...
22:46 Macen let me try
22:46 Wombert Macen: can you reproduce it please and walk impl through the exact steps
22:46 Wombert that would be great
22:46 Wombert cause I wanna roll a beta6 tomorrow
22:46 Wombert thanks guys
22:46 Macen kk
22:47 impl ugh
22:47 impl let me reboot to Linux
22:47 Wombert would be nice if either of you could add a comment to the ticket with whatever the result is
22:47 Wombert thanks
22:47 Wombert see you tomorrow
22:47 Wombert &
22:47 Wombert [n=Wombert@dslb-088-066-180-104.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit []
22:47 Macen k
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Day changed Tue Nov 04 2008
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00:15 CIA-6 impl * r3266 /branches/1.0/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix #899: Build system fails to find or generate default action
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00:20 CIA-6 impl * r3267 /branches/1.0/src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php: preg_quote correctly in case someone uses a pound sign in a file name (it could happen...)
00:23 CIA-6 impl * r3268 /branches/0.11/src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php: Backport [3267] to 0.11
00:24 saracen impl: This likes you touched some PHP
00:25 saracen +1 for TEAM BOAT
00:27 impl saracen: \intersection, BITCH.
00:28 saracen That doesn't change anything
00:28 saracen I know it
00:28 saracen You know it
00:29 saracen My boat knows it
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06:38 horros Huomenta.
06:46 v-dogg huomenta
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07:35 _cheerios huomenta
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07:50 _cheerios hmm, when would apt-get not install php binaries
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08:27 _cheerios wierd wierd wierd
08:33 Rendez Huomenta!
08:33 MikeSeth huomenta
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08:40 Wombert nom
08:42 v-dogg om
08:45 _cheerios marklar|omni, around?
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08:59 CIA-6 david * r3269 /branches/1.0/ (3 files in 2 dirs): merge [3171:3267/branches/0.11]
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09:01 whisller hi guys
09:03 CIA-6 david * r3270 /branches/0.11/CHANGELOG: changelog entry for [3267] and [3268], closes #913
09:04 CIA-6 david * r3271 /branches/1.0/CHANGELOG: merge [3268:3270/branches/0.11]
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09:18 MikeSeth nooom
09:26 CIA-6 david * r3272 /branches/0.11/ (429 files in 3 dirs): Updated timezone database to 2008i, closes #912
09:26 horros hrrm.
09:29 Wombert guys
09:29 Wombert I think we should restructure the changelog
09:29 Wombert so it at least has releases in chronological order, not in version number order
09:30 Wombert right now, changes ported to 1.0 from 0.11 are not obvious from the 1.0 changelog alone, unless you
09:30 Wombert a) scroll down to 0.11
09:30 Wombert b) use your magic ball to find out that the change was actually ported to 1.0
09:31 Seldaek I don't haz magic ball :(
09:32 MikeSeth Wombert: isnt there a separate changelog for every branch?
09:33 Wombert no
09:33 Wombert right now, a fix ported from 0.11 shows up further down at the 0.11 release info, not at the 1.0 release where it was included
09:34 Wombert which I think is a problem
09:34 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
09:35 MikeSeth because changelog is merged?
09:39 Wombert yeah
09:39 MikeSeth so you need to manage changelog
09:39 MikeSeth hm
09:40 MikeSeth ponders
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10:05 CIA-6 david * r3273 /branches/0.11/src/translation/data/timezones/America_47_Argentina_47_Salta.php: added timezone file forgotten in [3272], closes #912
10:10 _cheerios whacks himself. forgot what package installs what. nothing was wrong after all. too much source compiling of same stuff.
10:11 CIA-6 david * r3274 /branches/1.0/ (430 files in 3 dirs): merge [3271:3273/branches/0.11]
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10:24 MikeSeth http://forums.somethingawful.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=351647269 [nsfw]
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10:25 CIA-6 felix * r3275 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/ (436 files in 7 dirs): (log message trimmed)
10:25 CIA-6 Merged [3257:3274/branches/1.0] via svnmerge:
10:25 CIA-6 ........
10:25 CIA-6 r3257 | david | 2008-10-31 16:05:00 +0100 (Fri, 31 Oct 2008) | 1 line
10:25 CIA-6 minor cleanup
10:25 CIA-6 ........
10:25 CIA-6 r3261 | impl | 2008-11-02 23:15:22 +0100 (Sun, 02 Nov 2008) | 1 line
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10:26 Wombert NSFW INDEED
10:26 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
10:31 Macen how did i manage on windows
10:31 dsias I using a non standard app layout, how can i modify the build tools to work with my new layout?
10:31 Macen man..
10:31 Macen i think build.properties
10:31 Macen or build.xml
10:32 dsias I installed the agavi tools with pear
10:32 Macen agavi isn't a toolkit
10:32 dsias how will this work when I upgrade to 1.0
10:33 Macen i upgraded to 1.0b3 and there were a couple of problems
10:33 dsias agavi cli tool
10:33 dsias app
10:33 Macen and i mostly was serving static pages
10:34 Macen changing the agavi root folder then upgrading...i don't know how to keep your changes..
10:34 Wombert dsias: what is the question exactly?
10:34 Wombert I didn't quite get it
10:34 dsias what is the best way to make my configuration changes to keep them between updates
10:35 dsias I'm looking to have the agavi cli app work with project setup like /apps/someapp /apps/blog
10:35 Macen this is why we need a road map, so people can decide when to pick a version then stick to it
10:35 Macen unless there is a way to maintain updates
10:35 dsias so i can have several apps in one project
10:36 CIA-6 david * r3276 /branches/0.11/ (CHANGELOG src/build.xml): Fixed #914: build.xml is missing reset of code templates dir to default before copying dist.htaccess
10:36 Wombert dsias: well, 1.0 has a new build system
10:36 Wombert if that answers the question (not sure; I still don't quite follow)
10:36 dsias is it ready to go?
10:37 Wombert yeah I'd say so
10:37 Macen dsias: actually i think you are missing what modules are
10:37 dsias i have many module in an app
10:37 whisller But I think he is asking about several apps not modules Macen
10:37 dsias I want to keep all the project in one vhost
10:37 whisller hmm
10:37 dsias apps
10:37 Wombert Macen: actually i [sic] think you don't even know what he's talking about
10:37 whisller Not he don't ;p
10:38 whisller dsias: so you want have one copy of agavi and many apps referer to it?
10:38 Macen maybe :p
10:38 dsias yes
10:38 Macen but i think he is missing something
10:38 Wombert dsias: but why do you need to customize the build system for that?
10:38 dsias in the same vhost
10:38 Wombert uuuuh
10:38 Wombert blinks
10:38 Wombert yeah but, err, what's the problem about that?
10:38 dsias if i change the layout from /app/.*
10:38 Wombert put it somewhere and done
10:38 whisller But you do not need to change anything in build system
10:39 dsias to /apps/bank /apps/blog
10:39 Wombert dsias: you do not need to change app layouts or build system things to use the same agavi instance in many apps!?
10:39 dsias the agavi build tool will not work
10:39 Wombert wrong
10:39 dsias it can't find the project on my system now
10:40 Wombert what does your layout look like right now
10:41 Macen i know what his problem is, i can't put it into words though...
10:41 dsias / apps/banking /apps/blog /apps/billing /apps/transaction_Processing_service
10:42 dsias where /apps/banking was /app
10:42 Wombert dsias: !?!?!?
10:43 Wombert why don't you have apps/banking/app/
10:43 Wombert apps/blog/app
10:43 Wombert etc
10:43 Wombert each blog/, banking/, ... folder contains app/ and pub/
10:43 Wombert ?
10:43 dsias I was hoping to just change the build rules
10:43 Wombert waitwait
10:43 dsias no
10:43 Wombert what does that have to do with the build system
10:44 whisller He want do something like in symfony, you've got many apps with one pub
10:44 Wombert whisller: yes, but... what's the problem about that!?
10:44 whisller I don't know ; p
10:44 Wombert it can be done, and it doesn't require changes to the build system
10:44 whisller I know that
10:44 dsias I change my layout to what you suggested
10:44 dsias i'll
10:44 whisller so dsias http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/samples/pub/index.php
10:44 dsias it will work for sure
10:45 Wombert dsias: what does it look right now?
10:45 whisller As you can see, you can define path to your app config file
10:45 whisller It can be /blog/app/config.php , /dupadupa/app/config.php and so on
10:45 whisller So you can have one vhost and many apps
10:45 Wombert also, I really don't get the benefit. why do you need all apps in the same folder just for them to work in the same vhost?
10:45 dsias just thought it would be easy to change the build vars to let it work with my current layout
10:45 Wombert dsias: could probably be done in 1.0, but I'm really not sure if you're not making too much effort there!?
10:46 dsias just out env in svn
10:46 Wombert put each app into it's own folder (with just app/) and have one pub/ folder where you put... well, I don't know what
10:46 whisller dsias: easier will be change path to app in your index.php/blog.php etc
10:46 Wombert how does that work then... do you have pub/blog.php, pub/banking.php etc?
10:46 Wombert that works just like that
10:46 Wombert nobody forces you to have pub/ on the same level as app/
10:47 Wombert (look closely at what index.php contains)
10:47 dsias i used a different index.php at each entry point /blog/
10:47 Wombert ah like... pub/blog?
10:47 dsias in routing
10:47 Wombert dsias: could you _please_ post your dir structure?
10:47 dsias yes
10:47 whisller hmm :>
10:47 whisller Now I don't understand anything :D
10:47 Wombert yeah me neither :p
10:48 Macen join my club then :/
10:48 dsias in the web root /blog/ i have index.php call the controller of the correct app
10:48 dsias for each app
10:48 dsias / banking/
10:48 whisller ahh but
10:49 whisller are you trying whole app dynamicaly?
10:49 whisller using filter or something :>
10:49 dsias each has it own routing
10:50 whisller dsias: in your apps/ but your app like apps/blog/app, apps/something/app then in pub add /pub/blog, /pub/something and then just add vhosts for it.
10:50 whisller And then you will have separate apps
10:51 dsias hmm
10:51 dsias might be easier
10:52 dsias it seems to be working fine with mod_rewrite
10:53 dsias when will 1.0 be released?
10:53 whisller is, beta 5
10:53 dsias kewl
10:54 whisller http://www.agavi.org/download
10:54 icyt is now known as IcyT
10:54 dsias ty
10:54 dsias love the new site
10:54 dsias :)
10:54 whisller yeah isn't bad
10:56 dsias will there be somewhere for users to upload code?
10:57 whisller btw add img { border: 0px; } in blog, because on FF logo has border
10:57 whisller as I know digitarald is working on it
10:57 whisller *in blog css
11:01 Macen possible to use gettext with heredoc anyone?
11:05 PyroBilly Just _(<<<EOF
11:05 PyroBilly multiline blah
11:05 PyroBilly EOF
11:05 PyroBilly );
11:06 PyroBilly You may have to write your own string extractor though
11:09 Wombert yes dsias
11:11 Wombert PyroBilly: string extractor?
11:11 Wombert ah
11:11 Wombert http://grammatista-project.org/ ;)
11:11 Wombert though I think that cannot handle heredoc yet; good point
11:14 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@munich.bitxtender.net] has joined #agavi
11:18 saracen Anybody here know how I can tell doctrine to use a specific charset globally?
11:23 Wombert yeah it's some option
11:23 Wombert for the mysql driver
11:23 v-dogg Wombert: oh, btw, I don't think app/ is the place for log/
11:23 Wombert agavi supports those
11:23 Wombert v-dogg: ?
11:23 Wombert v-dogg: you mean in general?
11:23 Wombert could be, yeah
11:24 Wombert rather have a top level log/ folder? or what do you suggest?
11:24 v-dogg Wombert: yeah, that's application data and shouldn't be in the "code directory"
11:24 Wombert yeah probably
11:24 Wombert in fact, the same could be argued for app/cache
11:24 v-dogg yes
11:24 saracen Wombert: _was_ it ATTR_DEFAULT_TABLE_CHARSET? Because, that seems to have been removed now. =(
11:25 Wombert saracen: I dunno. check the docs
11:25 saracen The docs lie =(
11:25 v-dogg Wombert: I have a top-level dir data/ and log/ inside is (among other things)
11:25 v-dogg it*
11:26 whisller saracen: did you used SET CHARACTER SET utf8?
11:27 whisller but it is for mysql only
11:27 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
11:27 whisller *mysql need it
11:27 Wombert http://trac.doctrine-project.org/browser/branches/1.1/lib/Doctrine/Connection/My​sql.php#L123
11:28 saracen whisller: I was hoping on a way to set it via databases.xml. It appears I can set it per table, but then doctrine says for some databases, that might not be enough. And that you should set it at connection level
11:28 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/src/database/AgaviDoctrineDatabase.cl​ass.php#L119
11:28 Wombert there you go saracen
11:29 Wombert that will cause mysql to connect right away, though (meh)
11:29 saracen Wombert: http://trac.doctrine-project.org/browser/tags/1.0.3/lib/Doctrine/Connection.php#​L682
11:29 saracen =)
11:30 Wombert saracen: http://trac.doctrine-project.org/browser/branches/1.1/lib/Doctrine/Connection/My​sql.php#L123
11:30 saracen Damn it
11:30 saracen Thank you :)
11:30 Wombert mmm :p
11:31 Wombert I've never, ever used doctrine btw <:
11:35 Sandvich [n=OmNomNom@goto.fiveturns.org] has joined #agavi
11:43 _cheerios if you can, add the charset to the mysql server to handle, so no need in code
11:44 _cheerios (given you use eg. utf8 only)
11:45 horros Bah.
11:45 horros I can't seem to get <external-schema> to work with Propel :(
11:48 horros DOMDocument::load(): Extra content at the end of the document in file:///blahblah/public.xml, line: 73
11:48 horros except
11:48 horros The file is 468 lines, and line 73 is <table name="admin_information" idMethod="native">
11:48 horros :(
11:52 MikeSeth man internets sure are slow today
11:57 kaos|work_ MikeSeth: no, it's more like you'r back to a country w/o fast internets :P
11:59 v-dogg your internets is just not kosher :)
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12:00 Wombert nomnom
12:02 MikeSeth kaos|work_: and I *am* :D
12:02 Sandvich [n=OmNomNom@goto.fiveturns.org] has joined #agavi
12:02 saracen remembers to log this time
12:04 horros Ha.
12:04 bnovc [n=bnovc@] has joined #agavi
12:05 horros Needed to wrap everything in <tables> -tags in the external schemas.
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12:28 MikeSeth headache
12:29 horros bored
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12:45 horros Bah.
12:45 horros Stupid preg_quote
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13:30 CIA-6 felix * r3277 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/tests/unit/routing/AgaviRoutingTest.​php:
13:30 CIA-6 added a test for #263
13:30 CIA-6 refs #263, #308
13:39 MrJeep morning
13:40 v-dogg I'm pretty sure you mean "huomenta" :p
13:41 MrJeep hum, yeah this is what I meant
13:41 MrJeep :P
13:42 CIA-6 felix * r3278 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/tests/unit/routing/AgaviWebRoutingTe​st.php:
13:42 CIA-6 added a testcase for #365
13:42 CIA-6 - refs #365, #308
13:42 luke` [n=luke`@] has joined #agavi
13:48 CIA-6 felix * r3279 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/tests/unit/routing/AgaviWebRoutingTe​st.php:
13:48 CIA-6 added a testcase for #277
13:48 CIA-6 - refs #277, #308
13:58 CIA-6 felix * r3280 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixes the testcase for the generation of the shortest possible urls
13:59 aka ;)
13:59 luke`_ [n=luke`@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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14:00 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
14:00 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has joined #agavi
14:02 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
14:05 CIA-6 felix * r3281 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/tests/unit/routing/AgaviWebRoutingTe​st.php:
14:05 CIA-6 fixed testcases for #444, by default the longest possible url is generated
14:05 CIA-6 - refs #444, #308
14:35 Goleo[66] hi guys
14:37 Goleo[66] for use i18n i should make manualy dev folder or with specfy command make that? also *.mo files
14:37 Goleo[66] can somebody give me document about that
14:39 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has joined #agavi
14:44 Goleo[66] Wombert, hi :)
14:46 fnordfish Huomenta - where is the API doc? http://www.agavi.org/apidocs/ is kinda empty
14:47 Wombert fnordfish: "packages" in top right
14:47 Wombert I'll fix that in a bit
14:47 CIA-6 felix * r3282 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/ (3 files in 2 dirs):
14:47 CIA-6 added testcases for #764
14:47 CIA-6 - refs #764, #308
14:48 fnordfish ah ic
14:48 fnordfish thanks
14:55 Goleo[66] for use i18n i should make manualy dev folder or with specfy command make that? also *.mo files
14:57 v-dogg you need to do those manually
14:57 Sandvich [n=OmNomNom@goto.fiveturns.org] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
14:57 Goleo[66] v-dogg, thx :)
14:58 Goleo[66] v-dogg, but *.mo files i should write st into that file
15:04 v-dogg you write your translation string into .mo files. see gettext manual for more information
15:05 v-dogg this is not related to Agavi and I don't know gettext, sorry
15:06 Goleo[66] v-dogg, i should write my stroing in *.po file
15:06 Goleo[66] but i don't know what *.mo files is
15:08 v-dogg oh, sorry, I .mo is a compiled .po
15:08 PyroBilly Goleo[66]: This isn't really agavi but message me and I will explain the basics to you
15:09 v-dogg and you need to compile .po files with gettext tools
15:09 v-dogg PyroBilly to ze rescue :)
15:09 Wombert grumbles
15:10 Wombert ponders adding docs in all the spots where impl didn't bother to
15:11 Macen blah
15:12 luke` [n=luke`@] has quit []
15:12 Goleo[66] PyroBilly, !
15:12 v-dogg Wombert: what would those spots be?
15:12 Wombert lots of build stuff mainly
15:13 Wombert I did a lot already but my wrist hurts
15:13 Wombert and I need to get more coding done today :>
15:14 v-dogg get a better keyboard (e.g. logitech's natural or whatever this is called)
15:14 v-dogg you need to have your wrists in an unnatural position with a normal straight keyboard
15:14 Xylakant v-dogg: wombert hat a great apple keyboard, don
15:14 Xylakant 't
15:15 Xylakant tell him to give that away :)
15:15 Xylakant he'll hate you for it
15:15 Wombert I like it :<
15:15 Wombert also, I had a msft keyboard once that I think was ergonomic, at least a bit
15:15 Wombert basically, I ruin my carpal tunnels during sleep, not during work
15:15 Wombert which is, kind of, meh
15:15 Xylakant well then
15:15 Xylakant sleep less, work more
15:16 Wombert all I really need is a chick to sleep alongside me to cuddle. then I don't need to use my arms as pillows
15:16 Wombert </desperation>
15:16 v-dogg or just stop wanking :)
15:16 saracen chicks use _your_ arms as pillows
15:16 v-dogg or use left hand for a change
15:17 Wombert saracen: fine with me. as long as I don't put an arm below my head and twist the wrist all the way down to be comfortable
15:17 Wombert tsabs v-dogg
15:18 saracen Wombert: Nothing is worse than being restricted because somebodies sleeping on your arm. Nothing!
15:18 saracen Anyway, I has question
15:19 Wombert saracen: it's fun. your arm goes numb and feels like it doesn't belong to your body. also, I guess it depends on taste. anyway
15:19 v-dogg if it's not wrist related, you just have to wait
15:19 Wombert has your question plz
15:19 Wombert haha v-dogg
15:19 Wombert imma grab caek
15:19 Wombert brb
15:20 saracen Event notification via emails. Say I send a notification, and then another one, which cancels out both notifications, I have to perform some logic to figure that out. Is this where creating an email output type/context would come in handy?
15:22 saracen For example, say I have an event. The admin cancels it. I don't want to send the email out to all attendees straight away, because he might uncancel it after 10 seconds. Then the admin uncancels it -- if the first cancallation email is still waiting to be sent, I need to take them both out of the queue, becauses nothings changed.
15:23 saracen I once implemented this via a model, it got messy quickly, because theres lots of different "types" of email that can be sent. It makes me wonder if other people are doing this through agavi, so it goes through actions and such.
15:32 CIA-6 felix * r3283 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/tests/unit/routing/AgaviWebRoutingTe​st.php:
15:32 CIA-6 added a testcase for #432
15:32 CIA-6 - refs #432, #308
15:39 Xylakant saracen: the main problem you face is probably the queuing
15:39 Xylakant the way you describe that you'd want to store the mails to be sent for a short while
15:39 Xylakant so why don't you go and create some sort of notification queue where you store the timestamp, the type etc
15:39 Xylakant and whether it's a cancelation or an uncancelation
15:39 Xylakant and then have a cron or the like pull that queue and send the email
15:39 Xylakant and so you can handle all that "oh i changed my mind stuff" in the queuing code
15:42 _cheerios [n=Jack@] has quit ["nn"]
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15:58 Wombert saracen, Xylakant: www.dropr.org
15:59 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
16:08 v-dogg Wombert: what's that? should I be worried about the invalid ssl cert?-)
16:08 Wombert a message queue thing thing
16:08 Wombert yeah ssl cert = fail
16:09 MrJeep why does it need to be secure.. .?
16:10 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dkl240.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
16:10 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dmc146.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:12 Xylakant probably because the trac login uses the same url
16:12 Xylakant or rather host
16:18 BuddhaOhneHals [n=wuddha@] has quit ["Leaving."]
16:19 CIA-6 felix * r3284 /branches/1.0/test/ (7 files in 3 dirs): merges [3217-3283:branches/felix-testing-implementation]
16:23 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dml48.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
16:25 CIA-6 felix * r3285 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/:
16:25 CIA-6 Blocked revisions 3284 via svnmerge
16:25 CIA-6 ........
16:25 CIA-6 r3284 | felix | 2008-11-04 17:19:35 +0100 (Tue, 04 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
16:25 CIA-6 merges [3217-3283:branches/felix-testing-implementation]
16:25 CIA-6 ........
16:31 CIA-6 david * r3286 /branches/1.0/src/ (44 files in 9 dirs): lots of docs and cleanup and such
16:32 Wombert impl: can you do the rest plz kthx
16:32 Wombert not much left tbd
16:35 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dkl240.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:36 saracen Wombert: Will you be getting l4d?
16:37 Wombert saracen: good question
16:37 Wombert the trailer looks ace, but then, a multiplayer game cannot give you film-like entertainment
16:37 Wombert (a reason why I enjoyed games like Call of Duty loads)
16:37 saracen Did you ever play sven co-op?
16:38 Wombert decades ago, and it was lame
16:38 Wombert just like synergy or whatever it is called, I tried it for ~2mins
16:38 Wombert multiplayer FPS can be entertaining by providing plenty of lulz, but it cannot be entertaining by telling a story
16:40 _cheerios [n=Jack@dsl-hkibrasgw3-fe74fb00-140.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #agavi
16:41 _cheerios jee
16:41 saracen true. I liked the concept behind sven, synergy and even hidden. But, I didn't play much, mostly because the maps were lame. Hoping l4d will sort of bring the best of both worlds.
16:41 saracen End of the day, with the people I play with, we can generally make a game out of anything. Would be nice if it has the playability of tf2 though
16:42 _cheerios heh, didn't see the f1 race http://fotos.subefotos.com/a984babe3db3feffe4e295c5e18197cfo.gif
16:43 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has quit ["jonwage@gmail.com"]
16:46 saracen lawl
16:47 CIA-6 felix * r3287 /branches/1.0/ (2 files in 2 dirs):
16:47 CIA-6 - fixes #902
16:47 CIA-6 - adds testcases for #902
16:47 saracen I was going home at that point. Annoying as hell, I bet inplay betting at that point was all over the place.
16:51 digitarald [n=digitara@46.Red-79-147-110.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #agavi
16:51 CIA-6 felix * r3288 /branches/0.11/ (CHANGELOG src/routing/AgaviWebRouting.class.php): - fixes #902
17:09 guillerr [n=guillerr@host59.201-252-54.telecom.net.ar] has joined #agavi
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17:12 guillerr [n=guillerr@host59.201-252-54.telecom.net.ar] has joined #agavi
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17:33 krycek__ is it a bad idea forward to another action in the action's execute()?
17:35 Strzalek krycek__: no it isn't
17:35 Strzalek you can do it by: return array("Module", "Action");
17:37 krycek__ because it always will be forward to another action, and it does not depend on the output type but on a value from the bd
17:37 krycek__ right
17:37 krycek__ thanks man
17:38 Wombert nonsense
17:38 Wombert you can give control to a view that way
17:39 Wombert but not to an action
17:41 krycek__ yeap... it calls AgaviController->createViewInstance
17:41 krycek__ how to call an action?
17:43 Strzalek krycek__: in view $this->createForwardContainer("Module","Action", array($params));
17:44 krycek__ right, in the view i knew how... i guess what i'm trying to do should be solved by a callback class in the routing
17:47 krycek__ i'll end up with a lot of callback classes as a lot of actions will act depending of that info from the db
17:47 Wombert mind explaining what you are doing?
17:50 krycek__ i'm tryint to create a shopping cart... but i thought of doing that a lil bit flexible... so i can have more than one product's type... view a product, add it to the cart, etc... will depending on the product's type
17:50 krycek__ *trying
18:09 krycek__ works fine with callbacks... but can't i access a parameter submitted by "POST" in onMatched()?
18:10 krycek__ it looks like just parameters mapped in routing.xml are there
18:12 impl Wombert: the rest of what?
18:13 impl oh jesus
18:14 impl you put my bloody name everywhere
18:21 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@munich.bitxtender.net] has quit []
18:22 saracen Yeah, impl who doesn't touch PHP anymoar
18:22 saracen +2 for TEAM BOAT
18:27 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dlj7.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
18:35 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dml48.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:38 MrJeep_ [n=mrjeep@modemcable086.163-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #agavi
18:41 _cheerios v-dogg, do you know who sings the song "Systeemi" (goes something like: "Aina systeemi valvoo, et yksin tee ees kuolemaa, sen tallentaa A-T-K, pelkkä tunnus et muuta oo....")? Feels old-fashioned, but it's got a charming touch :p
18:42 horros Sounds like Pelle Miljoona
18:42 horros I recongise the lyrics.
18:42 horros But I can't get the song in my head.
18:45 _cheerios google found the name Systeemi next to this artist http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiska . bleh. hard to find finnish stuff :)
18:47 horros wait
18:47 horros hmm
18:47 horros What genre is it?
18:48 horros Somehow the lyrics look like Pelle/Kakkahätä-77/Kohu-63 :)
18:48 _cheerios hehe
18:49 _cheerios genre lienee iskelmä
18:51 horros hold on a sec
18:52 _cheerios http://musiikkilataamo.hs.fi/Magellan/search.do?storeId=13401&pageSize=50&fromIn​dex=0&itemType=-1&searchType=ALL&searchTerm=%20Taiska&ref=adword_Taiska&gclid=CJS​C2PKY3JYCFRmA1Qod1gbT2A
18:52 _cheerios it is her, there's a sample there
18:52 MrJeep [n=mrjeep@lbcomm-gx.abacom.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:57 horros Ah :)
18:57 horros Ah, yeah, KH-77 has a song called "Systeemi ei toimi" :)
18:57 horros that's probably what mixed me up :)
18:58 _cheerios probably as different as it gets to this tune :)
18:59 impl saracen: twisting my words for no reason doesn't make you funny, you know
18:59 horros _cheerios: Not really. I noticed the real title is Systeemi - System
18:59 horros _cheerios: Veljekset Perse has a song called Systeemi/System :)
19:00 horros (aka Brothers in Arse :D)
19:00 _cheerios yeah, i tried looking up the original as it felt it was a finnish dub-cover, but that found nothing on google
19:01 _cheerios this seems to be from a 1986 album. the lyrics are timely and even probably more so in 20 years :)
19:01 horros Aye :)
19:01 horros cranks up Veljekset Perse/Brothers in Arse - Systeemi/System
19:02 horros http://www.mikseri.net/artists/veljeksetpersebrothersinarse.56409.php :)
19:02 Wombert re
19:02 Wombert impl: :D
19:04 Wombert impl: AgaviBuildLogger, AgaviProxyBuildLogger, AgaviOptionParser need docs
19:04 Wombert could you do that please?
19:04 impl AgaviOptionParser is fucked
19:04 impl fyi
19:04 Wombert not used or something?
19:04 impl you can't do -xyz, you have to do -x -y -z
19:04 Wombert I was just saying to felix "hey impl built this thing"
19:04 impl :D
19:05 impl No, it's just architected in the most retarded way possible
19:05 impl hehe
19:05 Wombert cause we
19:05 Wombert a) need that for console interface stuff
19:05 Wombert b) are using phpunit's for the tests atm
19:05 impl It just needs a few fixes
19:05 Wombert okay umm then... lets rewrite a generic one for 1.1 when we add console stuff or so
19:05 Wombert :>
19:05 impl it is generic
19:05 impl it just needs fixing
19:05 Wombert ok
19:05 Wombert impl: I know it's annoying but... could you do the docs like... _now_? :>
19:06 Wombert I'm fixing a couple of other things and then I'll try to roll beta6
19:06 _cheerios horros, hard to like after Taiska's voice -- but I could use the added energy from the band compared to this iskelmä -feel :)
19:06 impl Wombert: I'm leaving in 15 minutes but I'll try
19:07 Wombert impl: big hug
19:07 impl Wombert: I upgraded the RAM in my laptop from 1GB to 4GB today
19:07 Wombert impl: kick ass huh?
19:07 impl so I should be 400% more productive
19:07 impl lulz
19:07 Wombert on laptops, ram and fast disk are key
19:07 impl it has a 7200RPM disk :D
19:07 Wombert suppress_redirect_content, is that a good name for a flag that controls whether or not content is sent on redirects (in web response)
19:07 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit []
19:07 impl Wombert: redirect_suppress_content
19:08 impl it's not 'redirect content'
19:08 Wombert gayness
19:08 impl u r a
19:09 Wombert I really should get home and watch wolf blitzer with his magic board thing helping me understand exit polls
19:09 Wombert but no
19:09 saracen 18:58:41 < impl> saracen: twisting my words for no reason doesn't make you funny, you know
19:09 Wombert agavi > world events that change our lives forever
19:09 saracen It makes me annoying though, right?
19:09 impl saracen: yes
19:09 saracen impl: +3 team boat.
19:09 impl Wombert: psh it doesn't matter until after 7PM EST
19:09 impl EDT?
19:10 impl EST
19:10 Wombert middle of ze night either way for me
19:10 Wombert so
19:10 Wombert I'll get up tomorrow unless mccain seized powah and started a nucular war
19:10 Wombert kek
19:11 Wombert impl: redirect_send_content ?
19:11 Wombert the problem is we have params like "send_content_length"
19:11 Wombert but mmmmh that's not so wrong actually
19:13 v-dogg no, that's fine imo
19:13 v-dogg send_content_on_redirect
19:13 Wombert too long
19:13 Wombert :<
19:14 Wombert and too gay, I thought about that mmm
19:14 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/916
19:14 Wombert NOT SAYING YOU ARE GAY, V-DOGG, BUT... :>
19:14 v-dogg BUT what?-D
19:15 impl Wombert: is the test suite failing?
19:15 Wombert impl: eh?
19:15 impl ~/projects/agavi/svn/branches/1.0/tests2 % php AllTests.php
19:15 impl Notice: Undefined variable: config in /home/nfontes/projects/agavi/svn/branches/1.0/src/config/AgaviAutoloadConfigHand​ler.class.php on line 84
19:15 Wombert ze fuck
19:15 impl Fatal error: Compilation of configuration file '/home/nfontes/projects/agavi/svn/branches/1.0/tests2/sandbox2/config/autoload.x​ml' failed for the following reason(s):
19:15 impl Configuration file "" specifies class "AgaviXmlConfigDomNodeListIterator" with nonexistent or unreadable file "/home/nfontes/projects/agavi/svn/branches/1.0/src/config/util/dom/AgaviXmlConfi​gDomNodeListIterator.class.php" in /home/nfontes/projects/agavi/svn/branches/1.0/src/core/Agavi.class.php on line 63
19:15 Wombert well you broke that I guess :p
19:15 Wombert eww
19:15 impl nuh uh
19:15 Wombert gayness
19:15 Wombert that was me :>
19:16 impl :>
19:16 Wombert [20:15] impl: Notice: Undefined variable: config in /home/nfontes/projects/agavi/svn/branches/1.0/src/config/AgaviAutoloadConfigHand​ler.class.php on line 84
19:16 Wombert sounds like your fault tho
19:17 CIA-6 impl * r3289 /branches/1.0/src/build/agavi/phing/AgaviBuildLogger.php: Documentation (1/3): AgaviBuildLogger
19:17 CIA-6 david * r3290 /branches/1.0/src/config/defaults/autoload.xml: fixed my dumbness from [3286]
19:17 impl Wombert: I dunno, it wasn't failing before
19:19 CIA-6 david * r3291 /branches/1.0/src/config/AgaviAutoloadConfigHandler.class.php: fixed incorrect config file name variable
19:19 Wombert impl: it was you <:
19:19 Wombert so, "redirect_send_content" it is then?
19:19 impl ^_^
19:19 impl Wombert: sounds okay
19:19 impl (sry)
19:20 Wombert np :>
19:22 CIA-6 impl * r3292 /branches/1.0/src/build/agavi/phing/AgaviBuildLogger.php: Documentation (1/3): Document parameters in AgaviBuildLogger
19:22 CIA-6 david * r3293 /branches/0.11/ (CHANGELOG src/response/AgaviWebResponse.class.php): Optionally allow sending of response content when redirecting in AgaviWebResponse, closes #916
19:23 bobbytek4 [n=b@] has quit []
19:23 CIA-6 impl * r3294 /branches/1.0/src/build/agavi/phing/AgaviProxyBuildLogger.php: Documentation (2/3): Document AgaviProxyBuildLogger
19:23 impl Wombert: I don't have time to document the OptionParser right now :(
19:24 impl but I'll do it when I get back tonight
19:24 impl nobody should ever look at that class anyway
19:24 CIA-6 david * r3295 /branches/0.11/CHANGELOG: Changelog fix
19:24 Wombert impl: ok thanks
19:24 Wombert later is fine
19:24 Wombert I know, but still... 100% perfect API docs is one of our hallmarks :>
19:29 Wombert mmm guys
19:29 Wombert question
19:29 Wombert v-dogg: poek
19:33 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/browser/tags/0.11.5/src/filter/AgaviExecutionFilter.class.​php#L515
19:33 Wombert should I get rid of that check?
19:33 Wombert right now, it means that if your slot does not do anything except for setting a redirect, that redirect won't happen
19:33 Wombert you need to do return '';
19:33 MrJeep_ it's hard to read with that letter-spacing :S
19:34 Wombert I wouldn't say it is a bug; the check is clearly there on purpose, but I can't remember for what reason. might just be optimization or so
19:34 Wombert is the letter spacing big or small?
19:34 MrJeep_ too big
19:34 MrJeep_ it's 1px, I suggest to use the default value
19:34 MrJeep_ which is nothing
19:39 nfq Wombert: Arial looks crap without default spacing
19:40 MrJeep_ v e r y m u c h l i k e t h i s
19:40 nfq not quite
19:40 Wombert I removed the spacing and it looks like ass (almost literally)
19:40 nfq yeah
19:40 nfq I agree
19:40 MrJeep_ I don't see any difference right now
19:40 Wombert well, I have time to optimize and stuff on friday
19:41 v-dogg Wombert: poek back, woot?
19:41 Wombert [20:33] Wombert: http://trac.agavi.org/browser/tags/0.11.5/src/filter/AgaviExecutionFilter.class.​php#L515
19:41 Wombert [20:33] Wombert: should I get rid of that check?
19:41 Wombert [20:33] Wombert: right now, it means that if your slot does not do anything except for setting a redirect, that redirect won't happen
19:41 Wombert [20:33] Wombert: you need to do return '';
19:42 v-dogg if getting rid of it doesn't have any side effect, yes
19:43 Wombert I don't think it has
19:45 v-dogg redirecting from a slot can't be very common but ...->setRedirect($url); return ''; is not kosher :)
19:45 Wombert yea
19:45 Wombert I probably thought something like... well I dunno
19:46 Wombert in worst case, you explicitly need to call clear() on the response
19:46 Wombert I'd say this goes under bugfix, almost
19:54 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:55 CIA-6 david * r3296 /branches/0.11/ (CHANGELOG src/filter/AgaviExecutionFilter.class.php): Always merge slot response metadata even if response content is null, closes #917
20:04 Wombert <agavi.select-path property="template.path" path="${templates.directory.pub.web}">
20:04 Wombert <from path="${templates.directory}" />
20:04 Wombert <from path="${agavi.directory.src.build.templates}" />
20:04 Wombert </agavi.select-path>
20:04 Wombert look, impl
20:04 Wombert this is why you rock so much
20:04 Wombert I can just hand you a task and I know it'll be perfect
20:04 Wombert hugs impl
20:04 Wombert now, mccain, please win this electin
20:05 v-dogg no wayh
20:05 v-dogg ze nigga is gonna win
20:06 MrJeep_ mccain.. ? are you kidding ?
20:06 CIA-6 david * r3297 /branches/1.0/ (3 files in 3 dirs): merge [3274:3296/branches/0.11]
20:10 Wombert oh I should probably explain
20:10 Wombert mccain wins = impl leaves the US of A
20:11 Wombert at least that's my guess
20:11 Wombert :>
20:11 v-dogg :)
20:11 MrJeep_ this is somewhat selfish :P
20:13 Wombert I know :p
20:13 v-dogg yeah, who cares about the rest of the world as long as we can get impl imported :)
20:15 v-dogg maybe we should just let them (american authorities) know impl is doing open source a.k.a. communism software and they'd deport him
20:16 v-dogg though, that plan could backfire and they'd send him to guantanamo
20:16 Zeelot3k [n=zeelot@c-71-196-55-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #agavi
20:22 MrJeep_ with Big Bob
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20:44 saracen var parent = $this.getParent();
20:44 saracen SIGH, php > js programming
20:48 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@ppp-88-217-43-16.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #agavi
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21:00 Wombert ehhh
21:00 Wombert "lol"
21:00 Wombert impl: AgaviXmlConfigParser::transformProcessingInstructions() seems kind of
21:00 Wombert well
21:00 Wombert half-done ^^
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21:17 CIA-6 david * r3298 /branches/1.0/ (CHANGELOG src/config/AgaviXmlConfigParser.class.php): Fixed #918: AgaviXmlConfigParser::transformProcessingInstructions() is broken completely
21:17 Wombert coolness
21:17 Wombert check that when you're back, impl, just in case I missed something
21:28 Wombert [n=Wombert@munich.bitxtender.net] has quit ["bai"]
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21:33 E_mE`` huomenta
21:33 E_mE`` impl: you voting?
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21:39 Whisller czesc
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23:44 Guest51976 is now known as Zimm
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Day changed Wed Nov 05 2008
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00:45 MugeSo [n=Tanaka_K@220x218x27x242.ap220.ftth.ucom.ne.jp] has joined #agavi
00:49 MugeSo huomenta
01:24 MugeSo How can i use AgaviDateTimeValidator :(
01:37 guillerr_ [n=guillerr@host130.190-136-153.telecom.net.ar] has quit ["http://devthought.com"]
01:40 MugeSo format syntax of AgaviDateFormat confuse me :(
01:42 MugeSo it is not the same as one of date function :(
02:15 MugeSo it's work!
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02:47 krycek__ [MugeSo]: can you share some code? i'll have to use it, a look at it working may make things easier
02:47 krycek__ but if you can't... no problem
02:49 MugeSo you mean code using AgaviDateTimeValidator?
02:50 krycek__ yes
02:50 MugeSo ok
02:52 MugeSo http://pastie.org/307740
02:54 bobbytek2 huomenta
02:54 MugeSo this accepts eg 'start_date'=>'2008/11/05', 'start_time'=>'20:33'
02:55 krycek__ hmmm... i tought the format wouldn't be necessary because it should be locale aware
02:56 krycek__ ops.. thought
02:56 krycek__ sorry my english ;/
02:56 krycek__ it may sound a little funny hhehe
02:57 MugeSo no problem ;)
02:58 krycek__ you are with translation enable, right?
02:58 MugeSo yeah
02:59 MugeSo the validator doesn't work without translation feature :(
03:00 impl [n=impl@0000-0000-0000-0000-0001.cary0.ip6.cynigram.com] has joined #agavi
03:00 krycek__ that's why i think its weird it expects a static format
03:05 MugeSo of course, we can use it with out format parameter.
03:06 MugeSo However, when we use a format which different from locale one, it's required.
03:09 krycek__ right, where are you getting infos about those parameters?
03:11 MugeSo from source code :p http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/src/validator/AgaviDateTimeValidator.​class.php
03:11 krycek__ i'll have to look too to see what arguments_formatdoes
03:11 krycek__ *arguments_format does
03:12 MugeSo arguments_format formats input arguments.
03:13 MugeSo i use printf's format syntax.
03:13 MugeSo s/i/it/
03:14 krycek__ "output" format, isn't it?
03:15 MugeSo no, input for validation.
03:15 krycek__ oh, i see now... it splits your input string
03:15 krycek__ cool
03:15 MugeSo ;)
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04:20 IcyT is now known as icyt
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04:53 v-dogg huomenta
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08:04 _cheerios [n=Jack@] has joined #agavi
08:04 _cheerios huomenta
08:11 v-dogg kaffe
08:14 _cheerios got some work done on personal project last evening after all the army hubbub and stuff, previous commit was 21/10 :|
08:17 _cheerios http://schlueters.de/blog/archives/86-Direct-MySQL-Stream-Access.html
08:21 Wombert [n=Wombert@dslb-088-064-048-003.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #agavi
08:24 horros Huomenta.
08:25 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has joined #agavi
08:29 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
08:42 MikeSeth scuse me
08:42 MikeSeth YES WE CAN!
08:42 MikeSeth YES WE CAN!
08:42 MikeSeth YES WE CAN!
08:42 MikeSeth etc
08:42 moritz [n=moritz@84-72-199-15.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
08:46 Rendez Huomenta Obama!
08:53 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit []
08:53 luke` [n=luke`@] has joined #agavi
08:54 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
09:08 v-dogg sounds like people here are pleased to see Obama win
09:13 _cheerios v-dogg: yeah, the african american here at the office is very much so
09:14 v-dogg heh
09:19 MikeSeth give him a banaWAIT
09:19 MikeSeth heh
09:19 MikeSeth well
09:19 MikeSeth the republican party is officially over
09:19 MikeSeth welcome to global socialism
09:21 Seldaek yeah for 4years
09:22 Seldaek unfortunately it might take more than that to fix 8 years of massive buttfucking
09:23 v-dogg he'll be assassinated within the first year :p
09:23 E_mE huomenta
09:24 Seldaek yeah that too v-dogg
09:24 Rendez v-dogg: I'm kinda obsessed with that
09:26 E_mE YAY! a more socially concious America is upon us
09:26 E_mE the poor shall be looked after that little bit more
09:27 E_mE and the rich can pay for the fuck ups they've helped to create
09:28 Rendez the world moves with the riddum, now comes the ascending curve
09:29 E_mE my boygott of america has ended :)
09:29 E_mE hehe
09:29 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
09:30 Rendez the thing is that the president doesn't has any attachment to rich companies, that makes a big different and a more wanted target too :[
09:30 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
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09:31 E_mE Rendez: ja, thats how polticans should be, not influanced by pure money, but influanced by wanted to make peoples lifes better
09:31 E_mE but i do wonder if he will be murdered or so :/
09:31 Rendez yep, let's see how far is he willing to go
09:32 E_mE yeah, afterall he is a politician hehe
09:32 Rendez I'm sure it's more about he not being able to go too too far than he not wanting to...
09:33 Rendez that's why is imporant that if everything goes well he remains for 8 years
09:52 moritz good morning
09:52 moritz in order to update a deployed agavi project can I just svn the http://svn.agavi.org/tags/1.0.0beta5/src/ folder into /myLiveProject/PathToAgaviSrcFolder
09:57 horros I probably wouldn't, unless you've tested everything works :P
09:58 v-dogg but you can :)
09:58 v-dogg rm -rf app/cache is recommended after upgrading
09:58 v-dogg ooops!
09:58 horros :D
09:58 v-dogg app/cache/config :D
09:59 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit []
09:59 moritz ok
10:00 moritz how do I find out in the current source folder which version is installed?
10:00 matbtt [n=matbtt@BAH9cc6.bah.pppool.de] has joined #agavi
10:00 moritz sorry
10:00 horros look at version.php ?
10:00 moritz in the version file
10:00 moritz no brainer
10:01 moritz only had one cup of coffe today : (
10:01 MikeSeth mmm coffee
10:01 horros mmm
10:01 horros gets more coffee
10:01 moritz I'm running version 0.11.1
10:01 moritz I'm creating a new project based on an old project that was created with version 0.11.1
10:02 moritz I'd like to update to version 1.0beta 5
10:02 moritz before I start adapting
10:02 horros I'd probably still not do that for a live app.
10:02 moritz Is that recommended or does "never change a running system" apply here?
10:02 moritz well it's not live yet
10:02 moritz It'll be live in January
10:03 moritz so if there were problems I'd be able to sort them out
10:03 moritz but it could mean a lot of unnecessary work
10:03 horros Ah, I see. I thought you were talking about a live site/app that people actually use every day :)
10:03 moritz no. I was just being overly dramatic
10:03 horros But still, I'd take a copy of the current version and do some test runs.
10:04 moritz what do you mean?
10:04 horros hmmh?
10:04 horros copy app to new place, replace agavi in the freshly made copy, test said freshly made cofee
10:05 horros err copy.
10:05 Guest51976 [n=asd@e177250221.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
10:05 moritz ah you mean, just update it and see if anything bad happens?
10:05 horros if all goes well, upgrade agavi on the actual app. if not, wave hands about and run around screaming in panic.
10:05 horros moritz: Precisely.
10:05 moritz cool
10:05 v-dogg or you can use versioning :p
10:05 v-dogg like SVN
10:05 moritz yeah I'll give that a shot
10:06 horros v-dogg: On a live-ish app?
10:06 moritz v-dogg: what do you mean exactly
10:06 moritz no sorry
10:06 moritz the app isn't live
10:06 moritz it's just that I"m taking over an existing project
10:06 moritz so it's half built
10:06 moritz but not live
10:06 horros I see.
10:06 horros Then fire away!
10:06 horros I suppose.
10:06 horros (I'd still test it with a copy though)
10:07 moritz v-dogg: so you mean just try it and if it doesn't work roll back to the previous svn version, right?
10:08 v-dogg horros: 12:02 < moritz> well it's not live yet; 12:02 < moritz> It'll be live in January
10:08 v-dogg moritz: yes
10:09 moritz all the relevant agavi files for deployment are in the src folder right?
10:10 v-dogg yes
10:10 horros Yessir.
10:11 v-dogg but the build script (agavi.bat/.sh) has changed in 1.0, copy it from http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/bin
10:11 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #agavi
10:12 moritz what does the build script require, just the source or the complete installation through pear?
10:15 Xylakant moritz: you can get the build script working with a checkout from SVN
10:15 moritz excellent, thanks
10:15 Xylakant you just need to feed it the proper path variables
10:15 moritz don't need phing?
10:15 Xylakant or rather modify the path set in the script
10:15 Xylakant you need phing though
10:15 moritz do need phing
10:15 moritz ok
10:16 moritz I'll give it a go
10:16 Xylakant yes, it's all phing tasks
10:18 Xylakant according to what I see in my crystal ball, there will be a beta6 today, so if you want to update, you could as well update to that one
10:18 Xylakant beta5 does have some known bugs
10:20 v-dogg and broken phing output on Windows
10:22 moritz ok cool, thanks
10:23 luke` huomenta
10:29 MikeSeth compiles qmail angrily
10:30 horros How do you compile something angrily?
10:30 horros --enable-angry-mode ?
10:31 Guest51976 [n=asd@e177250221.adsl.alicedsl.de] has quit ["Fatal Error: Unknown command "exit"! Exiting now..."]
10:31 horros maybe -fangry?
10:35 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@munich.bitxtender.net] has joined #agavi
10:37 MikeSeth --with-anger
10:39 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has quit []
10:41 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has joined #agavi
11:02 kaos|work_ oh btw MikeSeth
11:02 kaos|work_ http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2008/10/31/qt-creator-tech-preview-released/
11:02 kaos|work_ ;>
11:17 MikeSeth woot
11:17 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has quit [" (going back to the Real World)."]
11:18 MikeSeth kaos|work_: lol @ comments
11:18 MikeSeth people already want it to be vim/netbeans
11:18 kaos|work_ heh
11:21 MikeSeth why not just slap some lisp on it :D
11:26 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has joined #agavi
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11:53 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
12:01 Macen [n=leopard@host86-144-112-71.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
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12:07 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #agavi
12:13 horros scratches his head and tries to figure out AgaviUnitTestCases
12:14 CIA-6 felix * r3299 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/ (54 files in 16 dirs): (log message trimmed)
12:14 CIA-6 Merged revisions [3286:3298/branches/1.0] via svnmerge from
12:14 CIA-6 ........
12:14 CIA-6 r3286 | david | 2008-11-04 17:31:48 +0100 (Tue, 04 Nov 2008) | 1 line
12:14 CIA-6 lots of docs and cleanup and such
12:14 CIA-6 ........
12:14 CIA-6 r3287 | felix | 2008-11-04 17:46:01 +0100 (Tue, 04 Nov 2008) | 2 lines
12:15 CIA-6 felix * r3300 /branches/felix-testing-implementation/test/tests/unit/routing/AgaviWebRoutingTe​st.php: minor cleanup
12:17 Macen [n=leopard@host86-144-112-71.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has quit []
12:19 horros Hrrmh.
12:19 horros How the smeg am I supposed to mock models?
12:21 MikeSeth make dummy methods that return fake values?
12:21 horros Well, yes.
12:21 horros But how do I get the damn mock object?-)
12:22 horros in PriceFinderModelTest... $finder = $this->getContext()->getModel('PriceFinder', 'Default');
12:22 horros scratches his head
12:23 MikeSeth oh
12:23 MikeSeth hm
12:23 MikeSeth good question
12:24 horros I dont want to run the tests against the actual model, as it mucks about with the database and things like that.
12:24 horros and creating a completely new class with the same methods is just, well, silly.
12:24 horros since that's what the mock objects are supposed to do :)
12:25 horros peeks at PHPUnit's source
12:26 horros hmm
12:29 Wombert [n=Wombert@dslb-088-064-048-003.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit []
12:30 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
12:30 Arme[N] is now known as Arme[0]
12:35 Fastly [n=alex@] has joined #agavi
12:38 icyt is now known as IcyT
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12:52 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dkj233.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
12:53 horros Ugh
12:53 horros PHPUnit's documentation is confusing
12:53 MikeSeth blame sebastian :>
12:54 horros // Create a Subject object and attach the mocked
12:54 horros // Observer object to it.
12:54 horros $subject = new Subject;
12:54 horros WTF is this Subject object?
12:54 horros :O
12:54 MikeSeth dunno
12:54 MikeSeth probably the test subjectr
12:54 horros Me neither.
12:55 horros In JUnit you'd get the mock object and call the methods on that
12:55 horros This is weird.
12:55 horros $subject->attach($observer); $subject->doSomething();
12:55 horros wtf is this attach method?
12:55 horros o_O
12:55 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
12:58 horros It seems it's just some class that nobody bothered to describe :)
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13:16 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has joined #agavi
13:19 matbtt [n=matbtt@BAH9cc6.bah.pppool.de] has joined #agavi
13:28 horros Got it working :)
13:29 horros Just needed to grab the model so it gets loaded and then init the mock object as per the docs.
13:32 E_mE [n=e_me@mail.spiritusgroup.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
13:32 E_mE [n=e_me@mail.spiritusgroup.com] has joined #agavi
13:34 MikeSeth horros: attach() looks like reverse listener-observer pattern
13:34 MikeSeth instead of $observer->addListener($subject)
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13:41 Netsplit over, joins: @ChanServ, E_mE, matbtt, CIA-6, Strzalek, Fastly, fnordfish, kaos|work_, liutis, luke` (+26 more)
13:48 horros Peculiar.
13:48 horros It seems the code coverage doesn't notice that the model gets called :(
13:59 Wombert [n=Wombert@munich.bitxtender.net] has joined #agavi
14:04 horros cries
14:06 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit []
14:07 Wombert nudges impl
14:11 whisller [n=Miranda@58-mo6-2.acn.waw.pl] has joined #agavi
14:11 whisller hi
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15:10 kaos|work_ MikeSeth: ping
15:11 MikeSeth ya
15:12 kaos|work_ app design question: when doing a changelog (basicly an audit trail) should i do that in my business models
15:12 kaos|work_ or in my orm models
15:13 kaos|work_ (i guess business models, but in the orm models would be much easier for me *g*)
15:13 MikeSeth i do audit trail using the logging facility
15:14 MikeSeth certainly, in the business models
15:14 MikeSeth you *can* do it in orm but thats quite low level and often too late for auditing heh
15:14 kaos|work_ well, i could make it work in the orm quite easily
15:15 kaos|work_ i'm just not sure if should touch all business models now, or do it in the easy way and just hack it into the orm
15:15 kaos|work_ "hack"
15:16 saracen snake snake!
15:18 aka humento or however you spell it!
15:19 aka Huomenta
15:23 guillerr [n=guillerr@host130.190-136-153.telecom.net.ar] has joined #agavi
15:26 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has quit []
15:26 moritz__ hi, can I use my local agavi 1.0beta agavi script (cli) to create a module and an action in a project that's checked out through svn and version 0.11.1?
15:27 guillerr [n=guillerr@host130.190-136-153.telecom.net.ar] has quit [Client Quit]
15:27 guillerr [n=guillerr@host130.190-136-153.telecom.net.ar] has joined #agavi
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15:34 guillerr_ [n=guillerr@host130.190-136-153.telecom.net.ar] has joined #agavi
15:34 luke` [n=luke`@] has joined #agavi
15:37 MikeSeth moritz__: yes, but there are some configuration layout changes
15:37 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has joined #agavi
15:37 moritz__ would it be easier to just do it by hand?
15:38 moritz__ because the script is giving me errors that it can't find the agavi project
15:45 horros Huomenta again.
15:45 horros hrmh.
15:45 horros PHPUnit is really starting to annoy me.
15:46 v-dogg moritz, MikeSeth, nonono, you definitely cannot use 1.0 script with 0.*
15:47 v-dogg nor vice-versa
15:56 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dmi253.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
16:03 Xylakant but you can have 2 scripts installed
16:04 moritz__ what do you mean
16:05 moritz__ is there a good way to update from 0.11.1 to 1.0beta5
16:05 moritz__ I mean an existing project
16:05 Wombert why don't you bundle agavi with the projects!?
16:05 moritz__ that's written in 0.11.1
16:05 Wombert that's a lot better anyway!?
16:05 moritz__ I did
16:05 Wombert so what's the problem then :)
16:05 Wombert does it have dev/agavi ?
16:06 moritz__ you mean I just replace the 0.11.1 src folder with the 1.0 src folder?
16:06 Wombert no
16:06 Wombert ...
16:06 v-dogg he bundled it with a wrong script :)
16:06 moritz__ no no
16:06 moritz__ I've got 1.0 installed locally
16:06 Wombert moritz__: it has app/, pub/ and libs/ or so, right?
16:06 Wombert and libs/ has agavi/
16:06 moritz__ yes
16:06 Wombert do you also have a dev/agavi folder?
16:06 moritz__ and remote the app is built on 0.11
16:06 moritz__ yes
16:06 Wombert or something like that?
16:06 Wombert then copy dev/agavi/agavi-dist to "agavi" in the main folder
16:07 Wombert adjust the pth
16:07 Wombert done
16:07 Wombert then always do ./agavi blah in the project dir
16:07 moritz__ yes that works just fine
16:07 Wombert adjust the path = adjust the path to agavi install inside the "agavi" script
16:07 moritz__ can I update all those things by hand
16:07 moritz__ the agavi script remote
16:07 moritz__ and the remote agavi src folde
16:08 moritz__ cause somebody mentioned that the config stuff is different for version 1.0
16:08 v-dogg remote?
16:08 moritz__ on the server
16:09 moritz__ ok let me rephrase
16:09 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has quit []
16:09 moritz__ I have an app sitting on a server that's built with 0.11.1
16:09 moritz__ can I just replace the agavi src folder on the server with a new version?
16:10 moritz__ and replace the folder where the agavi shell script is sitting with the new version?
16:11 v-dogg moritz__: http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/UPGRADING
16:11 Wombert but wasn't your initial question something completely different?
16:11 Wombert [16:28] moritz__: hi, can I use my local agavi 1.0beta agavi script (cli) to create a module and an action in a project that's checked out through svn and version 0.11.1?
16:11 Wombert technically, yes, as the stuff generated should work with both versions, but the build templates are in other locations etc etc etc
16:11 moritz__ v-dogg: thank you
16:12 moritz__ womber: i heard that's a no no
16:12 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dkj233.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:13 horros How annoying.
16:13 horros In order to get proper code coverage reports I need to call the actual model methods, using mock objects doesn't work.
16:15 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has joined #agavi
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16:15 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
16:17 v-dogg moritz__: to sum this up: your application will (most likely) work with both versions. just replace old agavi/src with a new one. HOWEVER the build script (agavi.sh/.bat needed to create actions etc.) will not work so after you have upgraded agavi on your development box update the script too
16:17 PyroBilly horros: use a factory to return mock data store objects that your real models can talk to?
16:17 PyroBilly or would that require too much rearch?
16:17 moritz__ v-dogg: thank you
16:19 horros PyroBilly: Hold on while I parse.
16:19 horros :)
16:21 horros Let's see... Say I have a UserManager. Said UserManager has a method getUserById($id), which, surprisingly enough, returns a User-object. I can mock UserManager just fine, however, in the code coverage report UserManager::getUserById is shown as not touched
16:21 horros which is annoying, because I actually AM testing the UserManager.
16:22 luke` [n=luke`@] has quit []
16:27 MrJeep [n=mrjeep@modemcable086.163-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #agavi
16:34 Wombert ze fuck
16:35 v-dogg waht
16:35 Wombert http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail;jsessionid=d8123d01e1c142ca11ad29fa8999​?vulnId=CVE-2008-4920
16:35 Wombert ...
16:35 Wombert so some moron writes a page using agavi and doesn't validate input
16:35 Wombert http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/32086
16:37 saracen http://www.milw0rm.com/exploits/6970
16:38 v-dogg yet another reason to make strict validation default for all environments
16:38 Wombert its not an agavi issue
16:39 v-dogg I got that but still
16:40 moritz__ can somebody tell me what the <parameter name="var_name">t</parameter> in output_types.xml is used for
16:41 v-dogg moritz__: by default template variables are in $template, that renames it to $t
16:42 moritz__ ok cool, thanks
16:44 v-dogg Wombert: that's so unbelievably stupid. who can we smack for that?
16:44 Wombert yeah
16:44 Wombert ...
16:44 Wombert fuckers
16:45 kaos|work_ v-dogg: found by t0fx // http://forum.europasecurity.org white hat crew //
16:45 kaos|work_ these ... if you can get hold of them ;P
16:45 v-dogg I don't speak frenchies :)
16:47 v-dogg "Directory traversal vulnerability in Agavi 1.0.0 beta 5 and earlier allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a .. (dot dot) in the cmplang parameter."
16:47 v-dogg what fucking cmplang parameter!!!
16:47 v-dogg god that makes me angry
16:47 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit []
16:47 kaos|work_ v-dogg: not only you ;)
16:48 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
16:48 whisller write message on them board, how angry are you ;p
16:48 whisller and how they are stupid
16:48 whisller haxiors ;)
16:49 horros Errm.
16:49 horros cmplang?
16:49 horros o_O
16:49 kaos|work_ this looks very much like taken from
16:49 kaos|work_ http://www.fondation-solidaritesncf.org/index.php?module=page&action=Display&pag​eref=2005&cmplang=fr
16:49 kaos|work_ but that seems to be generated by typo3
16:49 kaos|work_ and ist not affected either :P
16:50 v-dogg Wombert, kaos|work_: you are blogging/mail listing/agavi.org news'ing this, right?
16:50 saracen kaos|work_: I just came to the same conclusion :)
16:50 Wombert v-dogg: yes
16:50 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit [Client Quit]
16:50 v-dogg good
16:51 Fastly [n=alex@] has quit []
16:59 horros hmm
17:00 horros Wait.
17:00 horros This is BRILLIANT!
17:00 horros I can make agavi return my own database manager when I'm in testing-mode!
17:00 horros hugs Agavi
17:00 v-dogg :)
17:01 v-dogg you sure can :)
17:03 saracen I am so confused.
17:04 saracen Either I've programmed something to do this, and I can't remember how or why. Or something just odd is happening.
17:05 saracen Meh, I'll be back when I can explain it to myself first ;x
17:05 horros :)
17:12 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has quit []
17:12 kaos|work_ google, first page hit ... so ...
17:16 saracen Ok, found the problem. The credential a user gets is done via my database. Say I navigate to a page where I'm not suppose to be, agavi creates a forward container to the error page. However, if I then change the credential in the database, which should take effect the next time the page loads. It doesnt work unless I first navigate away from the page I was accessing, then go to it again. Refresh doesn't work.
17:16 Zeelot3k [n=zeelot@c-71-196-55-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #agavi
17:17 saracen This is a strange thing to be doing anyway, but the same applies when the user is on a page they're allowed to be. If I say they're not allowed to be while they're logged in, the next thing they do will still allow them to be on that page. Even though they dont have the credential.
17:17 saracen The credentials are being set.
17:19 karmacoder [n=karmacod@dslb-084-057-073-211.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #agavi
17:19 eremit [n=Miranda@p5B234732.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #agavi
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17:30 impl oh lawd
17:30 impl oh lawd
17:30 impl stabs CVE
17:30 kaos|work_ what i find rather interesting
17:31 kaos|work_ that for example when i checked a php CVE recently i could not access it
17:31 kaos|work_ because it wasn't made public, because php didn't fix it yet
17:32 kaos|work_ is that like special treatment for special projects ?!
17:32 impl probably :P
17:33 opengeek [n=opengeek@c75-111-151-25.sangcmtk01.tx.dh.suddenlink.net] has quit []
17:35 Wombert impl: you wouldn't have any useful contacts to resolve this quickly, would you
17:35 Wombert also, could you do teh docs then I can roll a release in a bit :>
17:36 impl I have class at 1
17:36 impl :(
17:36 impl gotta leave in like 3 minutes
17:37 impl oh, and ALL HAIL COMRADE OBAMA
17:37 Fastly [n=alex@] has joined #agavi
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17:40 Wombert lolol impl
17:40 Xylakant HAIL
17:40 v-dogg hails
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17:44 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
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18:25 PyroBilly (17:04:12) horros: I can make agavi return my own database manager when I'm in testing-mode -- I'm happy for you too =)
18:31 horros :)
18:34 horros Hmm
18:34 horros Now what..? PHPUnit hangs :(
18:35 Fastly [n=alex@] has quit []
18:36 Fastly [n=alex@] has joined #agavi
18:55 horros I don't get it.
18:55 horros scratches head
18:58 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
19:01 Fastly [n=alex@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:09 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@ppp-88-217-43-16.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #agavi
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19:17 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has joined #agavi
19:24 horros hmm
19:24 horros it's hanging on $buffer = stream_get_contents($pipes[1]);
19:58 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #agavi
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20:08 Whisller [n=Whisller@chello089078126051.chello.pl] has joined #agavi
20:09 Whisller hi
20:10 macen_ [n=leopard@host86-130-125-84.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
20:14 Wombert guys
20:14 Wombert quick vote
20:15 Wombert everyone who is *against* making "strict" validation mode the default *in code* (not just in standard configs) in 1.0 speak up now
20:16 horros keeps quiet
20:17 horros hmm.
20:18 horros Running the tests against PHPUnit@trunk seems to work almost-fine.
20:18 saracen Wombert: What do you mean *in code*?
20:20 Wombert right now, if you don't supply a mode, it assumes "lax" I think
20:20 Wombert you can still change it, but out of the box, even without agavi code templates or any speciifc setting, it will be strict mode
20:20 horros Running them against the version that's packaged with Agavi makes it hang in PHPUnit_Util_PHP::runJob()
20:20 horros :(
20:20 Wombert and we do that for development envs, too
20:20 Wombert horros: that phpunit uses sub-processes
20:21 Wombert horros: try #phpunit when Sebastian is there
20:21 Wombert maybe a bug
20:21 horros Yeah, I know it uses sub-processes.
20:21 horros It hangs on stream_get_contents after proc_open()ing php
20:21 Wombert 10 bucks it's your box :>
20:22 horros Seems to work with the latest trunk though, except for some headers already sent -notices from AgaviSessionStorage
20:22 matbtt [n=matbtt@BAH9cc6.bah.pppool.de] has left #agavi []
20:22 Wombert Fastly: oi
20:24 _cheerios Wombert, agavi has always been strict even as lax, a page comparing lax vs strict would be good to have around.
20:24 _cheerios i dont mind the strictness, as long as it's sane.
20:27 matbtt [n=matbtt@BAH9cc6.bah.pppool.de] has joined #agavi
20:31 Fastly hey Wombert
20:32 Fastly how's it going
20:32 Wombert yo
20:32 Wombert dealing with this vulnerability nonsense
20:32 Wombert annoying
20:32 Wombert also
20:32 Wombert couldn't reproduce the xsl segfault yet
20:32 Wombert annoying, too
20:32 Wombert maybe you can work with impl to track it down or so
20:32 impl hi
20:33 Fastly sure - is there an active ticket i could contribute to?
20:33 impl I'm sitting outside
20:33 impl :D
20:34 MrJeep Wombert: you mean the libxml fuck ?
20:34 impl libxml can suck my cock
20:34 Wombert Fastly, MrJeep: http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/898
20:35 Wombert (your info is already there, Fastly)
20:35 Wombert but maybe you can provide impl with a backtrace or something
20:35 Wombert impl: oh, nothing to do? cool. canhas dox then plz kthx? :>
20:35 MrJeep install XAMPP for Linux 1.6.6 (not 1.6.6a)
20:36 MrJeep and you'll be able to reproduce
20:37 _cheerios Wombert, is that installation guide for php on your blog still valid? I need PHP etc., setup on a mac.
20:37 Wombert _cheerios: www.macports.org
20:37 Wombert "sudo port install php5 +fastcgi"
20:37 Wombert done
20:37 Wombert :)
20:37 Wombert much quicker
20:37 Wombert MrJeep: aha!
20:37 Wombert what's the difference between 6 and 6a
20:38 Wombert I wonder
20:38 _cheerios Wombert, sweet. thanks
20:38 Wombert (I don't have a linux right now I can test against)
20:38 Wombert _cheerios: you have a mac?
20:38 MrJeep fixed libxml
20:38 Wombert _cheerios: www.mysql.com has mysql etc
20:38 Wombert MrJeep: do they have a changelog or so?
20:38 Wombert we believe the craash happens in libxslt, not libxml
20:38 Wombert we're talking about xsl transforms segfaulting, not about the libxml validation errors, mind you
20:38 _cheerios Wombert, developers at ze office need hand-holding.
20:38 _cheerios *designers
20:53 v-dogg Wombert: *camilla waves*
20:53 Wombert ohai camilla
20:55 _cheerios http://www.theonion.com/content/news_briefs/black_man_given_nations :)
20:55 Wombert As part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight years cleaning up the messes other people left behind.
20:55 Wombert lolol
20:56 Wombert who here has a twitter account?
20:57 _cheerios i do, not much in use
20:58 _cheerios last entry: 8:14 AM Mar 28th, 2007 from web
20:58 _cheerios (and also the first)
20:58 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:59 saracen What did you say you were doing?
20:59 Wombert ah _cheerios
20:59 Wombert can you reply to a tweet for me real quick then?
20:59 _cheerios sure. how? :)
21:00 Wombert gimme five minutes
21:00 _cheerios np. let me know when i'm ready to do something o_O
21:06 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has quit ["leaving"]
21:06 _cheerios Ah, I see where you're coming from with the striness eyeing the agavi-users mailinglist.
21:07 _cheerios (wonders why he keeps mispelling strictness at striness)
21:14 macen_ https://www.ohloh.net/projects/agavi/reviews ...
21:14 macen_ MikeSeth: ^
21:14 macen_ :S
21:15 _cheerios agavi saved mikeseth's life when chuck norris failed
21:15 macen_ chuck norris sucked my balls because i asked him too :/
21:17 Wombert heh cool Macen
21:17 Wombert or, rather, macen_
21:17 macen_ ty
21:17 Wombert stabs
21:17 macen_ thats 'cause i left my work computer on!!
21:17 Wombert oww
21:17 Wombert happens
21:17 macen_ yea
21:18 macen_ this nick is to remind me of my fail
21:18 Wombert I had the cleaning lady waking the computer from sleep all the time
21:18 Wombert so now I switch off mail and irc and stuff before I leave
21:18 macen_ i should setup a bouncer or something
21:18 macen_ too much effort :>
21:21 macen_ local network is getting upgraded, 24meg broadband :D
21:22 macen_ is being installed as we speak
21:22 macen_ i should make use of that, really :/
21:22 macen_ byee
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22:53 Wombert lulz @ mccain's concession speech
22:53 Wombert opening music from Days of Thunder
22:53 Wombert closing music from Crimson Tide
22:54 Wombert very republican
22:54 Wombert both fun movies tho
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Day changed Thu Nov 06 2008
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00:35 MugeSo huomenta
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00:55 impl Wombert: I was on my N800 fyi :>
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01:06 Wombert mmmm
01:06 Wombert I need to go zZzzzzZ
01:06 Wombert must get up at 5
01:06 Wombert (duh)
01:06 Wombert bai
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05:41 v-dogg huomenta
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06:22 Wombert [n=Wombert@ip-90-187-200-171.web.vodafone.de] has joined #agavi
06:24 Wombert ohai
06:31 v-dogg hai to u
06:31 v-dogg how's it going
06:31 v-dogg found any more vulnerabilities?
06:32 v-dogg 'foo' parameter not sanitazed
06:38 impl Wombert: why up so early?
06:39 MugeSo Wombert: did you have good sleep?
06:40 Arme[0] [n=Arme[N]@unaffiliated/armen/x-394205] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
06:43 Wombert_ [n=Wombert@ip-90-186-210-86.web.vodafone.de] has joined #agavi
06:54 Wombert_ v-dogg: yeah damn
06:59 BuddhaOhneHals [n=wuddha@] has joined #agavi
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07:14 v-dogg hmm.. bugger
07:15 v-dogg I need to replace some propel stuff with raw sql but it seems that PDO/pgsql doesn't obey $pdo->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_CASE, PDO::CASE_NATURAL); but returns all column names lowercased
07:15 v-dogg so my templates break
07:16 Wombert [n=Wombert@ip-77-25-142-178.web.vodafone.de] has joined #agavi
07:18 v-dogg any easy way to convert all array keys without copying everything?
07:20 v-dogg Wombert: btw, is it somehow possible to have different validation modes per action/module/something?
07:24 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
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07:46 Seldaek don't think so v-dogg
07:46 Seldaek well if you only have string values you could do array_flip, then loop and reassign all the modified keys then flip again
07:46 Seldaek but I'm not sure that's any better:)
07:47 Wombert v-dogg: you can set the mode on the validation manager
07:47 Wombert but it's not configurable per module or action
07:47 Wombert but
07:47 Wombert you could use module/config.php to do that :)
07:47 Wombert although mmm
07:47 Wombert that is included once
07:47 Wombert so that won't work
07:47 Wombert well, Action::initialize() then :)
07:47 Wombert and read a config in there or so
07:48 Wombert base actions ftw
07:48 v-dogg brilliant :)
07:48 Seldaek or try array_walk but I'm not sure you can modify the key there if you take it by ref
07:48 Seldaek anyway I guess you don't need it anymore
07:49 v-dogg I do
07:50 Seldaek ah
07:50 Seldaek well I just tried it
07:50 Seldaek it doesn't work :)
07:51 v-dogg I wrote a small "remap" function that loops thru the array and remaps columns according to a remap array
07:51 v-dogg good enuf
08:10 Wombert [n=Wombert@ip-77-25-142-178.web.vodafone.de] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]
08:15 Wombert [n=Wombert@ip-77-25-142-178.web.vodafone.de] has joined #agavi
08:31 Wombert_ [n=Wombert@ip-90-187-224-64.web.vodafone.de] has joined #agavi
08:42 whisller [n=Miranda@58-mo6-2.acn.waw.pl] has joined #agavi
08:52 Wombert [n=Wombert@ip-77-25-142-178.web.vodafone.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
08:59 whisller hi
09:05 MikeSeth huomenta
09:06 _cheerios [n=Jack@] has joined #agavi
09:06 _cheerios huomenta
09:07 horros hmmh
09:07 horros fails
09:08 Macen_ MikeSeth: did you read my "review"?
09:08 MikeSeth Macen_: wat
09:08 MikeSeth ohloh?
09:08 Macen_ MikeSeth: hi
09:08 Macen_ yeas
09:08 MikeSeth hugs Macen_
09:08 MikeSeth will do
09:09 Macen_ :D
09:18 MikeSeth_ [n=youdie@] has joined #agavi
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09:25 MikeSeth_ is now known as MikeSeth
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09:49 horros Hmm.
09:50 horros I'm assuming Agavi does fuckall with the project-classmap.php -file that Propel generates?
09:51 v-dogg no, agavi doesn't touch it. it's just included in the project-conf.php
09:52 v-dogg but you can override project-conf.php values in databases.xml so I quess you can override classmap as well
09:52 horros It's not really a question of overriding the classmap, it's more a question of having to add all the bloody files to autoload.xml :)
09:53 v-dogg uummm.. wait. why?
09:54 horros How else am I supposed to do, say, $foo = FooPeer::retrieveByPk($smeg); unless I a) include FooPeer or b) autoload it?
09:54 v-dogg if you have propel initialized, it handles all that
09:54 horros Hmm.
09:54 v-dogg and your include_path correct
09:54 horros Then I must have some cockups here.
09:55 v-dogg that's exactly why the classmap is built
09:55 v-dogg the only reason :)
09:57 horros Well yeah.
09:57 horros hmm
10:00 horros \o/
10:00 horros SUCCESS!
10:01 horros Hmm.
10:01 horros Tests won't run though.
10:01 horros Hmm.
10:03 horros PropelException: [wrapped: No driver has been registered to handle connection type: ]
10:03 horros :(
10:06 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has joined #agavi
10:08 horros \o/
10:12 horros eh
10:12 MikeSeth durrr propel
10:13 horros CAnnot redeclare class BaseOperation
10:13 horros :(
10:15 horros errm
10:15 horros What!
10:15 horros Now it's rendering the Welcome-template on screen and dying :(
10:15 horros This is "a bit" messed up.
10:24 krycek__ [n=bclishb@] has joined #agavi
10:24 krycek_ [n=bclishb@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
10:24 horros GAH
10:25 horros I just can't get the bloody code coverage to work with these tests.
11:00 MikeSeth http://www.drawger.com/zinasaunders/?section=comments&article_id=6430 MUAHAHAHAHAHA
11:07 horros Ok, can someone please help me get this set up correctly?
11:08 horros Running the tests themselves seem to work just fine, but the code coverage now dies with
11:08 horros BUILD FAILED
11:08 horros exception 'PropelException' with message 'Unable to open configuration file: NULL' in C:\Projects\nappula-2.1-agavi
11:08 horros -1.0\src\libs\propel\Propel.php:272
11:08 horros Stack trace:
11:08 horros Oops, sorry, wonky paste.
11:10 MikeSeth sorry, I dont know anything about propel :<
11:11 horros It isn't really an issue with Propel.
11:11 horros Here's what happens if I remove app/lib/orm from the PHPUnit filter whitelist...
11:12 horros Generating code coverage report, this may take a moment.
11:12 horros Fatal error: Class 'NappulaDefaultBaseAction' not found in C:\Projects\nappula-2.1-agavi-1.0\src\app\modules\Defaul
11:12 horros t\actions\Error404Action.class.php on line 22
11:15 MikeSeth hmmm some init configuration missing in the former case?
11:16 horros Then how can it run the unit tests just fine?
11:16 horros Like I said, it's running the tests, and then fails miserably while generating the code coverage report
11:26 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@ppp-88-217-43-16.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #agavi
11:26 digitarald [n=digitara@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #agavi
11:27 digitarald IHuomenta
11:27 MikeSeth you're declaring a good morning interface?
11:27 MikeSeth :D
11:27 PyroBilly was just thinking exactly that :)
11:27 digitarald No, its a new Apple Product
11:27 digitarald with a typo
11:27 MikeSeth google "letter i found dead"
11:28 digitarald Good Morning as Interface, perfect ... reusable
11:29 digitarald every day that doesn't match the expectations fails silently
11:29 digitarald btw, blog.agavi css is a little bit drifted
11:30 digitarald somebody wrote on his blog that I'm a douchebag, because I don't add enough documentation to my open-source scripts and because I call myself "Web Craftsman" on my blog ... that's how my day started
11:31 MikeSeth criticizing other people as opposed to writing yr own code is always easy
11:32 digitarald so many people misunderstand open source as free-contract-&-consulting-offer
11:32 PyroBilly Being a good critic is its own art, but unfortunately most people aren't good enough critics to recognise one
11:40 digitarald he just blamed me that he lost 8 hours when he implemented my script ... preposterous
11:41 digitarald ... Today implements IHuomenta
12:16 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
12:21 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #agavi
12:21 digitarald never had an idea that its so easy
12:21 digitarald !redracer
12:21 RedRacer RedRacer is a web-based source code repository, aggregating community contributions. [ Agavi 1.0.0-beta4 ]
12:21 digitarald !quit
12:21 um digitarald: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
12:21 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has quit [Client Quit]
12:22 digitarald ok, I should namespace the commands
12:27 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #agavi
12:29 MikeSeth anyone knows who runs housley.me?
12:29 MikeSeth http://housley.me/2008/10/27/watch-out-for-the-aas-cloud/
12:29 MikeSeth "My next post, which is hopefully due in a the next few days, is about the awesome Agavi PHP Framework - stay tuned!"
12:29 MikeSeth ???
12:31 digitarald He was here some time ago
12:31 digitarald I know that somebody posted http://totalhotspots.com/
12:31 digitarald and he owns that company
12:31 digitarald but I don't know his nick
12:32 MikeSeth I am reading funny russian posts from 206
12:32 MikeSeth 2006
12:32 MikeSeth russian coders bickering
12:32 MikeSeth one says that Agavi is "liek best shit evr" and the other one flames him for idolatry :>
12:33 digitarald could that distract you from work?
12:33 MikeSeth it sure does
12:33 MikeSeth lol
12:34 MikeSeth and guess what
12:34 MikeSeth http://jobfinder.pl/1544127206.php
12:34 MikeSeth http://www.pricematrix.ru/index.php/action/href=
12:34 MikeSeth heh
12:35 MikeSeth changed the topic of #agavi to: Welcome to Agavi :: new: www.agavi.org :: bleeding: 1.0.0beta5 :: stable: 0.11.5 :: have a question? Just ask, and wait patiently, as patience is the key to happiness :: got no reply? use the mailing lists! :: svn: http://svn.agavi.org/; use branches/0.11 (or branches/1.0 for HEAD, trunk is in hibernation now) :: http://ohloh.net/projects/5907 :: logs at http://agavi.org/irclogs/ :: http://trac.agavi.org/wiki/Huomenta || Who runs jobfinder.pl? f
12:35 MikeSeth changed the topic of #agavi to: Welcome to Agavi :: new: www.agavi.org :: bleeding: 1.0.0beta5 :: stable: 0.11.5 :: have a question? Just ask, and wait patiently, as patience is the key to happiness :: got no reply? use the mailing lists! :: svn: http://svn.agavi.org/; use branches/0.11 (or branches/1.0 for HEAD, trunk is in hibernation now) :: http://ohloh.net/projects/5907 :: logs at http://agavi.org/irclogs/ :: http://trac.agavi.org/wiki/Huomenta || Who runs jobfinder.pl?
12:37 _cheerios MikeSeth, looks like whissler
12:37 digitarald u are googling agavi exceptions ... nice
12:37 digitarald whisller: !
12:38 digitarald just look at the footer, come on ;)
12:38 digitarald wanne have his phone number?
12:38 digitarald company, with email: http://whisnet.pl/
12:38 digitarald or "whisnet.pl" in skype
12:40 whisller ?
12:40 digitarald http://jobfinder.pl/1544127206.php
12:40 whisller uhh
12:40 whisller shit
12:40 digitarald gets his large trout
12:40 whisller assholes crashed it
12:41 MikeSeth changed the topic of #agavi to: Welcome to Agavi :: new: www.agavi.org :: bleeding: 1.0.0beta5 :: stable: 0.11.5 :: have a question? Just ask, and wait patiently, as patience is the key to happiness :: got no reply? use the mailing lists! :: svn: http://svn.agavi.org/; use branches/0.11 (or branches/1.0 for HEAD, trunk is in hibernation now) :: http://ohloh.net/projects/5907 :: logs at http://agavi.org/irclogs/ :: http://trac.agavi.org/wiki/Huomenta || :D
12:42 whisller Now I don't support this site. But thanks for info, I'll send message.
12:43 whisller For them
12:44 MikeSeth whisller: have them pay you for editing settings.xml
12:44 MikeSeth lol
12:44 whisller ;)
12:45 MikeSeth I just realized
12:45 MikeSeth we have zero presence in the russian market
12:45 MikeSeth and we could have it :D
12:46 digitarald who cares about russian market, china! ;)
12:47 whisller hmm attack whole world, russia, china, usa, go go go ;)
12:48 whisller guys one thing, add somewhere on page minimal requirements for execute agavi
12:48 whisller like min libxml,libxslt etc.
12:48 whisller or is somewhere?
12:48 v-dogg MikeSeth: what do you reckon, shoul Agavi ship with production-ready exception template?
12:48 whisller *is it
12:48 MikeSeth v-dogg: perhaps, though in most cases you want to fit it with your own design
12:48 MikeSeth v-dogg: so maybe a skeleton, not a full template
12:49 v-dogg I thought about something simple like one "Application Error" line, nothing more :)
12:49 MikeSeth Yeah.
12:49 v-dogg not stack traces or other sensitive'ish info
12:50 MikeSeth I also modify my code templates so that newly created PHP templates have something like "$templatename is not yet in use" in them
12:50 MikeSeth so that when I suddenly run into a blank page/slot i know where it comes from
12:50 v-dogg yeah
12:51 digitarald !redracer
12:51 digitarald !r.redracer
12:51 digitarald !r.who
12:51 RedRacer RedRacer is a web-based source code repository, aggregating community contributions. [ Agavi 1.0.0-beta4 ]
12:51 digitarald thx
12:52 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dmi253.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
12:52 digitarald !r.quit
12:52 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has quit []
12:53 bobbytek2 hey all
12:53 whisller digitarald: how is going work on forge?
12:53 digitarald ask RedRacer ... ah ... he left ;)
12:54 digitarald 1sec
12:55 whisller is listening Moonspell - Tenebrarum Oratorium
12:56 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #agavi
12:56 digitarald !r.status
12:56 RedRacer Check http://www.redracer.org for commits and updates. Don`t ask the authors every day!
12:56 digitarald ok, here u go whisller
12:56 digitarald :D
12:56 whisller ;p
12:57 digitarald but yes, I'm just refactoring my doctrine implementation
12:57 digitarald so its a better agavi example
12:57 digitarald wanted to see how I can add external control via irc :)
12:57 digitarald !r.quit
12:57 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has quit [Client Quit]
12:58 horros breaks down and cries
12:59 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has quit [" (going back to the Real World)."]
13:10 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has quit ["leaving"]
13:22 v-dogg hey, why doesn't agavi respect my templates.directory
13:23 v-dogg 'eeeeelp
13:23 v-dogg smacks Agavi
13:23 Seldaek it's obviously failday
13:24 horros v-dogg: I had the same problem :)
13:24 horros I just can't remember what I did to solve it :D
13:26 v-dogg absolute path works so it's ${project.dir} which doesn't work
13:29 horros My Propel is broken :(
13:29 horros " Cannot insert a value for auto-increment primary key (nappula_user.USER_ID) "
13:32 MikeSeth [n=youdie@unaffiliated/mikeseth] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
13:38 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #agavi
13:39 digitarald !r.who
13:39 RedRacer RedRacer is a web-based source code repository, aggregating community contributions. [ Agavi 1.0.0-beta4 ]
13:39 digitarald damn, update!
13:41 v-dogg what is that?
13:42 v-dogg and is it necessary?-)
13:44 digitarald !r.quit :(
13:44 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has quit []
13:44 Seldaek haha
13:48 v-dogg how do I tell agavivalidatormanager I have validated a parameter manually
13:49 jwage [n=jwage@c-98-193-184-47.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #agavi
13:50 v-dogg is learning to be 'strict' :)
13:50 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit []
13:51 MikeSeth [n=youdie@unaffiliated/mikeseth] has joined #agavi
13:52 v-dogg MikeSeth:
13:52 v-dogg how do I tell agavivalidatormanager I have validated a parameter manually?
13:53 v-dogg addIncident()?
13:54 Zimm [n=asd@g224002073.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
13:55 v-dogg addFieldResult() seems more likely :)
13:57 v-dogg hmm.. ummm.. wait.. the parameter is already erased in validate() ?!
14:03 Zimm [n=asd@g224002073.adsl.alicedsl.de] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]
14:05 Zimm [n=asd@g224002073.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
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14:20 MrJeep_ [n=mrjeep@modemcable032.206-56-74.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #agavi
14:22 MikeSeth v-dogg: I honestly have no idea
14:22 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #agavi
14:28 jwage [n=jwage@c-98-193-184-47.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has quit []
14:31 digitarald damn, I never thought that its so easy to build an IRC bot with agavi
14:33 digitarald !r.quit
14:33 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has quit []
14:33 krycek_ [n=bclishb@] has joined #agavi
14:33 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #agavi
14:33 digitarald !r.who
14:33 RedRacer RedRacer is a web-based source code repository, aggregating community contributions. [ Agavi 1.0.0-beta5 ]
14:33 digitarald update :)
14:33 digitarald !r.quit
14:33 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@68.Red-83-35-142.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has quit [Client Quit]
14:36 MikeSeth marklar|omni: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH
14:36 MikeSeth marklar|omni: *STAB STAB STAB STAB*
14:36 MikeSeth I'm addicted :EEEEEEEEEEEEEE
14:37 MikeSeth eve
14:37 digitarald what?
14:37 digitarald I want it too
14:39 krycek__ [n=bclishb@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
14:39 digitarald please
14:42 MikeSeth eve-online.com
14:42 MikeSeth :<
14:43 digitarald omg
14:44 MikeSeth omg ><
14:45 MikeSeth ...it's just so win
14:45 MikeSeth on so many many levels
14:47 MikeSeth heh
14:53 digitarald time stealing thing
14:55 MikeSeth 490%
15:11 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has joined #agavi
15:11 guillerr_ [n=guillerr@host130.190-136-153.telecom.net.ar] has left #agavi []
15:17 Macen_ failll
15:17 Macen_ now where did i put that App..
15:19 MikeSeth [n=youdie@unaffiliated/mikeseth] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
15:20 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
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15:42 icyt is now known as IcyT
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19:15 horros humms and giggles and writes tests like a mad man
19:16 shrink0r [n=shrink0r@i59F7C27E.versanet.de] has joined #agavi
19:16 shrink0r huomenta
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20:53 impl holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck
20:54 impl hey Wombert, in javadocs do we use @var Type[] or @var array?
20:54 Wombert @var array I think
20:54 Wombert I ported three handlers during my train ride home btw
20:54 Wombert and played with <optional><choice>
20:55 Wombert doesn't change the rng errors :<
20:55 Wombert I guess we gotta ditch it
20:55 CIA-8 [n=CIA@] has quit []
20:55 Wombert I'm not even sure phpdocumentor understands Lol[], impl
20:55 impl :(
20:55 Wombert also, what is "holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck"?
20:55 impl phpdocumentor is stupid
20:55 impl oh, I just remembered that I haven't commented that class yet
20:55 impl you're in so many of the same channels as me that whenever you connect to IRC my terminal lights up
20:56 impl so I was like 'oh shit'
20:57 Wombert lawl
20:57 Wombert <:
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21:13 impl und documented~
21:20 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-124-20.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has quit []
21:22 CIA-6 impl * r3303 /branches/1.0/src/build/agavi/script/AgaviOptionParser.class.php: Documentation (3/3): Document AgaviOptionParser
21:29 Wombert thanks impl :)
21:33 Wombert so how do we proceed with this rng mess
21:37 Wombert impl: http://www.baconnaise.com/
21:40 Whisller guys what else than "core.skip_config_validation" I must setup to execute new agavi?
21:42 Wombert whisller: ?
21:43 Whisller I've got blank page
21:44 shrink0r [n=shrink0r@i59F7C27E.versanet.de] has quit []
21:44 Whisller It was a problem with xml as I remember
21:46 Wombert segfault?
21:47 Whisller not sure, crash on bootstrap, I think this same as I show you hmm couple weeks ago
21:47 Whisller But then I've got old libxslt
21:47 Whisller I thought that it is fixed with new libxslt
21:48 Wombert we don't know what the cause is
21:48 Wombert but now that it happens for you
21:48 Wombert maybe you can work with impl and try to find the problem
21:48 Whisller libxml: 2.7.2, libxslt: 1.1.24 so my libraries are new
21:48 Whisller impl: are you there?
21:49 Whisller impl: which version of libxml and libxslt have you got?
21:51 Wombert http://trac.agavi.org/ticket/898
21:52 Whisller ahh AgaviConfig::set('core.skip_config_transformations', true);
21:52 Wombert ...
21:52 Whisller heh yes i've found in logs thanks
21:52 Wombert ?
21:52 Whisller irc logs
21:53 Wombert right
21:53 Wombert just a question
21:53 Wombert oh well
21:53 Wombert forget it
21:53 Wombert ...
21:54 Whisller should be added in WTF
21:54 Wombert yeah
21:54 Wombert whatever
21:55 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@djx251.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit []
21:58 Wombert hmm
21:58 Wombert https://trac.macports.org/ticket/14063
22:00 Wombert does your install have EXSLT support, whisller?
22:00 Whisller not sure
22:01 Whisller is it an external library to libxslt?
22:01 Wombert phpinfo()
22:02 Whisller exslt: enabled
22:02 Wombert k
22:04 Whisller strange thing because as in comments I see sometimes it works sometimes doesn't and it doesn't depends on libxml or libxslt version
22:04 Wombert yeah that's the problem
22:05 Wombert we really need all the help we can get to figure out what's going on
22:05 Wombert maybe you can send impl a backtrace or so
22:05 Whisller ok
22:05 Wombert I'm not very good with this stuff; he'd know what to do
22:05 Wombert (when he's back)
22:05 Wombert it's pretty important that we find the cause of this
22:05 Wombert segfaults are never good
22:05 Wombert maybe you can isolate the exact line where it segfaults in the meantime?
22:06 Whisller Hmm I've show you this line, maybe now it is somwhere else I'll check it
22:07 Whisller *show earlier
22:07 Wombert maybe put file_put_contents calls with APPEND flag next to the crashing code
22:07 Wombert to document where the crash occurs
22:07 Wombert (by dumping xml config file name or whatever info there is)
22:07 Whisller ok
22:07 Wombert does it crash on the command line, too, whisller?
22:08 Whisller wait...
22:10 Whisller hmm no
22:11 Whisller empty agavi project, execute index.php from pub
22:11 Whisller *executed
22:23 Wombert but on web it crashes?
22:23 Wombert sure that php.ini is the same and everything?
22:23 Wombert same php install used?
22:23 Wombert what's your memory limit?
22:27 Whisller terminal and web is using this same php.ini. 128MB, increate it and check
22:31 Whisller oh wait, shit sorry man php -ini show mi that terminal doesn't load php.ini even that path is good huh
22:32 Whisller But it is new installation of PHP so web and terminal is using default configuration
22:33 Whisller but other environment are this same
22:37 Wombert so now it crashes on CLI?
22:37 Wombert maybe it is some ini setting
22:37 Wombert or an extension that is loaded
22:37 Wombert something like that
22:37 Wombert try and find it :)
22:38 Wombert in fact, whoever finds the definitive cause of the segfault wins an agavi tshirt :)
22:38 Whisller hehe
22:40 Whisller It cannot be any ini setting because it is brand new installation of PHP. So I've just changed memory_limit nothing else. And why that little bitch (CLI) doesn't want to read php.ini heh
22:46 Wombert yeah but it crashes in the web server, right?
22:46 Whisller yeah
22:47 Whisller sounds like apache
22:47 Whisller or god know what
22:48 Wombert it could also be an extension or so
22:48 Wombert that's not loaded on cli
22:48 Wombert or xdebug?
22:48 Wombert apc?
22:49 Whisller I don't have apc xdebug either
22:51 Whisller hmm php --ini are showing loaded configuration file for CLI or web?
22:51 Whisller *is
22:52 Wombert php -i
22:53 Whisller mhm, first time I see it. php -i is showing good path to php.ini but doesn't want to load it. heh nevermind
22:54 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has quit ["jonwage@gmail.com"]
22:54 Wombert I must go to bed now, sorry
22:54 Wombert let's pick this up tomorrow
22:54 Wombert would be good to find a solution
22:54 Wombert nn
22:55 Wombert [n=Wombert@dslb-088-066-162-107.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit []
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23:07 Whisller [n=Whisller@chello089078126051.chello.pl] has joined #agavi
23:08 Whisller I also should go to bed
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02:25 MugeSo huomenta
02:27 MugeSo Can I create global models by agavi command with beta5 ?
02:47 impl yeah
02:47 impl agavi project-model-create
02:48 MugeSo oh! cool!
02:49 MugeSo impl: thnaks ;)
02:49 impl yup :)
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06:29 v-dogg huomenta
06:47 v-dogg does 5.3 have lambda functions?
06:58 BuddhaOhneHals [n=wuddha@] has joined #agavi
07:03 horros huomenta
07:03 CIA-8 [n=CIA@] has quit []
07:10 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has joined #agavi
07:13 MugeSo v-dogg: I think so.
07:14 MugeSo at least, 5.3 alpha1 has.
07:15 v-dogg cool
07:16 v-dogg I was playing with an idea to replace action::validate with a special "register validation function as lambda" validator :)
07:17 v-dogg I already have a working sample with create_function but the problem is code scope (the function cannot access $this)
07:18 v-dogg and, if I remember Sebastian's presentation correctly, lambda functions could access $this
07:18 v-dogg (the phpunit guy)
07:29 liutis [n=codecop@88-119-253-245.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
07:33 horros Let's see if the dog gets ANY food today.
07:33 horros grumble grumble
07:46 moritz [n=moritz@84-72-199-15.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
07:51 moritz good morning
07:53 moritz in agavi 0.11.1 this should work, right? $this->getContext()->getLoggerManager()->getLogger()->log('repr mod update');
07:53 moritz in a routing callback class
07:53 Wombert [n=Wombert@dslb-088-066-162-107.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #agavi
07:53 v-dogg it doesn't?-)
07:54 moritz no I get a php error (not an agavi exception) :Fatal error: Call to a member function getLogger() on a non-object in
07:55 v-dogg moritz: ah, no, AgaviLogger expects AgaviLoggerMessage
07:55 moritz ok cool
07:55 moritz i'll check that out
07:55 Wombert use_logging enabled?
07:55 v-dogg $this->context->getLoggerManager()->log('foo'); works
07:56 _cheerios [n=Jack@] has joined #agavi
07:56 _cheerios huomenta
07:56 v-dogg huomenta
07:57 liutis huomenta!
07:57 v-dogg Wombert: I have an action_filter problem - for some reason its output doesn't show when I do "return 'bbbblaaah'" in the view
07:59 moritz actually this: $this->getContext()->getLoggerManager()->log('repr mod update'); doesn't work either
07:59 moritz Fatal error: Call to a member function log() on a non-object in /Users/moritz/Sites/Independent_Pictures/trunk/agavi/app/lib/update/ReprModUpdat​eCallback.class.php on line 5
08:00 moritz any ideas
08:00 v-dogg moritz: settings.xml "use_logging"
08:00 moritz use_loggin =true
08:00 v-dogg but... uhm... how did $this->getContext()->getLoggerManager()->getLogger() work then?!
08:00 moritz <setting name="use_database">true</setting>
08:00 moritz <setting name="use_logging">true</setting>
08:00 moritz <setting name="use_routing">true</setting>
08:00 moritz <setting name="use_security">true</setting>
08:00 moritz <setting name="use_translation">false</setting>
08:01 MugeSo moritz: check context and environment
08:02 moritz could you please explain check context.
08:02 moritz I'm in development environment
08:03 moritz v-dogg: are you asking if $this->getContext()->getLoggerManager()->getLogger() ever did work?
08:03 moritz no it didn't
08:03 v-dogg moritz: I don't understand how $this->getContext()->getLoggerManager()->getLogger() didn't throw that error and $this->getContext()->getLoggerManager()->log() does
08:03 moritz they both do
08:03 v-dogg oh, sorry, I misread the earlier error message
08:04 v-dogg where do you call getLoggerManager? in initialize() ?
08:05 moritz no in a routing callback class
08:05 moritz I tried it inside a execute of an action
08:05 moritz same error
08:06 v-dogg the logger manager is not created for some reason
08:06 v-dogg 99% of the times this is because use_logging == false. the rest 1% is you alone :)
08:07 moritz damn
08:07 whisller [n=Miranda@58-mo6-2.acn.waw.pl] has joined #agavi
08:07 Arme[N] [n=Arme[N]@unaffiliated/armen/x-394205] has joined #agavi
08:10 moritz aha I cleared the cache a couple of times and turned loggin on/off a couple of times and now I get a beautiful agavi exception
08:11 moritz No directory defined for rotating logging.
08:12 whisller hi
08:14 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
08:28 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has joined #agavi
08:36 Sasan_Rose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
08:44 Sasan_Ro1e [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
08:44 moritz where do you define a directory for "rotating logging"
08:44 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
08:45 Sasan_Ro1e is now known as SasanRose
08:45 moritz <appender name="DebugLogAppender" class="AgaviRotatingFileLoggerAppender" layout="PassthruLayout">
08:45 moritz <parameters>
08:45 moritz <parameter name="dir">%core.app_dir%/log/</parameter>
08:45 Sasan_Rose [n=SasanRos@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
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09:30 E_mE [n=e_me@mail.spiritusgroup.com] has joined #agavi
09:31 E_mE huomenta
09:35 digitarald [n=digitara@] has joined #agavi
09:52 moritz what does huomenta mean?
09:53 Rendez moritz: you are going to be sentenced for that
09:53 moritz I'll have to switch to Windows?
09:54 moritz damn
09:54 v-dogg moritz: http://trac.agavi.org/wiki/Huomenta
09:55 moritz Huomenta it is lol
09:56 horros I was a bit surprised to see it still in use after a year and a half or so of absence from this channel :D
09:56 horros Us finns = win!
09:57 v-dogg \o/
10:01 ttj Boo! You suck!
10:02 horros slaps ttj across the face
10:02 horros !
10:02 ttj Pfft.
10:02 v-dogg too
10:02 ttj You Finns think you're something and really you're just a bunch of losers!
10:03 horros haha
10:03 v-dogg btw, Finland should have its own PHP Users Group
10:03 horros PHP/FI
10:03 horros :D
10:03 v-dogg because then Wombert would come to Finland and demo Agavi
10:03 v-dogg that'd be cool :)
10:04 v-dogg horros: :D
10:04 ttj Can't you just buy Wombert some plain tickets and get him to come drink beer with us here?
10:04 PyroBilly sed -i -e 's/Romans/Finns/g' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExWfh6sGyso
10:05 v-dogg ttj: sure I can but if there was an official users group, he'd pay the tickets himself!
10:05 ttj Hmm... Brilliant plan.
10:07 horros Then we can have all the convetions here in Tampere!
10:07 horros ;)
10:07 ttj Tanpere? Pfft!
10:07 horros "Helsingissä kaikki muu on paskaa paitsi kusi"
10:07 horros :P
10:08 ttj The only reason to ever go outside Kehä I is to go to the airport in Vantaa.
10:08 ttj Absolutely no reason otherwise.
10:08 v-dogg haha
10:09 icyt is now known as IcyT
10:12 horros bah
10:12 horros bloody construction wankers
10:13 horros we had "vuositarkastus" here, I said that there are some stuff that needs to be fixed in my apartment
10:13 horros last week I got a paper back and they wanted me to sign it to say it's all fixed
10:14 codecop_ [n=codecop@88-119-253-245.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
10:18 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@djx251.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
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10:45 _cheerios haha
10:46 whisller [n=Miranda@58-mo6-2.acn.waw.pl] has joined #agavi
10:46 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
10:50 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #agavi
10:54 ttj horros: I know the feeling. I ordered stuff XYZ for work. Then I get an email saying that I need to confirm that I've received the stuff before the supplier is paid.
10:55 ttj They sent me a mail saying that I need to click "Confirm" four times before the stuff arrived.
10:55 ttj And when it arrived, half of it was missing.
10:55 ttj And I kept getting more pressure that I need to confirm that I've received it. Lovely.
10:55 horros hehe
10:56 horros well, our customer got some document scanners from Canon. the documents need to be stuffed into our system. They'll start training the staff on Monday.
10:57 horros Except... NOBODY has told us ANYTHING about the whole project in two weeks => we've not done anything about it because we don't know WHERE the documents will be or what the filename format will be so we can import them.
10:57 horros Good luck with the training!
10:57 horros Bloody consultants.
10:57 ttj :P
10:57 ttj Damnit. Some meeting in 3 minutes and I don't want to go. I want to sleep.
10:58 horros Oh dear :(
10:58 horros *sigh*
10:58 horros NetBeans' "rename project" stuffed up everything completely
10:58 horros It copied all the files to a new directory
10:58 ttj And goddamn proxies. Have to configure every fucking piece of software individually. And when I take the laptop out of the office, then I have to change everything again.
10:58 horros EXCEPT the .svn directories.
10:59 horros So it's pretty much useless.
10:59 ttj :)
10:59 v-dogg haha
10:59 horros grumble grumble
10:59 v-dogg lunch ->
10:59 horros It seems almost like Monday :(
11:00 v-dogg Kepap om nom nom nom
11:00 saracen Every friday feels like monday to me, its the only day I have to go in to work =(
11:00 ttj Thank god it's Friday.
11:00 horros Agreed.
11:00 v-dogg yeah, only two more working days this week! :)
11:00 ttj One more meeting and then I can start slowly crawling out of the office->
11:01 horros In about two hours or so, I'll get into my car, drive to Hämeenlinna and make dinner for missus until she comes at about 18:30 \o/
11:01 horros s/comes/comes home/
11:01 horros just to avoid any possible confusion in your DIRTY DIRTY minds.
11:01 ttj I was just about to say that you have very nicely synchronized and scheduled everything.
11:02 v-dogg and then 18:33 you come. missus doesn't at all
11:02 ttj 3 minutes? Isn't that sort of exaggerating a bit...
11:02 horros v-dogg: 18:33?
11:02 v-dogg 31?
11:02 horros More like 18:30.5
11:02 v-dogg :D
11:03 ttj Nah, let's be fair. More like comes in 60 seconds...
11:03 horros Actually, I haven't seen missus since monday
11:03 v-dogg but now really: omnomnom
11:03 horros so 18:30.01
11:03 codecop_ [n=codecop@88-119-253-245.static.zebra.lt] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
11:03 ttj horros: "Moi, mistä sä tuut?!" "Moi, kuten kaikki kunnon tietotekniikan opiskelijat, mä tuun oman käden kautta."
11:04 horros hah
11:04 horros I am not, however, a tietotekniikan opiskelija!
11:04 ttj Good for you.
11:04 horros Agreed.
11:05 ttj Anyway, looks like the meeting already started->
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11:25 Xylakant [n=Xylakant@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
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11:38 saracen p
11:38 saracen opps
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11:38 saracen Anybody here run in to problems setting up php fcgi + lighttp on ubuntu 8.04?
11:38 saracen lighttpd*
11:39 _cheerios nope
11:40 saracen Hmm, its not working. Lighttpd doesn't start. No errors, argh
11:41 _cheerios by default it uses port 80, which will collide with apache, if installed
11:42 saracen Nah, nothing else installed. I installed php5-cgi, installed lighttpd. Then made a symbolic link to 10-fastcgi.conf in conf-enabled
11:42 saracen Restarted lighttpd. Says its fine, but it hasnt actually started
11:43 saracen If i remove the fastcgi.conf, it works - but with no php
11:43 saracen The paths in fastcgi are correct too ;x
11:45 saracen oh wait
11:45 saracen error log is there )
11:45 saracen bind failed for: unix:/tmp/php.socket-0 Permission denied
11:45 saracen ah ha :)
11:50 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
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12:05 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
12:08 trophaeum_ saracen, if your playin with non apache httpds, try out nginx, iv had better scalability experiences with it than lighttpd and its get a better security history as well
12:09 trophaeum_ i use it in production for over 500req/sec on a single box without issues
12:09 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
12:46 mib_r9szwo [i=3e32292c@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/session] has joined #agavi
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12:48 mib_r9szwo hello, can somebody post me a global_filters.xml with an error container description please, thank you
12:57 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has quit []
12:58 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #agavi
12:58 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has quit [" (going back to the Real World)."]
12:59 _cheerios never had any error containers in my global_filters. what kind of use case needs that? always interesting in new stuff :)
13:02 mib_r9szwo oh i forgot to mention its the agaviformpopulation filter and i dont know how to give him the id of the error container to put the error messages in?
13:06 v-dogg mib_r9szwo: http://trac.agavi.org/browser/branches/1.0/samples/app/config/global_filters.xml
13:06 v-dogg would these comments be helpful?
13:08 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
13:08 mib_r9szwo looks fine, thank you!
13:26 moritz [n=moritz@ip-213-189-154-197.fix.magnet.ch] has joined #agavi
13:26 mib_r9szwo hello again how would one implement one error container which contains all error messages?
13:27 mib_r9szwo like this: <parameter name="error_messages"> <parameter name="container"><![CDATA[<div id="error">${errorMessages}</div>]]></parameter></parameter> ??
13:29 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit []
13:29 _cheerios trophaeum_, nginx probably works okay for flash file uploads unlike lighttpd 1.4 ?
13:32 trophaeum_ cheer had no problems with nginx to date with anything
13:33 _cheerios not sure if asked on this channel already, but did it have something like mod_evasive?
13:38 trophaeum_ nop, check into csf (google csf firewall) for an alternative, u could always use nginx->apache reverse proxy though
13:40 _cheerios do you go with nging for dynamic content too?
13:40 Macen ohloh is soo slow
13:51 digitarald works fine here
13:52 digitarald maybe they should not add releases/packages feature ... they are a bit feature-addicted
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13:57 whisller [n=Miranda@58-mo6-2.acn.waw.pl] has joined #agavi
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14:02 Macen yeh it just certain pages
14:03 Macen ohloh.net/sessions/new was down for 24 hours according to downforeveryoneorjustme.com
14:04 Wombert [n=Wombert@munich.bitxtender.net] has joined #agavi
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14:10 MrJeep huomenta!
14:13 Zimm [n=asd@f054007172.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
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14:51 Wombert huomenta
14:51 benschi [n=benjamin@fwsla.net.hrz.tu-darmstadt.de] has joined #agavi
14:52 trophaeum_ cheer distracted, ya, i do
14:52 trophaeum_ oops
14:52 trophaeum_ gone
14:52 trophaeum_ on well
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15:23 Wombert changed the topic of #agavi to: Welcome to Agavi :: new: www.agavi.org :: bleeding: 1.0.0beta5 :: stable: 0.11.5 :: have a question? Just ask, and wait patiently, as patience is the key to happiness :: got no reply? use the mailing lists! :: svn: http://svn.agavi.org/; use branches/0.11 (or branches/1.0 for HEAD, trunk is in hibernation now) :: http://ohloh.net/projects/5907 :: logs at http://agavi.org/irclogs/ :: http://trac.agavi.org/wiki/Huomenta :: http://trac.agavi.org/wik
15:23 Wombert changed the topic of #agavi to: Welcome to Agavi :: new: www.agavi.org :: bleeding: 1.0.0beta5 :: stable: 0.11.5 :: have a question? Just ask, and wait patiently, as patience is the key to happiness :: got no reply? use the mailing lists! :: svn: http://svn.agavi.org/ (use branches/0.11 or branches/1.0, not trunk) :: http://ohloh.net/projects/5907 :: logs at http://agavi.org/irclogs/ :: http://trac.agavi.org/wiki/Huomenta :: http://trac.agavi.org/wiki/Bounties
15:26 mib_r9szwo how can i turn on the agaviformpopulationfilter per request? it is on enabled="false" in the global_filters.xml
15:26 macen_ [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
15:28 v-dogg mib_r9szwo: $this->context->getRequest()->setAttribute('populate', true, 'org.agavi.filter.FormPopulationFilter');
15:29 v-dogg the boolean can also be AgaviParameterHolder if you want define the data for the population
15:30 Wombert nah
15:30 Wombert that won't work
15:30 Wombert mib_r9szwo: why do you have enabled="false" ?
15:30 v-dogg it doesn't work when the filter is not enabled?
15:30 Wombert if the filter is enabled="false" then it's never even loaded
15:31 v-dogg roger, sorry for the misinformation
15:31 v-dogg I have it enabled always :)
15:31 Wombert mib_r9szwo: you realize it only runs for "write" requests in the stock configuration, right?
15:31 mib_r9szwo ok so i have to enable it always ans set to false if i dont use it?
15:31 Wombert mib_r9szwo: explain your situation please
15:32 mib_r9szwo i have a form which should be the only one using the formfilter
15:32 mib_r9szwo other forms should not use it
15:33 Wombert enable it, leave <parameter name="methods" /> empty, and then use the approach v-dogg described
15:33 mib_r9szwo ok ill try that
15:34 v-dogg and the next question is "why don't other forms use it?" :)
15:34 nfq [n=nfq@ip-213-189-154-197.fix.magnet.ch] has joined #agavi
15:34 mib_r9szwo sorry my problem is that only one route should use it other routes not
15:35 Wombert actually, you can leave out "methods" altogether
15:35 v-dogg sure, but why? FPF is awesome and should always be used ;)
15:38 mib_r9szwo if i understand righit can only be turned off for a special request but not turned on?
15:39 v-dogg no, Wombert just explained how to do that
15:40 Wombert mib_r9szwo: enabled="true" just controls whether or not the filter is loaded etc
15:40 v-dogg if you leave the "methods" parameter out from the config FPF will not run unless you tell it to
15:40 Wombert controlling whether or not FPF itself runs for a certain request or whichever can be done at runtime
15:40 Wombert and/or through configuration
15:41 digitarald hey Wombert
15:41 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@] has joined #agavi
15:41 digitarald meet RedRacer :)
15:42 v-dogg huomenta RedRacer
15:42 mib_r9szwo that works, thank you!
15:42 digitarald oh, I should teach him at least a "Huomenta" when he joins
15:43 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:43 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@] has joined #agavi
15:43 RedRacer Huomenta
15:44 digitarald better, amazing, feels so human
15:44 digitarald !r.redracer
15:44 digitarald !r.who
15:44 RedRacer RedRacer is a web-based source code repository, aggregating community contributions. [ Agavi 1.0.0-beta5 ]
15:44 digitarald and don't ask, v-dogg, it has no sense at all :P
15:44 digitarald !r.quit
15:44 RedRacer [n=RedRacer@] has quit [Client Quit]
15:44 digitarald only as moderation tool and update feed for the plugin repo
15:56 Sasan_Rose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
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17:24 fnordfish Poll: switching to (1) 1.0.0beta5 (2) 1.0 branch (3) felix-testing-implementation branch (4) wait for 1.0.0beta6
17:26 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has joined #agavi
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17:29 Wombert (2) sounds good
17:30 Wombert I'll roll beta6 on sunday
17:30 v-dogg (2)
17:31 CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has joined #agavi
17:35 benschi Huomenta Folks.
17:36 Wombert ohai benschi
17:36 benschi Wombert can you describe in a short sentence what storage is for?
17:37 Wombert it's the session interface, at the moment
17:37 Wombert do not use it
17:37 Wombert ever
17:37 benschi Is it for transporting stuff from one request to the other
17:37 Wombert use the User object for session access
17:37 Wombert ( http://php.net/session )
17:37 Wombert the sample app has examples
17:39 benschi Cuz I have a app which is a search engine and when I use paging, I somehow have to get the query over to the next page
17:46 Wombert nonono
17:46 Wombert pass that in the url
17:46 Wombert session is a bad idea for that
17:46 Wombert then I can use only one search at a time!
17:50 benschi You have a point there ...
17:51 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit []
17:54 v-dogg how is session a bad idea for that (not sure what "that" is but still curious :)
17:54 Wombert v-dogg: /search?p=2
17:54 benschi v-dogg: I think he means for saving a query temporaily
17:54 Wombert and query in the session?
17:54 Wombert nono
17:55 trophaeum_ Wombert, query id in the url, search keyword in the session and the id's for the results of the search query in the session is a pretty good way out :) but its not the simplest to code
17:55 trophaeum_ makes your session a little bloated but it makes it lightweight to find the results on page2
17:56 v-dogg that's close to what I do
17:56 trophaeum_ do sql calc rows, select only the id, limit to say 3 or 4 pages worth of id's, store the total count of records found in the session, do select from blah where id in (listhere) and then if they go beyond the id's you have in your sessioon requery for the next 100 or watevr
17:58 trophaeum_ you can always tell who's worked with high load sites by how they work with search data :)
17:59 benschi my next question would be how can i transport a query like '+apple +juice (foo bar)' in the URL when i use routing
18:02 digitarald [n=digitara@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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18:16 Xylakant trophaeum: if i'd do a search on a high traffic site i'd use a dedicated search engine that stores and caches query results
18:17 Xylakant why would I want to engineer a solution for a problem that someone else solved
18:28 trophaeum_ Xylakant, true but that introduces extra dependancies that u have to take care of as well, u can easily enough do it in pure php in a way that is happily cross platform/cheap hosting/everything and much faster than requerying every page
18:31 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has quit ["jonwage@gmail.com"]
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18:37 MikeSeth [n=youdie@unaffiliated/mikeseth] has joined #agavi
18:39 benschi Xylakant: what kind of search engine is that?
18:39 benschi usable for mysql?
18:40 trophaeum_ http://www.sphinxsearch.com/ - good choice
18:42 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
18:48 PyroBilly [n=pyrobill@] has quit ["Leaving."]
18:51 benschi thank you very much. I'll look into sphinx
18:51 benschi cu folks
18:51 benschi [n=benjamin@f051073208.adsl.alicedsl.de] has quit []
18:57 shrink0r [n=shrink0r@i59F7F2DE.versanet.de] has joined #agavi
19:00 Arme[N] is now known as Arme[0]
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19:38 impl badum
19:38 impl badum
19:38 impl badum badum badum badum badum
19:41 Wombert impl: xD
19:47 impl http://www.236.com/video/2008/get_your_war_on_new_world_orde_10121.php
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22:03 saracen Wombert: The hold back for beta6 this segmentation thing?
22:11 Wombert no
22:12 Wombert impl did some comment cleanup and I'm still working on some nicer code template defaults blah blah
22:12 Wombert which are fucking annying, but what can I do
22:13 saracen ha =(
22:17 impl ugh
22:26 Strzalek___ [n=Strzalek@dkw134.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit []
22:31 CIA-6 david * r3304 /branches/0.11/ (26 files in 8 dirs): added more best practices to code templates and generated system actions, closes #910 and #911
22:34 Wombert now for the fun part
22:34 Wombert porting the entire shit by hand
22:34 Wombert stabs path renames
22:34 Wombert but
22:34 Wombert hugs impl
22:34 Wombert it's all a lot easier with the new build system
22:37 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has quit []
22:38 Wombert errr
22:38 Wombert impl: I think I need some help with this
22:38 Wombert is default/apps for project-wizard?
22:38 Wombert *defaults/app
22:38 Wombert in the code tpls dir
22:39 Wombert and what it doesn't find there it takes from the standard dir?
22:42 impl I think it probably explicitly copies things out of that directory
22:42 impl i.e., individual files are specified in build.xml
22:43 Wombert orly?
22:43 Wombert mmk
22:44 Wombert so you probably think the fancy configs with default layouts and FPF error message rule examples and shit should be in the defaults dir right?
22:44 impl squints
22:47 Fastly [n=alex@81-86-33-27.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #agavi
22:47 Wombert you could argue that by default, even defining an output type is too much
22:47 impl yes, yes I could
22:47 impl :)
22:47 impl deletes
22:48 impl Wombert: I still also don't like that you have FPF but no HTML helpers, I mean they're basically the same thing
22:48 impl it's not like FPF will ever work with anything that doesn't have an output type of xhtml
22:48 Wombert LIES
22:48 Wombert do not delete it
22:48 Wombert stabs
22:48 Wombert stabs
22:48 impl :D
22:58 Wombert err impl
22:58 Wombert what config files do you modify in the build system besides settings.xml?
22:58 Wombert using DOM I mean
22:59 impl just settings.xml
23:01 Wombert kk
23:01 Wombert we need to keep that in mind when migrating that handler
23:01 Wombert do you want to only support the latest format there, too, right?
23:01 Wombert I'd say we do that
23:02 impl umm
23:02 impl sure?
23:02 Wombert why not
23:02 Wombert people with old settings.xml need to upgrade then
23:02 Wombert well, we gotta throw an exception or so...
23:02 Wombert maybe validate the document before changing it?
23:02 Wombert that'd be good I guess
23:02 Wombert imma maek a ticket for dis for ya
23:02 Wombert not urgent
23:05 nfq Wombert: dude
23:08 CIA-6 david * r3305 /branches/0.11/ (2 files in 2 dirs): send http 401 on "forbidden" pages, refs #910 and #911
23:11 CIA-6 david * r3306 /branches/0.11/ (4 files in 2 dirs): send http 503 on "unavailable" pages, refs #910 and #911
23:22 Wombert dude!
23:22 Wombert impl: yes. why didn't you do that in 0.11 too :p
23:22 Wombert you added it just to 1.0
23:23 Wombert impl: couldn't the wizard-specific stuff be implemented through the template fallbacks stuff you added?
23:23 Wombert ah nah that's just two-level, right?
23:23 impl I added it to 1.0?
23:23 Wombert mmmmm
23:23 Wombert yes
23:23 Wombert AND IT STAYS THERE
23:23 impl I don't /remember/ adding it
23:23 Wombert because it's in default
23:23 Wombert :>
23:23 Wombert for wizard things
23:23 Wombert so worry not
23:24 impl DELETE
23:24 Wombert repeatedly stabs with a blunt object
23:26 Wombert impl: templates/template.php.tmpl
23:26 Wombert what's that about?
23:26 Wombert and template.tmpl?
23:26 Wombert are those used anywhere?
23:26 Wombert they do not seem to be copied anywhere
23:26 Wombert which is odd or so
23:26 impl because you can specify the extension you want to use
23:26 impl it falls back to template.tmpl
23:26 impl if no template.EXT.tmpl exists
23:26 Wombert oh
23:26 Wombert win
23:26 Wombert but
23:26 Wombert is that for global tpls?
23:26 impl it's for all templates
23:27 Wombert oh
23:27 Wombert right
23:27 Wombert so my exception templates
23:27 Wombert mmmm
23:27 Wombert WHERE DO I PUT THEM
23:28 impl what?
23:28 Wombert nevermind
23:28 Wombert you don't want to know
23:28 impl stop fucking up my build system :(((((((
23:29 Wombert I think I need to rewrite some stuff there
23:29 Wombert this is odd
23:29 Wombert hmm
23:29 Wombert tries
23:29 impl do not underestimate the fragility of build.xml
23:33 Wombert I was just teasing you ;)
23:33 Wombert impl: halp
23:33 Wombert Agavi > action-locate:
23:33 Wombert Execution of target "action-locate" failed for the following reason: /Users/dzuelke/Code/oss/agavi/branches/1.0/src/build/build.xml:1113:23: Agavi action not found at /Users/dzuelke/Code/oss/agavi/branches/1.0/lol/app/modules/Default/actions/Index​Action.class.php
23:33 Wombert [agavi.execute-target] /Users/dzuelke/Code/oss/agavi/branches/1.0/src/build/build.xml:1113:23: Agavi action not found at /Users/dzuelke/Code/oss/agavi/branches/1.0/lol/app/modules/Default/actions/Index​Action.class.php
23:33 impl I told you not to fuck with it
23:33 Wombert any way you could quickly add a message above or below saying "this will fail, that's oaky"
23:34 Wombert nah that's the usual thing happening during project-wizard
23:34 impl yeah yeah yeah fine
23:34 Wombert remember, the one red message that's okay
23:37 CIA-6 impl * r3307 /branches/1.0/src/build/phing/org/agavi/build/tasks/AgaviExecutetargetTask.php: Make it INCREDIBLY REALLY CLEAR that RED MESSAGES are OKAY
23:37 impl >:|
23:41 Wombert impl: make it purple?
23:41 impl no
23:41 Wombert like the build.properties messages?
23:41 impl I can't change that
23:41 Wombert wat?
23:42 Wombert wait is this for _all_ errors?
23:42 impl That's generated inside phing
23:42 Wombert eh wat
23:42 impl it fires an event
23:42 impl that says
23:42 impl 'OMG SHIT FAILED'
23:42 impl then I catch the error and say 'no nvm shit didn't fail'
23:42 impl but the loggers handle it anyway
23:42 Wombert but that now happens for all failures, right?
23:42 impl No
23:43 impl only if you do
23:43 impl <agavi.execute-target ... exceptionsFatal="false" />
23:43 Wombert oh
23:43 Wombert you know, I gotta give you mad props there
23:43 Wombert I can see, literally, all over the place, how hopeless phing is
23:43 Wombert but you still made it as awesome as it could possibly be
23:43 Wombert hugs
23:44 impl :>
23:44 Wombert how bout rewriting the shit in plain php for 1.1?
23:44 Wombert :>
23:44 impl you mean python
23:44 impl http://conductor.transtruct.org/
23:45 Wombert DONT DO THAT
23:45 Wombert :<
23:45 impl it's so elegant
23:45 impl and win
23:45 Wombert ponders
23:45 Wombert I could just continue this sunday
23:45 Wombert in fact, I will
23:45 Wombert stabs
23:45 Wombert bai
23:45 Wombert it's late
23:45 Wombert 1am and I'm still @office
23:45 Wombert gayness
23:45 impl what happened to Saturday?
23:46 Wombert mmmm
23:46 Wombert meetings
23:46 Wombert bai gotta run
23:46 Wombert [n=Wombert@munich.bitxtender.net] has quit ["bai"]
23:48 rawb [n=rawb@c-24-61-142-198.hsd1.ct.comcast.net] has joined #agavi
23:48 rawb [n=rawb@unaffiliated/rawb] has left #agavi ["Bye!"]
Day changed Sat Nov 08 2008
01:36 nfq yo impl
01:43 Wombert [n=Wombert@dslb-088-066-172-158.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #agavi
01:45 Wombert owwww we're back to 5.0/5.0 on ohloh :>
01:52 impl I can tell that made your day
01:53 Wombert stabs
01:54 Wombert :<<<
01:54 impl :DD
02:04 luke` [n=luke`@] has joined #agavi
02:42 Wombert impl: I'll try and migrate back to xml schema next week
02:42 Wombert http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cpp/XSDTutorial_04.aspx has some useful info on how to do the namespaces stuff
02:42 Wombert it really is a shame that rng is so crappy
02:42 Wombert I was pondering using RNG to validate the envelope and xsd for the rest
02:42 Wombert (if that works; not sure)
02:47 impl hhghh
02:48 Wombert I know, it hurts
02:48 Wombert I <3 <interleave> and stuff
02:48 Wombert but what can we do :<
02:48 Wombert well maybe write emails to all the xml and blah lists out there and ask for help
02:48 Wombert but I don't think it's the fault of our schemas
02:48 Wombert although I _have_ seen more useful error messages before
02:50 Wombert aha
02:50 Wombert http://mail.gnome.org/archives/xml/2003-November/msg00090.html
02:55 Wombert ha! http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=324164
02:56 Wombert http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=326031#c15
02:57 Wombert http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=558452
02:57 impl motherfuckers.
02:58 Wombert impl: check the first one
02:58 Wombert 324164
02:58 Wombert it says interleave inside interleave ruins the error messages
02:58 Wombert we have that with validators
02:58 Wombert it's an interleave inside a combine="interleave" which probably does the same thing
02:58 Wombert (internally)
02:58 impl yeah
02:58 impl libxml is gay
02:58 impl GAY
02:59 impl I will rape those faggots
02:59 impl grumbles
03:01 Wombert kay
03:01 Wombert I verified
03:01 Wombert it's easiest with module.rng
03:01 icyt is now known as IcyT
03:02 Wombert make <ae:parameter> just <parameter> in samples/modules/Default/config/module.xml
03:02 Wombert useless error message
03:02 Wombert then modify module.rng so that it only allows settings:
03:02 Wombert <define name="content-settings">
03:02 Wombert <zeroOrMore>
03:02 Wombert <element name="settings">
03:02 Wombert tadaaa, all fine
03:03 impl huhu
03:03 Wombert I wonder if we should just disallow no-plural-tags stuff
03:03 impl I would like that
03:03 Wombert it's annoying me, lately, anyway
03:03 impl It's made my life a royal pain in the ass
03:03 impl probably yours too
03:03 Wombert sure it's more verbose, but
03:03 Wombert looooooooool
03:03 Wombert :>>>>>>>>>>>>
03:03 Wombert is still laughing
03:04 impl what
03:04 Wombert dunno, I started laughing when you complained that your entire life was ruined due to our convenient xml format
03:04 Wombert and then I had to laugh more when you pointed out that the same was true for _my_ life
03:04 Wombert oh man
03:04 Wombert chuckles
03:05 Wombert so anyway... it's more verbose, but it's also less ambiguous
03:05 impl That phrase must carry a lot more weight in German than in English
03:05 impl :<
03:05 Wombert (in fact, it takes out all the ambiguity)
03:06 Wombert okay, now we know what the problem is
03:06 Wombert let's discuss the matter next weekend
03:06 Wombert k?
03:07 Wombert also, libxml needs heaps of love: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?product=libxml2
03:08 Wombert anyway, I gtg to bedz
03:08 impl uh uhsuf
03:08 Wombert impl: what we need
03:08 Wombert srsly
03:08 Wombert is shitloads of money
03:08 Wombert so we can fix this world
03:08 Wombert I'd start with crappy software, and then go from there
03:09 impl I agree
03:09 impl :D
03:09 Wombert okay
03:09 Wombert lets figure out the "how" the weekend after next weekend
03:09 Wombert I deem the RNG disaster more important <:
03:10 Wombert baii
03:10 impl bai
03:10 impl :<
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08:21 v-dogg huomenta
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11:29 _cheerios huomenta
11:45 nfq yo Wombert
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15:20 Macen how are the docs coming along? we nearly there with them yet?
15:20 Macen will 1.0 be made with/whout them?
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17:08 _cheerios heh, gun sales up 50% on barack obama win.
17:15 aka is that real?
17:46 MikeSeth i damn home it is
17:56 MikeSeth ho-p-e
19:12 bobbytek2 hey MikeSeth :)
19:12 bobbytek2 how do you handle urls in css?
19:47 IcyT is now known as icyt
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22:18 MikeSeth bobbytek2: I just use relative paths
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Day changed Sun Nov 09 2008
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07:23 v-dogg huomenta
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08:19 _cheerios [n=Jack@dsl-hkibrasgw3-fe74fb00-140.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #agavi
08:19 _cheerios huomenta
08:45 _cheerios http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1015142.shtml irish luck?
08:56 MikeSeth huomenta
08:57 Wombert [n=Wombert@dslb-088-064-216-209.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #agavi
09:02 MikeSeth Wombert
09:02 MikeSeth any notes on refguide/tutorial?
09:02 MikeSeth if not im proceeding
09:12 impl Wombert
09:12 impl wait fuck I forgot
09:12 impl nevermind
09:28 Wombert lol impl
09:28 Wombert MikeSeth: yeah refman would be good I guess
09:34 eremit [n=eremit@p5B23568D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #agavi
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13:06 _cheerios It's A New Day, It's A New Day.... not a bad tribute song
13:56 digitarald MikeSeth: the tutorial <pre> parts need overflow: auto
13:56 digitarald http://www.agavi.org/documentation/tutorial/slots.html text bleeds to the right
13:56 digitarald testen in Firebug, fixes it
14:20 MikeSeth ill check it in
14:23 _cheerios CHECK IT, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK IT IN </dj-scratch>
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14:55 bobbytek2 love you skillz _cheerios, you a sick dj
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17:00 RedRacer Huomenta
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18:24 digitarald "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\xampp\htdocs\redracer\vendor\agavi\validator\AgaviValidationReport.class.php on line 234" ?
18:31 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
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18:44 digitarald no idea where that comes from :(
18:46 Sasan_Rose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
18:46 v-dogg digitarald: someone else had that the other day
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18:51 digitarald tried several mode's
18:51 Arme[0] is now known as Arme[N]
18:52 digitarald v-dogg: any idea where to look?
18:52 digitarald Agavi 1.0.0-beta5, PHP: 5.2.6
18:54 digitarald stacktrace http://pastie.org/private/ilqaw1x8duajm1o8bf4na
18:56 impl digitarald: http://trac.agavi.org/changeset/3104
18:56 digitarald *banghead*
18:57 digitarald no download
18:57 impl yeah it's not released yet
18:57 impl :X
18:57 digitarald gimme nightlies ;)
18:57 v-dogg just update your svn:external ;p
18:58 digitarald git
18:58 v-dogg I know :)
18:58 Arme[N] is now known as Arme[0]
18:58 Arme[0] is now known as Arme[N]
18:58 v-dogg someone should build some svn-git-svn bridge
18:58 digitarald b6 release planned?
18:59 digitarald there is git-svn ;)
18:59 v-dogg a couple days ago but something came up
18:59 v-dogg +of
18:59 digitarald mh, that bounty
19:00 digitarald checked out trunk: 'svn://svn.phpunit.de/phpunit/phpunit/branches/feature/parallel_test_execution/P​HPUnit'
19:00 digitarald ...
19:00 digitarald URL
19:00 digitarald 'svn://svn.phpunit.de/phpunit/phpunit/branches/feature/parallel_test_execution/P​HPUnit'
19:00 digitarald doesn't exist
19:01 v-dogg don't use trunk
19:01 digitarald ah, right
19:01 v-dogg branches/1.0
19:01 digitarald I remember
19:01 digitarald ... too late
19:01 v-dogg quickly before wombie sees ;)
19:02 _cheerios heh @ gambling. played blackjack with a mate on friday, i threw away a day's paycheck. and mate? well, he texts me he's at the casino right now *g*
19:04 digitarald ... updated ... hope that he doesn't check the logs ...
19:11 impl Fucking Wikipedia
19:11 impl It's like arguing with a brick wall
19:12 ttj _cheerios: A day's paycheck? Pfft! :P
19:12 digitarald daily paychecks?
19:16 digitarald if that FirePHP project from MikeSeth is uploaded somewhere, I'd love to test the integration!
19:17 digitarald makes so much more fun to use FirePHP, integrated in Agavi it would be even better
19:28 Arme[N] is now known as Arme[0]
19:28 Arme[0] is now known as Arme[N]
19:37 v-dogg firephp project?
19:38 v-dogg I think one of the polish guys was going to write a firephp output rendering for this: http://www.adt.projectbin.org/
19:39 v-dogg currently only html output is available and looks like this: http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-actions.png
19:39 v-dogg http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-globalrd.png
19:39 v-dogg http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-routing.png
19:43 Arme[N] is now known as Arme[0]
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19:45 bobbytek2 anyone use puremvc?
19:46 v-dogg no, we all use pure MVC *g*
19:46 bobbytek2 I mean the cross platform mvc framework
19:46 bobbytek2 I'm thinking about using it for my flex app
19:49 Zimm [n=asd@g224002156.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
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19:52 _cheerios nope, no projects with flex/actionscript here
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20:18 justanothercoder hello everyone
20:19 v-dogg huomenta
20:19 justanothercoder hey v-dogg. wassup
20:20 v-dogg not much, coding
20:20 justanothercoder have you been using agavi for a while?
20:21 v-dogg mm... 3-4 years maybe
20:22 v-dogg not sure. but about as long as it has existed :)
20:23 justanothercoder i am pretty much a spaghetti coder, just trying to figure out MVC and using ORM
20:23 justanothercoder i'm learning propel. is that what agavi uses?
20:24 v-dogg agavi doesn't tell you what ORM to use, you can use any ORM you like
20:24 v-dogg many of us use Propel, others Doctrine
20:24 v-dogg others something else or none at all
20:25 justanothercoder oh cool. if i had a question about propel, would it be ok to ask here?
20:25 v-dogg sure but there is also #propel
20:26 v-dogg you are more likely to get an answer there
20:26 justanothercoder oh ok thanks. i'll try it there. i'm just learning the ropes
20:26 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:28 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dkq49.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
21:23 bobbytek2 v-dogg: what do you use?
21:25 v-dogg propel
21:26 v-dogg &
21:44 bobbytek2 |
22:18 _cheerios [n=Jack@dsl-hkibrasgw3-fe74fb00-140.dhcp.inet.fi] has quit ["nn"]
22:35 dsias I have been testing locale and it seems it picks the wrong locale if the parameter has random data from an internal call. In my case it set a cookie for 'de'. Is there a way to only have the language call back work for the main request?
22:38 dsias Accept-Language en-US,en;q=0.8,de;q=0.5,en-us;q=0.3
22:39 dsias the internal request is a slot
22:44 dsias I'm debugging it now. The parameter is set to 'in' and should be 'en_US' .
22:46 E_mE [n=e_me@mail.spiritusgroup.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:13 justanothercoder [n=devil@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
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Day changed Mon Nov 10 2008
00:16 Wombart [i=52716a01@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d06309723037bf75] has joined #agavi
00:16 Wombart Huomenta
00:18 Wombart impl: thanks for the mail. The cfp was on my todo list anyway. wp article is... meh
00:19 Wombart I finished three handlers. Rng rocks but the libxml shittiness sucks
00:19 Wombart We need to go back to xsd I guess
00:20 Wombart Req plural tags wouldn't solve all problems
00:20 Wombart Will check in tomorrow when I have proper internets
00:23 Wombart [i=52716a01@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d06309723037bf75] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
00:28 Wombart [i=52716a01@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a2af9dcc345c0326] has joined #agavi
00:29 Wombart I've fucking had it with this iPhone thing
00:29 Wombart It runs out of ram all the time
00:30 Wombart Go back to another tab and it reloads the page
00:30 Wombart If safari hasn't crashed that is
00:30 Wombart Gay
00:31 ttj Just buy a Nokia.
00:31 ttj We have the world's most widely deployed mobile platform... ;P
00:31 ttj Thus it must also be the best. :P
00:31 Wombart Why can't they put 1gb of ram into this thing
00:32 Wombart 128mb... Pffffft
00:32 Wombart Browser runs out of mem, kicks tabs
00:32 Wombart Then is kicks browser
00:32 ttj Oh! The new Top Gear is out!
00:32 Wombart Wtg Steve jobs
00:33 Wombart Mmmmmmmm top gear do want
00:33 Wombart But
00:33 Wombart Bedtiem
00:33 ttj No butts.
00:33 Wombart Bai
00:33 ttj Pfft.
00:34 impl WOMBART
00:34 impl did you get my email
00:35 impl oh
00:35 impl yes you did
00:35 impl hrhrhr
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01:38 saracen trophaeum_: Can you show me your nginx rewrite config section? Trying to get it to work with agavi
01:54 karmacod1r [n=karmacod@dslb-088-065-125-152.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #agavi
02:06 saracen nm, got it working :)
02:10 karmacoder [n=karmacod@dslb-084-057-072-183.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
02:10 karmacod1r is now known as karmacoder
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04:21 IcyT is now known as icyt
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04:57 v-dogg huomenta
04:59 MugeSo [n=Tanaka_K@220x218x27x242.ap220.ftth.ucom.ne.jp] has joined #agavi
05:00 MugeSo huomenta
05:08 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
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05:44 Rick [i=rick@pool-71-189-11-16.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #agavi
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06:33 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
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06:51 horros Huomenta.
06:51 liutis [n=codecop@88-119-253-245.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
07:01 BuddhaOhneHals [n=wuddha@] has joined #agavi
07:08 luke` [n=luke`@] has quit []
07:27 alenoosh [n=alenoosh@] has joined #agavi
07:29 alenoosh hi all , I have installed the 0.11.5 version of agavi and I get this error when running the agavi command : http://pastebin.com/m5d18d54b
07:31 v-dogg alenoosh: that's not an error, just a notice
07:31 v-dogg it tries to read your project specific build.properties but you don't have one
07:32 alenoosh alenoosh, but when I run "agavi project" to create an agavi project , it fails
07:32 v-dogg but it's not required so you don't have to worry
07:32 v-dogg ok, would you mind pasting _that_ error then
07:33 alenoosh v-dogg, ok => http://pastebin.com/m3ce97f7d
07:34 v-dogg you need to give a _full_ path like it says
07:34 alenoosh ok let's see
07:35 v-dogg just create the project directory and run "agavi project" in that directory
07:36 v-dogg agavi suggests the current directory by default so you only need to hit enter
07:36 alenoosh v-dogg, oh yes it works this way , thanks alot
07:54 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
08:08 digitarald [n=digitara@] has joined #agavi
08:08 _cheerios [n=Jack@] has joined #agavi
08:08 _cheerios huomenta
08:08 digitarald Huomenta!
08:08 digitarald MikeSeth: *ping*
08:08 digitarald wanne test AgaviFirePHP ;)
08:10 v-dogg I do
08:11 v-dogg digitarald: did you notice my point about agavi debug toolbar the other day?
08:11 digitarald no
08:11 digitarald was it pro or contra? ;)
08:11 v-dogg 21:16 < digitarald> if that FirePHP project from MikeSeth is uploaded somewhere, I'd love to test the integration!
08:11 v-dogg 21:37 < v-dogg> firephp project?
08:11 v-dogg 21:39 < v-dogg> http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-routing.png
08:11 v-dogg 21:38 < v-dogg> I think one of the polish guys was going to write a firephp output rendering for this: http://www.adt.projectbin.org/
08:11 v-dogg 21:39 < v-dogg> currently only html output is available and looks like this: http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-actions.png
08:12 v-dogg 21:39 < v-dogg> http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-globalrd.png
08:13 luke` [n=luke`@] has joined #agavi
08:13 digitarald ah, i see the logs, posted right after my question
08:13 horros http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-globalrd.png
08:14 horros oops
08:14 horros That looks rather neat.
08:14 luke` huomenta
08:15 v-dogg I'm going to "announce" it on the mailing lists today if I have the time
08:16 v-dogg it's still in pre-alpha state but helpful nonetheless
08:16 digitarald "this is why I (v-dogg) love XML configs" :)
08:16 v-dogg yeah :)
08:17 digitarald did u check firephp?
08:17 v-dogg oh, btw, I'm not sure the demo works anymore.
08:17 MikeSeth digitarald: oh hai
08:17 MikeSeth digitarald: ill get my files to you
08:18 v-dogg I have looked at it briefly once but not really used it
08:18 digitarald mail ät digitarald.de, if u want to mail it
08:19 digitarald v-dogg: I love, that it keeps the output clean, all data is wrapped in the response headers
08:19 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has joined #agavi
08:19 digitarald of course that's not 100% clean too, but since it's only for development
08:19 v-dogg yup
08:19 digitarald wanted to look at Wildfire this week
08:20 digitarald http://www.wildfirehq.org/
08:20 v-dogg digitarald: this is exactly why I wanted to refactor debug toolbar's data gathering into an abstract class. now we can easily output everything as HTML or, say, with FirePhp
08:23 digitarald mh, wildfire seems to be just for the news. some pattern with a nice name that uses a lot of buzz words ... I don't see any specs :(
08:28 v-dogg digitarald: btw, ADT uses SimpleTabs and it would be awesome if it could store (and restore) the currect tab into/from a cookie ;)
08:29 digitarald ok :)
08:29 digitarald noted, I'll create a ticket in the forge
08:29 digitarald ah, first I'll add a ticket system to the forge *workaholic*
08:29 v-dogg haha
08:33 v-dogg ok, the ADT demo works again (upgraded agavi to 1.0 beta5
08:40 luke` what is ADT?
08:41 v-dogg http://adt.projectbin.org/ (screenshots: http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-actions.png :: http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-routing.png :: http://veikko.fi/temp/adt/adt-globalrd.png)
08:42 horros v-dogg: Btw, you have a typo in your README.txt :)
08:42 horros "2. run php sync-modpup.php (copies stuff to demo app's pub/modpub)"
08:43 v-dogg unable to locate typo
08:45 horros "modpup"
08:46 v-dogg ah, thanks :)
08:46 Wombert [n=Wombert@] has joined #agavi
08:47 v-dogg fixed :)
08:48 v-dogg o hai Wombert _o/
08:48 luke` doesn't adt do what xdebug does?
08:50 v-dogg luke`: xdebug shows what routes Agavi matched, incomming parameters, cookies and headers before and after validation, validation errors, Agavi's environment variables?
08:51 v-dogg if it does, then yes :)
08:51 luke` ah ok
08:56 v-dogg btw, the ADT toolbar's template stuff is stupid and output injection is retarted, please don't look at the code I will fix it some day :)
08:57 stachu [n=what@chello089074143156.chello.pl] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
09:01 v-dogg horros: did you try it?-)
09:01 horros v-dogg: Nossir, not yet. Will try it out at some point today.
09:08 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
09:08 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has joined #agavi
09:08 MugeSo cool! ADT :D
09:13 CIA-6 david * r3308 /branches/1.0/src/config/ (12 files in 4 dirs): ported compile.xml, *_filters.xml and translation.xml config handlers to new infrastructure, refs #519
09:25 Wombert_ [n=Wombert@ip-90-187-251-47.web.vodafone.de] has joined #agavi
09:25 Zeelot3k [n=zeelot@c-71-196-55-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
09:25 Wombert [n=Wombert@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
09:26 Wombert [n=Wombert@] has joined #agavi
09:32 Wombert [n=Wombert@] has quit ["bai"]
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09:58 liutis [n=codecop@88-119-253-245.static.zebra.lt] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
09:59 horros \o/
09:59 horros Getting 30/1 cable modem intarweb today!
10:13 digitarald whats wrong with "<xi:include href="Snippets.xml#xpointer(id('resource-minimal')/*)" />" ?
10:18 digitarald v-dogg: I have Snippets.xml with <snippets><validators id="resource-minimal">... what would be the xpointer for that?
10:19 digitarald I should mention that I never got xpointers to work :/
10:19 digitarald maybe its my setup
10:20 digitarald xml path is correct, file exists
10:21 digitarald "Line 7: XPointer evaluation failed: #xpointer(id('resource-minimal'))" ...
10:22 digitarald horros, MikeSeth? :)
10:24 digitarald and now he is ranting about the namespace
10:25 digitarald "Element 'validator': This element is not expected. Expected is (
10:25 digitarald {http://agavi.org/agavi/1.0/config}validator )."
10:27 horros digitarald: No idea, sorry :(
10:28 digitarald had the namespace problem sereval times days, removed all includes :(
10:31 digitarald this worked: "<xi:include href="Snippets.xml" xpointer="xmlns(a=http://agavi.org/agavi/1.0/config) xpointer(/a:validators/*)" />"
10:31 horros Makes sense :)
10:31 digitarald but why does v-dogg's action_filters-snippet.xml work :(
10:31 digitarald http://svn.projectbin.org/adt/trunk/demo/app/config/action_filters.xml
10:31 digitarald no namespace used
10:32 horros I'm guessing it's because you have a <snippets> around the validator configs
10:32 horros maybe
10:32 horros I dunno, I know fuckall about xinclude :)
10:33 horros (<snippets> isn't allowed in the agavi config namespace thingie by the schema)
10:34 digitarald I just thought that I'm on the save side when I copy v-dogg's code :D
10:34 digitarald MikeSeth: *ping* FirePHP sent?
10:35 horros Off to the city, back in an hour/an hour and a half or so.
10:49 justanothercoder [n=devil@] has joined #agavi
10:49 justanothercoder hello
10:50 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dlb49.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
10:53 MikeSeth digitarald: oh zomg
10:53 MikeSeth one sec rebooting to lunix
10:57 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
10:59 MikeSeth http://pastebin.com/f6caf27b0
10:59 MikeSeth http://pastebin.com/f793504bf
10:59 MikeSeth digitarald: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
10:59 MikeSeth justanothercoder: hello
11:00 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has quit [Client Quit]
11:00 PyroBilly [n=pyrobill@] has joined #agavi
11:01 justanothercoder hello mike
11:03 digitarald thx
11:04 MikeSeth digitarald: note that because firephp has its own log levels, appender isnt quite the correct place to implement it
11:04 digitarald noticed
11:05 digitarald did my own implementation
11:05 digitarald isn't getRequestData locked?
11:05 digitarald ah, not in initialize
11:06 digitarald where did u put the extended FirePHP ... app/lib/ ?
11:06 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
11:07 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dkd28.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
11:09 MikeSeth digitarald: app/lib/logging
11:09 MikeSeth digitarald: and yeah you should mobe that call to initialize
11:12 digitarald I saved the log level in the logger parameters
11:12 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
11:15 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dlb49.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
11:18 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has joined #agavi
11:25 digitarald damn, small changes ... big error
11:25 digitarald "Fatal error: Class 'AgaviSettingConfigHandler' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\redracer\vendor\agavi\config\AgaviConfigCache.class.php on line 127" ?
11:37 icyt is now known as IcyT
11:54 digitarald Fixed, no idea where it came from
11:55 digitarald I have another strange issue that I can't tackle
11:56 v-dogg MikeSeth: have you checked out the debug toolbar?
11:57 digitarald http://pastie.org/private/gylowtmx4ptfheoagu7ykq
11:57 digitarald this *always* validates "OhMyMy" as validate
11:57 digitarald but /[a-z][a-z0-9-]{3,32}/u should be lowercase only
11:58 v-dogg digitarald: isn't this the something thing we discussed a few weeks back?
11:58 v-dogg blah
11:58 v-dogg something = same issue
11:58 digitarald yes
11:58 digitarald still found no real solution
11:59 v-dogg packet loss between fingers and brain
11:59 digitarald and no idea why this obvious thing should fail
12:00 digitarald I suspect some charset problem
12:05 digitarald no idea
12:05 digitarald I always thought that I'm a regexp god ... feeling more like a regexp clown
12:07 digitarald eek ... /[a-z][a-z0-9]{2,29}/.test("FancyUp") ... true
12:20 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
12:20 youds [n=youds@78-105-114-66.zone3.bethere.co.uk] has joined #agavi
12:21 MikeSeth jms' qmail-dk will crash silently if it doesnt like your headers
12:21 MikeSeth v-dogg: i think I did
12:22 PyroBilly digitarald: yes it matches "ancy"
12:23 PyroBilly oh and er 'Huomenta' too
12:27 digitarald found it, forgot ^$ ...
12:27 digitarald idiotic
12:32 horros waits impatiently for the operator to turn on his 30/1 intarweb
12:32 horros WORK FASTER ELISA!
12:32 horros :x
12:37 alenoosh [n=alenoosh@] has quit ["Leaving"]
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12:39 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dkd28.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
12:39 digitarald anybody wants to share his FPF configuration?
12:41 MikeSeth I dont have any
12:48 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
12:51 v-dogg the sample app has
12:51 v-dogg and is willing to share
12:52 SasanRose [n=SasanRos@] has quit ["leaving"]
12:56 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has joined #agavi
12:58 Rendez [n=Rendez@] has quit [Client Quit]
13:10 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #agavi
13:11 justanothercoder [n=devil@] has left #agavi ["Ex-Chat"]
13:13 digitarald v-dogg: looking for different approaches, but already build a new xpath for me
13:20 justanothercoder [n=devil@] has joined #agavi
13:24 justanothercoder hello
13:24 justanothercoder am trying to follow the Bloggie tutorial on agavi.org, however the list of prompts i get seems to vary from the ones mentioned in the website, is that normal?
13:25 digitarald [n=digitara@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:26 Macen the build system is under development yes
13:26 v-dogg yup
13:27 justanothercoder so are there any docs to help me understand better? or are they under development?
13:27 MikeSeth i should prolly update the screens
13:27 MikeSeth ehh
13:28 Macen unless you put the specific version number at the start of the tutorial
13:29 justanothercoder its a bit confusing, an updated screen would help.
13:29 justanothercoder hmm that would be helpful too
13:29 Macen presuming its possible to check that version out of course
13:32 MikeSeth oh and we should put up links to tarballs do
13:32 MikeSeth durr so much stuff to do
13:34 justanothercoder are there significant changes in the build process in 0.11.5 ?
13:35 MikeSeth justanothercoder: IIRC no, not externally anyway
13:36 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@munich.bitxtender.net] has joined #agavi
13:36 kaos|work_ [n=dominik@munich.bitxtender.net] has quit [Client Quit]
13:37 justanothercoder i guess you're using comma separated values to enter the names of the modules etc, compared to whitespace separated values as shown in the website
13:38 v-dogg ah, yes, that was recently changed and I still use commas every f***ing time :)
13:38 MikeSeth v-dogg: zomg me too
13:38 MikeSeth let's all bug impl :D
13:38 v-dogg let's!
13:38 justanothercoder lol
13:38 justanothercoder which version are you guys using?
13:38 MikeSeth i use many
13:39 justanothercoder so in future, it will be whitespaces?
13:39 v-dogg latest from the SVN branches/1.0 or 0.11
13:39 justanothercoder or is that something that might change?
13:39 v-dogg justanothercoder: it already is in 1.0 beta5
13:39 v-dogg and probably even older betas
13:39 justanothercoder okie i'll try updating to that
13:39 v-dogg are on on windows?
13:40 justanothercoder freebsd
13:40 justanothercoder i tried to update via pear, but i am unable to pull the beta
13:40 v-dogg you still might want to grab the latest from branches/1.0 and not beta 5
13:40 v-dogg there are a few minor issues in beta5
13:40 justanothercoder ok will do. i'll do it via svn
13:41 BuddhaOhneHals [n=wuddha@] has left #agavi []
13:50 Zimm [n=asd@f054005144.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #agavi
13:54 krycek_ [n=bclishb@] has joined #agavi
13:57 v-dogg hmm.. firephp is not outputing anything
13:58 v-dogg come on! do something
13:59 v-dogg throw an error or something, don't just do nothing
13:59 v-dogg annoying
14:03 MrJeep [n=mrjeep@modemcable086.163-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #agavi
14:05 MrJeep morning!
14:07 v-dogg works \o/
14:07 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has joined #agavi
14:08 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dle186.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
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14:22 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dku13.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
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14:50 rawb [n=rawb@unaffiliated/rawb] has joined #agavi
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16:45 _cheerios huomenta
16:51 _cheerios ace weather outside
16:59 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has joined #agavi
17:02 Macen getting pretty dark around here
17:08 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-126-196.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has quit []
17:27 krycek_ is blogie avaiable to download?
17:27 krycek_ i can't find it
17:28 v-dogg you can get from the SVN at least
17:42 Malek [n=chatzill@] has joined #agavi
17:43 Malek Hello
17:44 Kodeart [n=kodeart@] has joined #agavi
17:45 Kodeart guys, congrats on the new website :) really really nice
17:46 Rick powered by agavi I'd hope
17:46 Rick :p
17:47 krycek_ Line 45: Entity 'nbsp' not defined ... form population filter can't handle &nbsp;?
17:47 v-dogg nah, wombert and guys thought code ignitor is much easier to use
17:48 Rick hehe
17:48 v-dogg krycek_: xml dom can't handle it because it's not xml. use &#160;
17:48 krycek_ ok
17:49 Rick 160? isn't that the fake space :p
17:49 Kodeart lol @ v-dogg
17:49 Rick is that what &nbsp; turns into?
17:49 Rick huh it is, neat :)
17:49 krycek_ works
17:54 krycek_ http://svn.agavi.org/documentation/trunk/stages/stage3/app/modules/Admin/views/P​osts/EditFormView.class.php
17:54 krycek_ is that working?
17:54 krycek_ i changed from $rq->setAttribute to $this->setAttribute and it is now working
17:55 Strzalek_ no , no, no
17:55 Strzalek_ $rq is okay
17:56 Strzalek_ It tells FPF to populate given data
17:57 krycek_ but it's a local variable and won't exist when FPF executes
17:57 v-dogg ?
17:58 fnordfish [n=fnordfis@ip-vlan-obckunde-02-217-66-60-14.pixelpark.net] has quit []
17:58 v-dogg krycek_: Request is very global and is used to pass data between different parts of the system
17:59 v-dogg in this case it's used to pass data to the form population filter
17:59 krycek_ hmm... i see...it will exist indeed... but didn't work for me... don't know why
17:59 v-dogg do you get an error?
18:00 krycek_ noup...
18:00 v-dogg but it doesn't populate the data into the form?
18:00 krycek_ it doesn't
18:01 krycek_ and FPF is executed because it couldn't parse &bnps;
18:02 v-dogg has the form id 'post' ?
18:04 krycek_ no... fields are a little different from the blogie sample... name="user[name]" for example
18:05 v-dogg but have you changed both field names - form _and_ the data to be populated?
18:05 Malek [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]"]
18:07 krycek_ yes... i think its correct... otherwise it wouldn't work changing just $rq-> to $this->
18:07 krycek_ i guess
18:08 v-dogg well, that doesn't make any sense if that works
18:08 v-dogg can you paste your code (html and view), please
18:09 krycek_ changing the field name from user[name] to "name" make it works
18:09 Wombert [n=Wombert@] has joined #agavi
18:09 krycek_ but i would like to use user[name]
18:10 v-dogg you can, but obviously you must change it both in the html markup and in the populating...
18:11 Wombert re
18:11 v-dogg you can even use both 'user[name]' => value and 'user' => array('name' ...
18:11 Wombert I don't think that works :)
18:12 v-dogg sure it does
18:12 v-dogg with parameterholder
18:12 Wombert ah
18:12 Wombert yes
18:12 Wombert sorry, I thought you meant fpf populate array
18:12 Wombert :>
18:12 Wombert hugs v-dogg
18:13 krycek_ i will try
18:15 Wombert do, or do not
18:15 Wombert there is no try
18:15 krycek_ but how can i create 'user[name]' => value without doing that to each field?
18:15 v-dogg ?
18:16 krycek_ now it is getting the values from $user = $rd->getParameter("user");
18:16 krycek_ right?
18:17 krycek_ and setting it back to the form: $rq->setAttribute('populate', array('user' => new AgaviParameterHolder($user)), 'org.agavi.filter.FormPopulationFilter');
18:17 krycek_ how to set it like you said?
18:18 krycek_ like user[name]
18:19 v-dogg ok, let's start from the beginning. you pre-populate forms using $this->context->getRequest()->setAttribute('populate', array('form-id'=>$agaviParameterHolder()), 'org.filter....
18:20 v-dogg the parameterholder has data you want to populate into your form
18:21 v-dogg you can initialize the parameterholder with values when you create id ($params = new AgaviParameterHolder(array('field1'=>'value1', 'field2'=>'value2 ... )
18:22 v-dogg or you can set values using $params->setParameter('field', $value);
18:22 krycek_ yes, but like so i will have to do it one by one ;/
18:23 krycek_ http://pastie.org/311537
18:23 krycek_ that works
18:23 krycek_ but you said it makes no sense
18:23 v-dogg please let me finish
18:23 krycek_ sorry
18:25 v-dogg now, with array inputs (<input name="foo[name]" />) you can either use: $params->setParameter('foo[name]', 'value') or $params->setParameter('foo', array('name'=>'value')
18:26 v-dogg when you say "that works" what exactly does it do? show you inputs with "individual" and "company" as values?
18:26 v-dogg because you have those in your markup
18:26 krycek_ [justanothercoder]: that user[name] works too
18:26 krycek_ ops
18:27 krycek_ no , user[name] works too
18:27 justanothercoder <imitates Lurch Adams> youuu calleddd
18:31 MrJeep [n=mrjeep@modemcable086.163-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has quit []
18:35 krycek_ \o/
18:35 Arme[N] [n=Arme[N]@unaffiliated/armen/x-394205] has joined #agavi
18:35 krycek_ works
18:36 krycek_ the right way now
18:39 MrJeep [n=mrjeep@modemcable086.163-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #agavi
18:46 Wombert lol justanothercoder
18:46 justanothercoder :)
18:46 horros Wombert: Hilfen mir, bitte!
18:47 Wombert wat happen horros
18:47 horros "Die Größen der Jacken fallen ziemlich normal aus, sind aber eher eine halbe Nummer zu klein. Ist aber lange nicht so dramatisch wie bei den Sommer Harringtons!"
18:47 horros The large models are like half a size too small?
18:48 IcyT is now known as icyt
18:48 horros and something about the length and uhh, what? Not as dramatic as the summer-harringtons?
18:48 horros I knew I should have stayed in uni and studied more German :(
18:48 Wombert the size of the models are pretty normal/average; if any, then half a size on the small side. it's nowhere near as dramatic as with the summer harringtons though
18:48 horros Ah, I see!
18:48 horros Thanks :)
18:52 digitarald wow, I solved all strange code errors today. Started as a bad day, ended as a productive day
18:55 Arme[N] is now known as Arme[0]
18:55 Arme[0] is now known as Arme[N]
18:58 Zeelot3k [n=zeelot@c-71-196-55-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #agavi
19:06 Arme[N] is now known as Arme[0]
19:18 _cheerios http://www.hs.fi/kuvat/iso_webkuva/1135240735276.jpeg crowded :)
19:22 saracen Wombert: How can i turn on strict validation in debug mode atm?
19:22 Wombert it should be with the standard factories.xml
19:22 Wombert oh wait
19:22 Wombert well check factories.xml
19:23 saracen ah, i see it :)
19:23 saracen Thank you :)
19:25 nfq yo Wombert
19:25 Wombert yo
19:29 CIA-6 david * r3309 /branches/0.11/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fixes #921: logging.xml and output_types.xml handlers have variable name escaping problems
19:31 saracen The isset validator should still work, even if the form value == '', right?
19:32 Wombert I _think_ so, not sure
19:32 Wombert '' = not set on the web
19:32 Wombert (as browsers submit an empty string)
19:32 Wombert it gets that info from the web request data holder which acts differently
19:33 saracen Hmm, I has a problem then. I'm using <button name="unfinished"></button> - Which, is obviously not submitting a value. Before strict validation was on, i just checked if the key existed
19:34 saracen Is there a way i can just say that, for that specific input name, it just "falls through"?
19:34 MrJeep this is worth reading : http://dissociatedpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/can-i-have-my-spider-back​.gif
19:37 bobbytek [n=b@] has joined #agavi
19:39 Wombert [n=Wombert@] has quit []
19:40 justanothercoder can i pull the latest beta via pear?
19:41 saracen http://www.agavi.org/download
19:41 saracen Underneath the RELEASE NOTES and CHANGELOG text, is for the pear install
19:41 bobbytek How can I kill an agavi user session outside of agavi?
19:42 v-dogg wipe out session data (where ever you store it)
19:45 bobbytek what is the key that agavi uses to store user data under?
19:45 krycek_ how to skip the validation depending on the value of a field?
19:46 bobbytek nvm
19:47 bobbytek how to unset the whole session? unset($_SESSION) ?
19:49 bobbytek My problem is that I have a dual app on my server
19:49 bobbytek my app + cubecart
19:49 justanothercoder saracen : that doesn't work. i did > pear config-set preferred_state beta
19:49 justanothercoder it says
19:49 bobbytek They seem to be using 2 different sessions
19:49 justanothercoder Failed to download agavi/agavi, version "1.0.0beta", latest release is version 0.11.5, stability "stable", use "channel://pear.agavi.org/agavi-0.11.5"; to install
19:49 bobbytek I need to keep them synchronized somehow
19:51 bobbytek Cubecart is running as an iframe within my application
19:51 bobbytek for some reason, the cubecart session variables aren't availble in my app :/
19:54 v-dogg the session id is stored into a cookie. is that cookie accessible by both apps (same name, path, domain etc.)
19:55 bobbytek oh, they must be using different cookies then
19:55 bobbytek Can I specify the cookie name some how in agavi?
19:57 v-dogg factories.xml <storage ...><ae:parameter name="session_name"> ...
19:57 v-dogg it defaults to 'Agavi' so unless you have changed it they both use the same name
19:57 v-dogg so it leaves: path, domain etc.
19:58 bobbytek cubecart certainly doesn't use that name :)
19:59 bobbytek if you mean they = agavi & cubecart
19:59 v-dogg ah, sorry, I thought you had two Agavi apps
19:59 bobbytek nope, but thanks for the help! :)
20:00 bobbytek How can I skip validation for a disabled field?
20:00 bobbytek Is a custom validator required for such a thing?
20:02 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-124-20.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
20:03 krycek_ required="false"?
20:04 bobbytek then that will always be not required
20:04 bobbytek basically, I have a field which is required for new members
20:04 bobbytek I disable it later so that it cannot be changed
20:04 bobbytek Is this the wrong way to go about things?
20:05 krycek_ i guess you have to use AgaviAndOperatorValidator for that
20:06 krycek_ i would like to see a example of that... i couldn't find any in the sample apps
20:06 bobbytek And operator eh... hmm
20:06 bobbytek what does that do? just adjuncts the condition?
20:10 v-dogg bobbytek: register validators manually in the action's register[Write|Read]Validators()
20:10 _cheerios with AndValidator you can bundle two errors into one, if the first fails, the execution stops there (= 1 error message) but both are still required to pass validation
20:11 _cheerios *two validators (and hence two errors) into one
20:11 krycek_ _cheerios: where is an example of that?
20:12 krycek_ *there :T
20:12 _cheerios krycek_, http://pastie.org/311656
20:12 krycek_ cool... that is what i wanted... thanks
20:13 bobbytek v-dogg: should I use the AndValidator?
20:14 bobbytek okay, so dynamically register the validator then
20:15 bobbytek but what if I want to keep the definitions in xml?
20:15 bobbytek can I enable them instead some how?
20:15 bobbytek _cheerios: what's the difference between that and using provides / requires?
20:16 _cheerios bobbytek, ive never used provides/requires yet
20:16 bobbytek oh, that's what I've been using for that
20:17 _cheerios the .xml sample was from like 2007 or so. not sure that there was any provides/requires back then, and even if it was, i never found out :)
20:19 bobbytek heh
20:24 krycek_ i set my validators #2 and #3 to depends on validator #1, but when #1 is valid, #2 and #3 are marked as valid too... is that the expected behavior?
20:25 v-dogg bobbytek: http://pastebin.ca/1250778 AND-validator and provides-depends example
20:26 bobbytek when to use one over the other?
20:26 bobbytek or is AND obsolete?
20:27 bobbytek I don't know how to validate a field that wasn't submitted :/
20:28 bobbytek if the field is submitted, ensure that is not empty, it is a date, and it is today or in the future
20:29 bobbytek if the field is not submitted, and the user has role "started", then valid
20:29 bobbytek I can't get my custom validator to fire in the second case :/
20:30 digitarald [n=digitara@] has quit ["DONT CLICK HERE: http://digitarald.de"]
20:31 v-dogg bobbytek: so it boils down to "user has role => date not required" ?
20:32 bobbytek yes
20:32 bobbytek and do not perform those other validations
20:33 v-dogg 22:10 < v-dogg> bobbytek: register validators manually in the action's register[Write|Read]Validators()
20:34 bobbytek <bobbytek> but what if I want to keep the definitions in xml?
20:35 bobbytek <bobbytek> can I enable them instead some how?
20:35 v-dogg not sure, never done that
20:36 bobbytek v-dogg: you have an example of registerReadValidators ?
20:36 v-dogg well, you could make a UserHasRoleValidator and make other validators to depend on that
20:37 bobbytek is a requirement that the field be submitted though?
20:37 bobbytek I mean, can you run validators on fields that don't exist?
20:37 v-dogg yes, with required=false
20:38 v-dogg http://pastebin.ca/1250879 <- registerValidators
20:38 v-dogg gotta go ->
20:38 bobbytek k, thanks!
20:45 bobbytek well, I think required means not-empty, not isset
20:46 bobbytek because it never fires :/
20:50 bobbytek what's the difference between a role and a credential?
20:51 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-124-20.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has quit []
20:54 krycek_ a role has credentials... role is like "administrator"... credential is like "photo.edit"
20:57 bobbytek okay, this is f'd
20:57 liutis [n=codecop@78-61-197-230.static.zebra.lt] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:57 bobbytek now when the field is empty but submitted, my validator doesn't fire :/
20:57 bobbytek wtf
20:58 bobbytek I can't win :(
20:58 impl :-ooooo
20:59 bobbytek it just calls executeWrite :(.....
20:59 bobbytek why no validate?
21:00 impl What validator are you using?
21:02 bobbytek http://www.pastie.org/311705
21:03 bobbytek it *WILL* fire if I enter a value for start_date
21:03 bobbytek but not if it is empty
21:04 impl You need a notempty validator too
21:04 bobbytek I want to allow empty
21:04 bobbytek I need to in fact
21:05 impl errr?
21:05 bobbytek I thought required="false" was sufficient?
21:05 bobbytek if the field is submitted, ensure that is not empty, it is a date, and it is today or in the future
21:05 bobbytek if the field is not submitted, and the user has role "started", then valid
21:05 bobbytek that's the basic requirement
21:05 impl hmm
21:06 bobbytek right now I can't get it to validate when an empty value is submitted
21:06 impl I wonder if this is a bug, it doesn't sound like the right behavior
21:06 bobbytek I thought required="false" was sufficient for taht
21:06 impl but I'm probably overlooking something
21:06 impl oh
21:06 impl what happens if you put required="true"?
21:07 bobbytek well, then it probably won't fire either
21:07 bobbytek one sec though
21:08 bobbytek that will mess up the case where it is disabled and submitted
21:08 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has quit ["jonwage@gmail.com"]
21:09 jwage [n=jwage@corp.centresource.com] has joined #agavi
21:09 bobbytek ya, that didn't do anything
21:09 bobbytek basically, there are 3 cases
21:09 jwage is now known as jonwage
21:09 bobbytek 1. Disabled and submit
21:10 bobbytek 2. Empty and submit
21:10 bobbytek 3. Specified and submit
21:10 bobbytek I can't detect 2. right now
21:12 bobbytek This is driving me nuts
21:13 bobbytek Guess I need to move this code to executeWrite :/
21:14 krycek_ can "depends" att recieve more than one dependency?
21:14 bobbytek yes
21:14 bobbytek space seperated list
21:14 krycek_ hmmm
21:14 bobbytek make sure you have the updated relax ng files though
21:14 bobbytek there was a bug in them
21:15 krycek_ 0.11.5 here
21:15 krycek_ works... thanks, man
21:16 krycek_ bobbytek: shouldn't you test for credentials of a user in getCredential()?
21:16 bobbytek ?
21:17 krycek_ getCredentials (line 82)
21:17 krycek_ Retrieve the credential required to access this action.
21:17 krycek_ instead of putting that in a validator
21:18 bobbytek I want the user to still be able to access that action
21:18 bobbytek just not update a certain field
21:19 bobbytek I'm just gonna make that field read-only
21:19 bobbytek it's a bit of a hack, but meh
21:19 bobbytek gotta move on
21:36 matbtt [n=matbtt@BAH2d0c.bah.pppool.de] has joined #agavi
21:52 bobbytek anyone know of a dyamically sizing iframe technique?
22:02 Strzalek [n=Strzalek@dki124.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #agavi
22:02 icyt is now known as IcyT
22:07 krycek_ bobbytek: qooxdoo does that for me
22:07 krycek_ their layout system are very good
22:09 Strzalek_ [n=Strzalek@dmo147.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:13 bobbytek well, I'm using jquery :(
22:21 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-124-20.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
22:38 justanothercoder can anyone here recommend a good MVC tutorial?
22:48 _cheerios not that bad actually, kept from reading it for a while http://www.cracked.com/article_16760_6-people-who-died-trying-prove-stupid-point​.html
22:49 Goleo[66] [n=master@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:51 _cheerios oh, cool, didn't know #1 was based (?) on that recent movie
22:53 matbtt [n=matbtt@BAH2d0c.bah.pppool.de] has left #agavi []
22:55 krycek_ _cheerios: http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/americas/04/23/priest.balloons.ap/index.html that priest should be in that list
22:55 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-124-20.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has quit []
22:56 justanothercoder proud winners of the darwin awards. lol
22:57 _cheerios didn't even too well for him, krycek_ x_X
22:57 _cheerios reading the article i wasn't aware he made a similar trip succesfully before
23:00 krycek_ hehe
23:07 Wombert [n=Wombert@ip-77-24-244-253.web.vodafone.de] has joined #agavi
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23:20 justanothercoder [n=devil@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
23:23 Macen [n=leopard@host86-130-124-20.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #agavi
23:35 bobbytek foo
23:35 bobbytek2 bar
23:39 IcyT is now known as icyt
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23:40 icyt is now known as IcyT
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Day changed Tue Nov 11 2008
00:02 bobbytek2 how does the url affect the cookie path?
00:03 bobbytek2 for some reason, I'm not seeing the cookie on /, but I see it in /store/index.php
00:07 bobbytek2 nvm
01:09 nfq [n=nfq@84-72-196-74.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit []
01:12 bobbytek2 man, do I HATE cubecart
01:15 krycek_ let do a new one with agavi
01:16 bobbytek2 sure, thing!
01:16 bobbytek2 it's one big ass steaming piece of poo
01:17 bobbytek2 it's using ionCube to obfuscate the code... and this conflicts with any debugger
01:17 bobbytek2 So I can't really figure out how their session objects are being created
01:18 bobbytek2 Some how I need to logout of cubecart when a user logs out of my application
01:18 bobbytek2 shoots cubecart with a rocket launcher
01:19 krycek__ [n=bclishb@] has joined #agavi
01:19 krycek__ damn
01:20 krycek__ bobbytek: any day you want to start a new cubecart i'm here
01:20 bobbytek2 f' a cubecart
01:20 bobbytek2 cubetard
01:20 bobbytek2 meh
01:22 bobbytek2 I'd rather die than recreate cubecart
01:22 bobbytek2 shopping cart applications aren't exactly fun
01:23 krycek__ i started a new one because i was not happy with those that exist
01:23 bobbytek2 they claim to be &qu